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  1. I'd love to get hold of some of these classic lights for doing some retro gigs. Have been looking on eBay but they don't come up very often does anyone know of anywhere else you can get hold of these lights?
  2. Has anyone found that their equipment has been lasting longer since the smoking ban came into force? I've had to clean my amp fans less....
  3. Robbie Harrison


    I agree that they sound naff. There is a DJ round here that plays out his hospital radio jingles during weddings! The only time it is really apropriate is if you are doing a gig on behalf of the radio station but even then i wouldn't go mad.
  4. Thanks for your feedback on this everyone. I have no objection to buying the 4 sets of originals I just feel it would be better if there was a licence that allowed me to do this so that if we expand I don't have to have to get a 2nd office just for CD storage!
  5. I do both Community and ILR radio. On the community radio i still use the playlist log. The reason for this is that you are there for the audience not to play songs you like. Anyone who watched the Harvey Goldsmith docu about Big L will know this. I love being on the radio, not for the music though. I like doing the interviews and talking to callers, oh and playing the jingles! Radio is about much more than playing the music. People see the radio as their friend and it's great to be a part of that.
  6. Hi there, We are currently in the process of migrating to digital and was wondering if anyone could clear up the following points. We have 4 rigs and are going to purchase a new set of music on CD as the old CDs are damaged due to many years service. Now the PPL's Digital DJ licence states that the DJ must own a legal copy of the original music file. This is fair enough but as a LTD company do we need to buy 4 sets of CDs or will one original suffice to be copied onto the PCs and have a separate Digital DJ licence for each machine? Also I am having trouble understanding the
  7. Are you including being a DJ on t'wireless in "DJ" if so yes I do nothing but DJ, if not than no! Radio in the day, DJing on a night!
  8. Bear in mind that there has been a postal strike this week "The Cheque is in the post" could be genuine.
  9. We use Lloyds and have found them very understanding to our needs. Opened the account on the Wednesday had cheque book and debit cards on the Monday! Plus because it used to be the two seperate banks they have tons of branches! Their internet banking service is also second to none and they have a British call centre!
  10. I have come across this on many occasions. You will probably find that the parent helper who was doing it has spat their dummy out about not being able to do it!
  11. Hi Does anyone know what the music is called that is used on the above advert? Thanks, Robbie
  12. Northern Discos is looking for more DJs to join our ever expanding agency. We have just taken on several exciting new contracts all over Yorkshire and we are looking to expand our arsenel of DJs with top quality ones. You must have your own equipment and transport. We will cover you for PLI and PAT test your equipment every 6 months along with providing you with loads of work. If you are interested please call Robbie or Grant on 0845 833 4875 or e-mail us info@northerndiscos.com More information on our company is avaliable at http://www.northerndiscos.com Thanks goes o
  13. Churchhill will do Mobile DJ as a part time job. I registered as my day job with business then rang them to tell them and they just noted it on my policy no extra charge!
  14. Hi Paul, To add to what you said it's nice to also get some constructive comments from people in the industry. It's nice that people who are in the same business are willing to help each other. I come from a media background and as an example one of the radio stations round here won an award and another one sent them a bottle of champers to celebrate and they just chucked it in the river! Nice of them! Well done on your search engine ranking! Do you think I should drop the graphic from the logo? Or is it the design of the speaker you don't like? Thanks, Robbie
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