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  1. I know some DJs know it all but looking through past posts no one saw this year coming!!
  2. The DJ Demo Day / Coalville DJ Show Charnwood Arms, Beveridge Lane, Bardon Hill, Coalville, Leicestershire. LE67 1TB :cense:FREE ENTRY:cense: Sunday 8th February 2015 - 12:00 - 17:30 Speaker Demos start from around 12:30 _____________________________________________ Room sponsorship covered by Advanced Event Designs http://www.AdvancedEventDesigns.com/ _____________________________________________ :cense: WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN:cense: - A good old fashioned Whiskey Square will be doing the rounds during the day to be drawn at the end.. £1 per square with a prize of a bo
  3. Lots of new exciting things are happening at mobile DJ network we are currently planning several meet ups for next year . I would also like to announce the re-launch of the Monthly newsletter from the first of November to paid members this will have tons of savings from retailers all over the country with exclusive discounts and offers all as a benefit of membership.. we have lots more planned but we have also made this cheeky promo video to explain a little more about Mobile DJ network
  4. Mobile DJ network now have a policy specifically for Mobile DJ and karaoke hosts in Ireland http://www.hmrc.eu/ Membership includes the following: DJ PLI - DJ/ Karaoke Host specific Public Liability Insurance of £10 million (around €11.6 million), the maximum any venue will need Web Hosting - 500mb of webspace and up to 5 email address at your domain Printing - Monthly offers to keep your overheads low Enquiries - Listing on our websites with direct links to your website, email and phone number Retailer Discounts - Regular offers and deals on the equipment you need an
  5. last week I was so ill i couldn't make a gig. luck shines down on me at the times... I didn't feel lucky! I was in a lot of pain and was tucked up in bed but I found out last night that last week a guy at the venue got stabbed six times in his legs and a big brawl broke out, so as you can tell I would rather have been in bed feeling sorry for myself rather than dealing with that! It kicked off again last night when i was back but it was handbags and nothing serious , I do wish people not out for a good time but out for trouble would take up MMA or some other way of releasing pent up an
  6. I'll bet a fiver to charity this particular problem isn't just Digital rights management. The wrong labelling is due to database errors of the free database when ripping , the non playback could be DRM . The trouble is you have used various methods to rip and different software does different thinks. I personally Manually tag both ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.X tags i make sure there is no album art (i know this can look pretty but i have had various software refuse to play when there are picture files hidden in the ID tags) I standardise them to how they are labelled the file names are se
  7. wow well done! bet you were on cloud 9 afterwards . well chuffed for you matey no holding you back now!
  8. cheers minty that's really appreciated , I won't be giving up without a fight though! Today I have had no voice at all and I have had to cancel at my residencies this weekend BUT even though I cant move up and down stairs just yet or speak I have had my logo redesigned , got a client meeting late next week for a gig in October and this new medication is amazing stuff , I have been in pain for a long time and thought it was gout attacks it seems it was something else the pain is really manageable at the moment .. if I can keep it like this and get my self fit (i need to loose a few s
  9. The thing on the news that they kept mentioning ..what was it ..wait ..it will come to me...oh yeah that's it recession ..do you think that has a baring on anything. Almost every industry is suffering but that's not to say there is not work to be had , found or created i saw a magician selling tricks in the local shopping centre , he now sells tricks to boost his income and while demoing them he got a few gigs and i took his card and bought a few tricks myself at one consultation i had a client say she wouldn't mind a table to table magician i said i knew someone and gave her his deta
  10. gadget.... rubbish pick... but im on my way out to a gig this is my homemade bar and its not set up properly but the top edge is straight
  11. i dont think this is too off topic as the state of the economy has a direct effect on management making cost cutting measures getting bar staff to effectively host seems on paper a great idea BUT we i think are in general agreement that over time they will lose customers and the atmosphere that a dedicated good host can provide. I have seen pubs using bar staff controlling a laptop behind the bar to host nights (illegal software , illegal tracks and youtube karaoke videos steamed), when its busy ie more than two customers want a drink at a time .. at the bar no one can get to sing or
  12. on my second njd starcloth and second giraffe stand ..looking at customizing my giraffe to screwless design and changing the shelf heights made a custom crossbar with velcro to hold the starcloth straighter
  13. On the review link for the porters lodge the guy saying its the best system is the owner of the bar maybe he is a little biased? On the Edwards bar facebook page they still hire djs to get the customers in , in fact they advertise two different DJs so its seems its not a one or the other either mediatheme or not but adding to the facilities they offer ..this venue gets good reviews and seems to be well liked , they seem thoroughly pro active and I can see why they are busy it is a combination of activities on pub utopia the pub with the system for 8 years gets this review sourc
  14. I personally feel that as a pub dj/karaoke host if you see these devices as a real serious threat then you should take a look at your performance and act. I am not ashamed or hide the fact that I feel I have a personality , that is NOT the same as being a cheesy, talking all the time , cracking unfunny jokes all the time ..stereotype personality DJ though! Some PUB venues do have dj's who just automix and say nothing apart from where is my money and I feel those are the people who may feel threatened by such devices. Me I like to feel there is more to my nights than cueing up
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