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  1. Thanks Spinner Has it arrived yet and what is your verdict ?
  2. Will definately look forward to your review. A video would be nice too
  3. It states the LED stormbird is fitted with a 10 Watt led, has anyone witnessed how bright this light is or does it not 'cut the mustard' ?
  4. Greetings 'Fellow Welshman' and Welcome !
  5. Diesel £132.9 per litre here today in South Wales
  6. To be honest if you haven't made a decision yet, for the extra tenner I'd go for the 22 watt Chauvet version without a doubt.
  7. SORRY I HAD TO REPOST THIS LINKS WERE DEAD IN LAST POST ...SORRY !! I have one of these made by Varytec BRAND NEW Full DMX and boxed with instruction manual (never used) due to a change in rig set up. The coverage is massive. Its pretty much the same as the Kam Diamond or Chauvet vue 6.1 Spec 1. 6 DMX Channels. 2. Beam Angle: 110 3. 252pcs led(108R,72G,72B) Yours for £65 & delivery Link here http://au.alibaba.com/product/308133802-LE...tage-light.html Chauvet Vue 6.1 here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Chauvet-Vue-6-1-6-Ch...=item483e5eb220 Kam Diamond
  8. Virtually new cost £99 each & delivery now on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=320636835135 Thanks
  9. I know this is reviving an old thread, but I have been absent from the forum for a while due to health problems. I have used Platinum Notes now for over 2 years, I find it a excellent piece of software. It does so much more than MP3Gain etc, it seems to give a new lease of life to old recordings and that extra bit of Omph to recent mp3 files. Yes it's expensive but worth every penny in my honest opinion
  10. Agree with Interparcel, they will carry parcel weight that others won't for a decent fee
  11. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT
  12. Yes that's exactly what I'm saying DJH asked if there were any negatives in doing so, I'm trying to point out various negatives even though we are going around the Mullberry bush to get there, even though it's interesting debate :dukesy: To simplify terms and not get all testicle (oops i meant Technical :ads: ) I would stay with the theory its better to have too much power than not enough, as long as it's used correctly. :amen:
  13. As a rule, I always aim to have more the RMS output necessary - meaning that if the woofer is rated at 400W RMS, I use an amp that produces at least 600W RMS (Headroom) at the impedance I will be running the speaker at. There are a few reasons to do this. One is that the amp puts out less distortion, less heat, and lives a longer life when working less hard. Think of yourself trying to paint a detailed picture right after you've ran a marathon, or spent an hour power-lifting at the gym. Its pretty tough to do any kind of quality work when you're exhausted from running full-bore. Now if yo
  14. Hi Andy, If you are not putting enough power into the speaker (obviously not enough working on the theory of 4 speakers at approx 300 watt rms) then you are not moving the speakers enough to keep the speaker coil cool resulting in a gradual burnout of the voice coil.
  15. Yes the speakers will be calling for more power than the amp can provide, therefore causing coil damage to the speakers.
  16. Hence my reply, If the amp is going to be running tops & bins like the original question states then there will be clipping issues. 300 watts rms per channel into a potential 600 watt speaker rating. in my experience this is always going to clip.
  17. QTX Atlantis LED Excellent lights, massive light output
  18. I will certainly try for you Spinner The underpowered amp can damage speakers by "clipping". When an amplifier is pushed to create a signal with more power than its power supply can produce, it will amplify the signal only up to its maximum capacity, at which point the signal can be amplified no further. As the signal simply "cuts" or "clips" at the maximum capacity of the amplifier, the signal is said to be "clipping". The extra signal which is beyond the capability of the amplifier is simply cut off, resulting in a sine wave becoming a distorted square wave type waveform
  19. Absolute Giveaway !! £185 THE PAIR WITH FREE DELIVERY PAIR of QTX Atlantis LED with FREE DELIVERY They cost £189.99 EACH Link and video http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Atlantis-Flower-Soun...=item5d2627e29e These were purchased new for 2 extra special corporate gigs over xmas and new year, where massive lighting coverage was needed. Yes only used twice ! Basically the same as revo 3 and Acme impossibled BUT MUCH BRIGHTER............These have 496 LED's instead of the 392 in revo 3 etc These are in Mint condition as stated only used for 2 gigs Be
  20. 175 watts output into a 300 watt speaker cab, is going to cause problems long term
  21. No it will be seriously underpowered, Please read original post again. He would be running 300 watts per channel into a pair of Peavey Pro 15's (300 watt rms) this would be fine 300 watts of amp power per channel into a 300 watt rms speaker (No problem) BUT and a VERY BIG BUT at that he states with bass boxes....................So where is the other power coming from for the bass cabs ? If it is from the same amp then its " No way Jose" Also something to consider is the 600 watt amp is 600 watts into 4 ohm (I would Imagine) now Peavey do the Pro 15's in different models some are 8
  22. You will also be under powering your speakers
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