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  1. Your firmware may be different as Tiscali have their own. If you log in to the router the parental control is under the Toolbox. Worth having a look in case yours is different
  2. Not that I can see (I have same router - you with Tiscali?) The parential control will allow you to block an IP but will not allow it to be done at certain times.
  3. I got to 11 points quite a few years ago (all speeding). Had a little Peugeot 106 XT that went like a bat out of hell and stuck to the road like glue. Got to 11 because I appealed against one and lost so ended up with 5 points + £200 instead of 3 points + £30. Had to sell the little PUG before I lost my licence and got a dead slow Renault diesel but it taught me to drive more carefully. I used to enjoy driving and would just go out for a drive if I felt like it but these days only use the car for essentials as its no fun anymore
  4. Yes - I have a small one Rarely use it but it does come in handy to brighten up a dull marquee usually strung along a wall or the ceiling.
  5. No gigs for me this weekend but I have a client meeting midday tomorrow and don't expect to get home until late Saturday night.
  6. I have Peavey Pro Bass bins and I run them from a T Amp 1050 that gives 525w per channel at 4 ohms. Gain is set to 12 O'clock which is half way. Edit. The Peavey bass bins have a crossover in them that is designed so that if you link 4 Ohm tops to them, the total impedance would still be 4 Ohms. An active crossover would be a good idea if you didn't have a powered mixer but as you have, the easiest way would be to use the master outs to the amp.
  7. Yes it will work but make sure the jack plugs are the stereo (TRS) type like you get on headphones. Unbalanced mono jack plugs such as often used for microphones won't work.
  8. As it says in the description, they are industry standard. They have a good bass thump for the size. There are several DJ's that use them for background in venues or for fill in if sound is needed in another room. Not sure if Mr Goodtimes uses them but I think he does, if so, he can give a better endorsement. Suggest avoid Tapco
  9. Also someone shouting down a mic, dropping one or feedback can easily blow a speaker.
  10. Personally I wouldn't go for any of the above. :hide: I would get JBL Control 1 monitors http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR267659 and a Samson servo amp http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR259758 or if your budget could stretch to it, http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR259842 Or if you want the active version http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR230080 aren't bad.
  11. Site visit at a local venue today. Just sitting here waiting for the call when the client arrives there. 40th Birthday tonight.
  12. Always phone them first to make sure what you want is in stock though.
  13. Specific manual for the CS800X is here http://www.peavey.com/assets/literature/manuals/80301956.pdf Page 10 for a description and page 11 for a diagram
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