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  1. I know some DJs know it all but looking through past posts no one saw this year coming!!
  2. Lots of new exciting things are happening at mobile DJ network we are currently planning several meet ups for next year . I would also like to announce the re-launch of the Monthly newsletter from the first of November to paid members this will have tons of savings from retailers all over the country with exclusive discounts and offers all as a benefit of membership.. we have lots more planned but we have also made this cheeky promo video to explain a little more about Mobile DJ network
  3. I just bought second hand A pair of yamaha SV-15 speakers a pair of speaker stands A Vocopro mixer KJ 7000 A vocopro twin CDG Unit CDG 8000 A Skytec amp 250 watts x 2 all cased up a massive bag of leads (there must be £100 of cables with speakon adaptors s video leads etc ) 60 original CDG discs and four books all for £100 ...now to be honest i wont use any of this apart from maybe the mixer but for £100 what a steal ! it was just having the readies at the right time and a bloke who is getting a divorce and need to move some stuff out , I bought it because it was so c
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