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  1. :aa Ahh i thought that might be the case, oh well hope none of us ever end up working with/for them.
  2. brothers & sisters 2funky2
  3. takethe long way home - supertramp
  4. You take my breath away - sureal ah you beat me to that one, sorry about messing things up
  5. Wishing on a star - rose royce
  6. same as me!! don't do much posting but still here! hope everyone has a good year!! :Thumbup:
  7. mine was up in the garden until yesterday lighting up some old scrawny tree!
  8. right, well, i've been using a pair of wharfdale evps15s now for about 2 years i've replaced one driver but in the process i noticed that the crossover circuit board was a little burned should i say, the speakers don't sound bad when i'm running them with the bass bins (18inch MCcoy) but alone their not what they were!! the plan is to replace the speakers,crossover and tweeters, i'm looking at fitting eminence drivers & tweeters into the wharfdale cabs but not sure how to tackle the crossover. so the question is has anyone ever modified a pair of speakers? what did you fit into them
  9. well looks like the bose still have it!! they are a crackin bit of kit! i remember when steve just got his and very kindly brought they up to our little northwest meeting for a quick demo! brilliant sound but like Dukesy say hes still got the conventional set up when he needs the power, but don't think i'm ready to make the leap yet.
  10. well thats it really i can remember a time on the forum when they were talk off the town, hmm what happened there then? dose anyone who forked out thousands on them still use them are they standing the tests of time would be interesting to know? chris.
  11. What ever happened to You'll Never Walk Alone? It used to be a standard, a couple of weddings recently have had it as their finale. Jim
  12. i often play the dirtydancing megamix but might drop it out just as he says "sorry about the disruption folks, but i always do the last dance of the evening" well something like that!
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