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  1. I personally think that they are better than those Mushrooms. They are quite light for the size and even though there is a moving part inside, you can't hear it as it is very quiet. If you DMX two of them togeather and have haze or smoke, the effect is fantastic and the coverage is very wide. You could honestly use them on their own although I never would as I like to have a few different effects. When the LED's aren't moving about in a cycle, they are sharp and coverage is good. When the movement cycle is on then it's even better. If you have them on simple plug and play then the movement cyc
  2. Hi all, Just thought I would say hello again. I know I have been a member for a while now but I haven't actually looked in here or posted for months now. It's been mega busy with lots of work coming in. So, I am still here, still in business and busier than ever with more contracts coming in. ((Ok, Smudger!!)) :djuhi:
  3. I bought a pair about 6 weeks ago and I agree totally that they are really ugly mugs but they don't half create a good effect and fill the dancefloor. With haze, the beams of light look really nice. It may look big and bulky but it isn't.
  4. Well, if they were booked to do a 'Disco' in the first place then surely that's what they provided? So you come along with your guitar and add that little bit extra and they go with you instead? That's wierd to me. I make my own electronic music etc...so does that mean I can take my laptop and synth along and then nip to your venue and say "Hey, forget about him and his guitar, I can do my own music aswell alongside my Disco set up and I'll do it all for £50.00 for you" - Not that I would do that but come on guys. ...and also Dukesy, when I said...words to the effect of "We are all trying
  5. I have 4 of the Acme Dynamos in a flightcase and I have only used them twice. They are great scanners but I find myself using my LED lights and the Acme Dynarocks a lot lately. I could be interested in selling them if you are interested. All DMX cables included etc. Mail me if you are interested, they are mint condition.
  6. I know of people in this business that go round undercutting everyone all of the time. It's not my style to be honest and I want someone to book me because they WANT ME, whether it's because I have been recommended or because of my professionalism at the job. In my opinion, in the end the people that try to undercut everyone will get a bad name for themselves. I think that it also shows desperation for work if you have to go round undercutting people's prices. Anyway, it's off topic and the whole point of this one is to say whether you use the mic a lot in your work. I did 2 functions thi
  7. I suppose everyone has their own styles when using the microphone and at the end of the day, if you don't ask the client beforehand what they expect from you then you will never know will you. I have seen DJ's in the past that seem to like the sound of their own voice and it's irritating to put it nicely. I've also seen other DJ's that have hardly muttered a word and when they have, it's been hard to understand a word they have said, whether that's down to a poor quality microphone or lack of skill in projecting their voice, who knows? I think some people try too hard when it comes to mic
  8. Totally agree with that comment. To be honest, I find myself turning work away these days as things have just gone absolutely mad. As for my pricing? Well, I think we are going along the same lines.
  9. Would that be THE smudger I know from my days with Alive and Kicking? Beechdown etc etc? Hi, it's Gary... I was DJing for Ian for a while but started my own business just 3 years ago mate. Have to catch up with you at some point. Welcome!
  10. Hi all, Genuine reason for me selling this and that is because I want to replace it with the XLS802 amp. It was purchased about 6 months ago and has been used ONCE in that time. It has been stored in a flightcase since then. Therefore, it is in MINT condition. The flightcase is NOT for sale as I want to put the replacement in it when I get it. Prices vary on this at the moment and the cheapest I have seen it at is £299.00 (plus postage), the most expensive I have seen is £429.00!! Anyway, I am looking for £225.00 for it. Anyone interested, please mail me at shakermakerp
  11. Fair comments but we all know that they have us by the dangly bits too. They can get someone else in just like that if you don't look after them. I am fully prepared to do my hotel residency's staff party for nothing even though they cancelled 9 christmas parties on me leaving me with just the 6 but I have weddings and birthdays throughout the year too. It just so happens though that they haven't even enquired about it as yet so I could just well be busy anyway...in fact...I know I will be between me and you..nudge nudge.
  12. shakermaker

    Bad Gigs

    I find it really depressing when the best man / one of the guests..etc come over and say stuff like "When are you going to get them all up dancing?"...It doesn't happen to me that often to be fair but when it does it narks me a bit. NOT everyone wants to dance. We are NOT miracle makers and if people are that dis-interested then it doesn't matter how many years experience you have, how many tips you've picked up over the years etc etc etc..you can't make people get up. I've said it tons and tons of times and I bore myself to be honest but I am sick of the way we are portrayed / though
  13. If I am doing my REQUEST FEST nights in pubs then I am obviously going to play everything that I can fit in to the night. If it is at my local pub where I know most of the punters then it can be really eclectic and a good laugh. I will try to put songs that go togeather sometimes but most of the time it's cool to just pick stuff that doesn't work with eachother as it's good for the punters as they don't know what is coming next. For example : Last week I played (in order) - Goo Goo Dolls - 'Iris' followed by Chas n Dave - 'Aint no pleasing you' and Prince - 'Raspeberry Beret'...None of these
  14. I had a comment along those lines last night when a guest at a christmas party at the hotel popped over to ask for a track (Rappers Delight). "Yep, I've got that" I said...He noticed all of my CD's and said "How the hell do you find your stuff? I DJ now and then and I use a laptop which is easier and it means I can sit down all night too" I was amazed!!! I didn't want to get into a deep conversation with him about it so I just said "I use what I am comfortable with" and off he went. I don't know how often he DJ's as he didn't say and I didn't ask to be honest. I get comments every now and
  15. 1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Both. If I am giving alcohol then I use gift bags. 2. Real or Artificial tree ? Artificial....it changes colour! 3. When do you put up the tree? When we get time but it actually went up this morning. 4. When do you take the tree down? When the missus can be bothered. 5. Do you like Eggnog? No! 6. Favorite Gift you received as a child? Probably my first Synthesizer...a Casio CZ101 7. Do you have a nativity scene? No 8. Hardest person to buy for? Probably me (if you asked someone else that question) 9
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