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  1. Hey Guys, Just been Im'd by daughter number two about a 21st being held in Borehamwood on 7th August. Details: Times are 7-12. The party holders are students (e.g. not full of silly money). Standard young adult disco - no special wishes. PM me if you are interested, and not being (silly) greedy. They've already been quoted 1 very silly amount! I'm not doing it (which I would - and for free) because D3 is not operating at the moment! Thanks Guys, Roy. :Thumbup:
  2. I just hope that this is a two way street....... It is entirely possible that the catering firm has more enquiries than you......and can bring you as much (if not more) work than you bring them! Therefore, I hope that you have included the possibility for payments/incentives going the other way as well!
  3. As someone else stated...not my style peronally, but it got you a job...so :Thumbup: You could argue that there wasn't really a case of stealing, because you couldn't be sure that the bride had already booked Dj, catering etc..........
  4. When I first (re)joined the ranks, I made one: 7 foot wide, 4 foot high and with hinged panels at about 2 foot 6. Made it from heavy ply, put hinges and locking pins on, painted it black...got the daughters boyfriend to paint my logo in fluorescent paint on it...looked the biz! And...... Never used it (live)...bought a starcloth instead and left the tripods etc in view!!!!
  5. Howz about asking which was the No. 1 track on their birthdays (and other years) at intervals....? Or links between two songs....?
  6. I see your point (or Point)! Hadn't noticed the slip backwards by Spinner...... Rockstar - Nickelback
  7. I'd go for the (obvious) simple cover of Dark Side, or even Wish You Were Here.... WOW and Band on the Run are also good contenders!!! I also liked (very much) the Jim Fitzpatrick covers of the early Thin Lizzy albums!
  8. Next - SAHB Come on, Dukesy.....one of the absolute (if not the absolute) best Scottish bands EVER..... A brilliant track, written by Jaques Brel (originally in French) and released over here by Scott Walker (remember him - Walker Bros). All about the 'perils' of being a guy/soldier during (I think) the Vietnam war (when the French were involved - and before the Yanks, I guess) lining up for his 'umbrella' test!!!!! (If you follow my meaning....) SAHB - one of my all time favourite rock bands - we lost a gem when Alex Harvey died! (Back to the task at hand) O
  9. Headgirl - St Valentine's Day Massacre
  10. I know this wouldn't really work...unless it's a pub (no dancing)........BUT if you want to 'go green'.... Then how about just playing unplugged tracks all night........ :shrug:
  11. I don't know about the UK.....but this scenario definitely exists on mainland Europe....and is quite a normal alternative to the way which it would be done here!
  12. I don't agree with this, I must be honest! I can only justify my prices against all the beer boy/illegal etc. locals around here by emphasising the added costs that I have..... If I have to beat these guys by doing a price promise (or whatever), then I would be going out for £40-50 for an evening! So....7-8 hours work, plus fuel, music etc for what??? £5 an hour? I don't think so!
  13. Actually, I think you'll find that it's NOT as useful as it appears! I downloaded it for various reasons...and as far as I can see, you are limited to the 5/6 floorplans of existing theatres that come with it........
  14. As I mentioned in another post....EV prices are certainly increasing - and this is wholly due to the pound! :yuck:
  15. Although it's not something that I would do per se, if someone asks, and 1) puts in a formal request(so that I can 'blame' them), and 2) agrees to dance 'centrestage' to the track, then I will do it! And it works quite well!
  16. Curse you, Batman......you edited the post....before I could post!!!! :damn: Good luck mate!
  17. I would say that Citronic ISN'T what it once was.......and to be honest I don't really think it was ever anything more than basic/mor gear. I can remember back in the 70s that a good percentage of plinths were citronic, but they weren't really offering anything different than you could buy and mount yourself (IMHO)
  18. Nice one, Nik :thanks: I hope this thread continues with some of the many 'newbies'. It was always good to read!
  19. Well....to be honest the speakers alone retail at more than that (never mind the rest of the gear)......So you didn't do so badly out of that little lot!
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