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  1. Yep.....thats true about KJ Pro.....it does make life easier thats for sure. But the one I use for my songbooks is this.... Airwer Karaoke Songlist Creator I find it much better than KJ Pro and its certainly a lot simpler. Theirs also a free demo available from that link. Basically it works like this...... 1) Tick off the discs you have from the database. e.g. SF001, SF010, SF056, SF087.......keep adding the discs till you have all your collection..... 2) Export the list, eiteher within the program or to an excel file etc You can also alter the way it sorts
  2. Sorry I seem to have wandered onto the wrong thread.... When I saw the title I thought it said: Madonna, Would you? Well let me put it this way.......Yes I would. Must remember to read things more carfully. :dan: On topic..... Yes I would shake his chubby hand, no problem. (come on that was YEARS ago, no need to hold a grudge now).
  3. Errrr...... Thats a great list up their, some of the tunes I know, and some I dont.....some of the ones that I have listened to now and thought "OMG yea I remember that one, I cant believe I have never played it!".....so those such tunes are going to get played at an event I do in the near future for sure! I love this kind of Dance music, and try and get a set of it in at every event I do.......and this kind of thing normally goes down well at all kinds of events! Im now struggling to add to that list, not sure if these have been mentioned so sorry for any dupes! (Im also not ce
  4. Hmmmm A number of times I have been asked..... "Do you provide the disco lighting and everything?" The question allways baffles me a bit becasue I can never quite understand why they are asking if I provide it. Would the question not be better worded "WHAT disco lighting do you provide". I received the question a couple of weeks ago off a potential customer. So I repplied explained exactly what I provide, but as the booking is not till late next year I also explained like Nik did that we are constantly updating our equipment and it might change. I also included a coup
  5. Seems me and you are more similar than you realise Nik (well appart from you not being able to spell NICK properly LOL). I was the same agency Lorry driving up till about 6 monthes ago, raised my game, charging more and Im certainly not going to go back to 4am starts and 12-15 hour days shifting other peopls stuff about LOL Yes thier will allways be DJs who will charge more and who charge less, thats a fact. What annoys me is being undercut for gigs by DJs who can afford to go out for less then me becasue they are part-time, they are not trying to make a living out of DJing so can
  6. Im not critisising you.......just saying thier is a better market everywhere, and I prefer to sift out the price shoppers anyway so I dont mind loosing a few bookings rather than sell myself off cheap. I believe I give an excellent service for 18ths, in fact Im certain I do as I get more positive comments about 18ths than I do about any other birthday party so I must be better at them LOL So I think that I should be charging a little more than my competitors because Im worth the extra. 18ths are quite hard to get a decent payment out of I will agree with you their...... But as re
  7. Firstly.........It is not just another day, everyone earns or gets paid more on Christmass day (unless your a fool and work for a company that contracts you to work xmas day for nothing), why do they get paid more? Compensation for spending time away from their families I guess, plus companys know that staff would not work unless they get paid more money. Secondly........"no I dont charge £37 normally"........I presume from that you charge less? Their isnt the market for it, is that honestly what you think? I used to think like that, and Im now charging more than I ever have, so thier
  8. Hi all I have the following for sale. 3x Constella Chameleon 4 All fully working supplied with 3 source lighting bags to keep them in. Its a moonflower efect similar to the NJD Datamoon, but I have owned Datamoons and I think these are better as do many other people. Linky Offers please as I just dont need them anymore.
  9. SuperstarDJ is right.....your going to need some kind of convertor. Either what he sugested or one of these PC to TV Convertor Thats what I use for my laptop when I need to send to both a computer monitor and TV at the same time, but it will also send a signal to just a TV from the VGA out on the laptop. Karaoke in a chinese restraunt ehhh, thats different, I thought Karoke was a Japanese thing LOL
  10. £450......your not serious are you!!!! This is a 12 hour gig, thats only £37.50 per hour. I would hope your charging more than that for normal gigs never mind one of christmass day!!! Anyway my price: Tripple time, so thats £150 per hour - £1800 for the gig. Normally spend xmas day with the family, but if sombody was willing to pay me £1800 for one days work I would do it, and we would have our own christmass day on boxing day.
  11. Your right, their is no actual "certificate" as such, you meerly have to prove that the tests have been done by use of some form of document. Thats exactly what I do.........My Dad is an electrician by trade. He is now a School Caretaker after being made redundant, so in the school holidays he is allowed to borrow the PAT Tester, we are doing mine tomorow. We sticker all the equipment to show its been done, and a document listing every item with test results is then produced, he can then sign the document to say he has done the tests. And thats all their is too it. Sorry
  12. Lets get this straight..... I like kids, Im a family man at heart.....but...... Anything more than about 5 young kids in a room at the same time and I find it very difficult to cope with, they just stress me out! I think its all down to a young childs attention span, get them doing somthing they like and 2 minutes later they are bored and playing up again! I think it takes a special breed of DJ to be able to cope with them and keep them entertained for long periods of time...........Im really not that person and I do point that out to potential clients.
  13. After having the same kind of problems that you had "aaadisco" in the past, Im inclined to agree with Kingy, and I think Im going to leave it to the specialists. But that said I keep on getting recomendations from toddlers partys, so I must be doing a good job! Im jacking my prices up for them though, so hopfully this will put a few people off as Im not keen on them. Im not charging extra for them, I just used to do them cheaper as a reduced price disco on a sunday afternoon was better than nothing so I charged less. But I think IF I continue to do them, I will charge my normal rate
  14. DOnt get so many invites as I used too. I think it because people know that Friday and Saturday nights are my work time and the chances are if they ask me to come the answer will be no as Im working.......so they just dont bother asking anymore LOL Kaz......I would have come to your party, but alas Im working!!!
  15. Theirs fors and against for the Friday night.... My bigest problem with any other night than a Friday is that I cant see parents letting their kids out will 10 or 11 at night on a school night........Im not sure maybe Im wrong. Good to see sombody else from Kettering though, I didnt realise their was anyone else on here from Kettering. Im out on the lash tonight in Kettering (as I have my first friday off in I dont know how long), where you at tonight, I will come and say hello! Nick
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