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  1. no mate, got shafted for alot of euro.s , back in the uk now, hows tricks with u?
  2. Its an experience, ive done it and just returned back to the uk, the recession has hit big time in greece and spain and most other eu countries, id wait for it to get better then consider doing it then. its pretty easy to do. pick ya destination then head out and look for work, most residencys i worked at where good payers, yet i know of a few dj's this yr working 6 hours for 30 euro..... i wouldnt get off the beach for that personally. if u have any questions, ask away.
  3. Hi Ben, Thanks for the information, Good to get reminded of a event after a week or so, just so we dont forget. Sadly i have a prior engagement, but would of loved to attended the night. Hope everyone has a super dooper nite! All the Best
  4. Damn You Nic! tongue out icon HOw about now?
  5. Should the last option on the first section be a simple "NO" rather than No i dont need it???
  6. smile icon Edited to add options for all Unless ive missed summut, let me know.................
  7. I shall review the photos from last year.................. Nah im not short - but seemed to be the right height ;)
  8. Did they have nice ladies on stilts?
  9. Excellent read there. Keep up the good work!
  10. now that explains it!! Its Virgins (come ntl come diamond) 's over zealous filters and uptime a quick search on google tells u what to do.............. move isp's
  11. If it happens where ever you are, on any network, hen its a bt fault for sure :joe: Id give them a call ( i know it takes time ) its not fare when you pay good money for a service and it dont work as it should................
  12. Is it a wifi or wired connection? How long has it been happening? Have you installed any software recently or hardware?
  13. Nope never paid for a drink, I drink water ............................ after the 11 pints of strongbow
  14. With the current situation as it stands, i would avoid playing anything by GG. - Saves any hassle.
  15. whats the download limits on the payg one? im back in the uk over crimbo and still want inet access,
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