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  1. i love it, i'd say keep it, shouts out a fun loving personality tongue out icon
  2. i considered doing that but was put off it because a) people aren't expecting music when they click on the site and it may take them by surprise, instantly making them annoyed with you. b) They may not like the particular piece of music which may give them an unconscious negative attitude towards you. Just my humble opinion smile icon
  3. I agree, it's good looking, although you might want to experiment with different shapes to make it look more exciting thumbup.gif Shawn, dont suppose you could tell us how you got that rotating graphic? (MOD EDIT: I've just combined the two posts into one fer better readability. smile icon)
  4. I used www.cooltext.com to make the one below for free
  5. Ok, thanks for the replies guys, wasnt expecting such an indepth analysis, much appreciated. Not much time to do this because going out for a drink!! priorities lol I have got rid of the annoying dancing guy as you suggested, changed the colour of the text in the menu, tried to make the pricing table easier to use and changed some of the wording through out the site. I have not made much change to the equipment pages as i am not sure yet as to keep this. I have changed the copyright notice as suggested and removed the 'last updated' piece of text from the database page.
  6. I am really so glad i read this today, i was thinking of parting with my hard earned money to one of these on-line agencies. Can anybody tell me the name of a realy good, commission based mobile dj agency please, it would be most appreaciated?
  7. I personaly hand deliver my information to every venue i can find! Even if they do their own entertainments, they are usualy more than happy to stick up a poster and put some cards on the bar!
  8. thanks for your comments so far, that £155 would buy a lot of cards and stamps!!. Tried paid advertising for an old business and it was an extreme waste of money lol. I have actually been visiting venues in person and giving them the spiel but I thought about sending mailings to large local business (factories, insurance companies etc) and offer them a discount if they book for office parties or if staff book and mention the company. What you think of this idea? I did have a funny source of business.....a I bumped into a monk who used to shop where i worked and bought a lot of booze.
  9. Skodas are supposed to be good now!! not in my experience, had 2 of them and they were both lemons, had to threaten the dealer to take em back!! You'll never belive what i drive now, a 2006 vauxhall corsa, which, so far, has given me no problems. With the assistance of a roof rack, i can even get all my kit, including my trussing in it and on it at the same time!! (sits a bit low though lol)
  10. I quote for the time I will spend performing and also add on costs if traveling outside my normal area, but this doesnt start for 40 miles
  11. Hi there, I have just started up, had my rig for over a year but didnt work the right hours in my main job to take the rig out. Anyway, I am doing all the usual stuff, approaching pubs, hotels and leaving posters and cards everywhere and I was wondering whether it is worth the time and expense to do a leaflet drop? I was considering paying for 5000 a5 to be printed and distributed amongst the more affluent neighbourhoods. Has anybody got experience of doing this and whether the response was worth the time and money? I know that the responce you will get to your campaign wi
  12. Hey, that post wasnt bad saying it's the first time i've done it from my mobile phone!!!
  13. My 7 year old Technics sl1210s in their coffin case!!, survived a stand collapse once and a pint of beer smashing on the right hand one, still work flawlessly!!
  14. I dont have the subs but i do use the 502a main speakers and if they are anything to go by you wont ae dissapointed. I was reccomended to buy the subwoofers by others on here and hope to do this soon
  15. I use a black cloth supported by fishing wire tied between the lighting rig's stantions. I have added small stars (130) onto the front of the sheet. I use a white sheet with stars for weddings and christinings. :dan+ju:
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