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  1. I totally agree with marky on this one. Its pointless going down both roads. Ditch the vinyl and use the money you saved to buy a pair of s3500's ;), or if you can't stretch that much, go for some second hand s5000's, really good decks (I have one of each as it happens). The pitch ranges, really don't need to be anything higher than +/- 10% if you're into beat matching, and if you're serious about it, you'll be almost constantly in the +/- 4% range as it gives a much tigher resolution. Fader start is where you use the cross fader to kick off the track from the mixer, starting at what
  2. I think the language barrier just got reinforced with concrete. ho hum.. merry christmas all!
  3. Don't corrupt the young lad.
  4. Hey there. I did a gig in gainsborough last saturday. It was only as I was driving there that I realised that there were at least three (different!) gainsboroughs sign posted on route. Not actually from around that neck of the woods, but played at a lovely country house there called glentworth hall.
  5. I think you mean <drippingwithsarcasm></drippingwithsarcasm> - your brackets were wrong. Ok, I agree, it really doesn't work ;)
  6. I've deliberately set out to be different, by offering a specific style of music and 'club' experience. Its going down a storm with a suprisingly wide age group! I'm also completely sold on the branding idea, and will be getting baseball caps and T shirts made up to give away at events. I also have a full colour digitally printed banner across the front of my decks that really adds the finishing touch to my setup now. Add to that, rapid customer service and professional business cards ;)
  7. ALPHA TRACK tongue out icon Do I smell a DNS s5000 ?
  8. lol, just re-read over this post for nostalgia purposes.. ok it wasn't that long ago, but I have come a long way quickly, thanks to the people on this board, and a fair bit of hard work.
  9. Welcome aboard. With speakers, you have two options, either active (amps built in), or passive (needs separate amp). Without knowing how big a crowd you'll be playing out to, its very difficult to know what will suit you best. With regards to the laptop v's tower debate, many here see towers as more reliable, and pound for pound, you do get more for your money. However, I try to keep things as light and portable as poss, and have a 'desktop replacement' laptop which works flawlessly. If you are interested in a residency, I'm fairly sure you're going to need some experience on s
  10. I knew you guys would come up trumps again. ty ;)
  11. Oh, you hard dance freak! Great track tho ;)
  12. Hi guys, I may need some assistance from the RNB freaks amongst you. As some of you know, I mainly cover dance, trance and house genres, but may be getting some RNB related work. Given that I know bugger all about it, I need some assistance from you all, starting with a list of (say) the top 20 RNB tunes doing the rounds at the moment. Also, do DJ's typically mix RNB, or is it more the domain of the scratch DJ ? Can anyone point me in the direction of some recent RNB sets ? Thankyou all one again, I know you wont let me down!
  13. tbh, unless you can post a video on youtube, I think its all talk! Prove to us your pole eliteness, and I'll get you a pass!
  14. Advertising so far has ONLY been adwords on google, and a brief spell with overture, thats it. I've just done a mail out to local pubs in the area, and intend to do the same for the clubs, but haven't yet chased that up, so hopefully even more work from there. The good thing is that the saturday residency is at my full private party price. I think one reason I'm doing reasonably well is because I've specialised in a niche, rather than selling myself as a generic mobile disco. This has been massively popular with the younger crowd who can get a club experience by booking me.
  15. I'm feeling positively youthful at 37.. where are all the youngsters ?
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