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  1. Thomann provide a good service. Delievery is slower than UK shops,taking about 4-5 working days. You need to consider this if you are in a rush, otherwise very good value.
  2. these are high quality speakers, which are now within the price range of semi pro dj's.
  3. Bernard Manning & Joe 'piano' Henderson's version from a very old 1970's party album
  4. I've decided! I bought a pair of Mackie SRM 450's from Eddie Moors for £851; the cheapest I've seen anywhere.
  5. It's the second or third track on the cd single. I paid £3.99 for it!
  6. Then dance mix was the cd single version and just has more of a beat to it. I've played it a few times, but the punters tend to prefer the original. Chas and Dave CD's were being sold off in Poundland last week, including xmas megamixes.
  7. what are the alto 400's like? does anyone use them?
  8. any one seen the mackies cheaper new than £899?
  9. Spinner's point about the Alto'd is interesting - are these any good? seen on ebay for £570 per pair ex-demo I've heard good things recently about the new warriors. some stores have them on their hire fleet, but I also they are heavy and i'm not sure if they have grips on each side! any know about the db technologies? are they a good compromise for the money and do they have enough output at 300w per side for say an average crowd of 150?
  10. Hi After spending 23 years with passive speakers, I've decided to do away with the amp and speakers and go for an active/powered set and narrowed it down to 3 models. I need advice on what you lot like/recommend Warrior PSA 15 - price £449 with speaker covers and 400 watt per speakers -solid and sounds line or DB technologies Opera active 405 - price £588- ultra reliable but output only 300w per speaker -is this enough? or Mackie SRM 450- price £899- reputation/reliability but expensive. what do you think?
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