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  1. In response to all these posts I would like to share my experience last month at a weding I did at a local hotel. The function was a wedding on a friday night, from 6 - 1am. I set up my gear the night before to avoid rushing home from uni on friday to set up in time. I arrived at the venue to find a kid about 5 fiddling with my gear but i just poiltly said pllease dont come behinf here again for safety rteasons. Anyway the wedding was a gypsy wedding with about 200 guests. To start with they were reasonalbly pollite and friendly but as the night went on they got very rude and
  2. further to the post abouts i have read regarding abusive behaviour aimed at DJ's I thought i would share a rather funny / scarry at the time thing that happened to me. I was playing a social club 40th Bday i think, And i was playing background music and one of the songs i played was rockin robin by michael jackson. About 1min into the song a man approached me and sed "is this michael jacksonn" i sed yes and he said turn it off now (this was at the time MJ was in a bit of trouble) and i sed why, and he sed because there are children here. I told him no i wont, hes not been proven gu
  3. I have a simple solution for this kind of thing. STOP the music and say over you mic, "security required on the dance floor" assuming their are bouncers avaliable. or alternativly just stop the music and announce loudly on the mic that no further music will be played due to the abuse you are getting, and the disco will stop for good if the person in question is not removed or calms down. Then every1 else will kick off on the D:cense:khead in question.
  4. guyowen

    What Song

    Does anyone know the name of the bargain hunt theme song? They use the same theme in odeon cinemas on the advert wen they advertise Odeon at home. Thamks in advance
  5. Hi every1, I'm new to this forum, I'm a mobile DJ working on the wirral, im 22 yog. and my main music interest is dance, house and everything from the 80's (strange combination i know) Anyway, I was wondering Have any of you guys been to BCM, and if so do you know how to get work DJ in a venue? I feel I have the skills to do well in a large venue that is predominatly house music based. I have done many discos/gig to very large audiences and every nite I always get people saying thanks and I usually get more bookings for other nites at the end of the nite, so i must ber doing
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