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  1. Hi Superstardeejay and McCardle thanks for both your replies, I though it might be down to a surge always used the same extension lead never had a problem before as its got a surge protection I might get a set of new leads just encase many thanks Pete
  2. Hi I was setting up at a gig this week I had all my gear setup apart from my star cloth and I plugged it in to the same extension as my Laptop as I normally do and the music cut out and I couldn't control virtual dj, via the laptop or controller I rebooted Virtual DJ and it started to work this has never happend to me before i am running my laptop with virtual Dj via usb to my DenonMC6000 thanks in advance many thanks Pete
  3. hi thanks for all your replys it seems to happen when I started to play a cd on channel 1 My cross fader is always set to the middle as it doesn't work on side but works set to the middle it works fine, could it be that its now affecting the channels on the mixer, same thing happened with the laptop channel as I may of had channel 1 volume up on the cd player on ready to start the cd after the song on the laptop had finished, could that have affect the laptop channel as well I know it is unlikly to be the speakers or leads as you get the same happening to both speakers many
  4. Hi After a bit of help was using my equipment at home this week and for some strange reason a couple of times the sound would go quite and then come back like sound drop out, the music wouldn't cut out completey but would go very low my current setup is Numark cm200 mixer Numark CD players and DB Basic 400 I am wondering if the mixer is going or whether it is the speakers, but I thing that both speakers wouldn't be affected at the same time so must be something to do with the mixer many thanks Pete
  5. Hi after a bit of help was wondering what is the best active subs to get to go with my DB basic 400 speakers http://www.decks.co.uk/products/db_technologies/basic400 not sure what to get the db sub 12 or 15's also I have seen on ebay a full set Peavey Pro P Subs & Pro 12 P Active Speaker Kit for £800 never used Peavey are they any good? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=170349631578 many thanks Pete
  6. Hi Jim i've done xlr to xlr sound is really good, on the back on the speaker I have a limiter - protection is the light meant to be on like the power light all the time or does it only come on if the limiter kicks in to protect the speaker many thanks Pete
  7. thanks wendyice so go from the xlr on the back of the mixer to the xlr on the speakers or use phono from the mixer to the xlr on the speakers many thanks pete
  8. I have finally bought a pair of db basic 400, not got a sub yet will get that in a month what is ther best way to connect the speakers to a mixer is it best to use the jack input or can I use a xlr lead or is that only if you want to use a mic on the speakers what would sound the better out of the 2 many thanks Pete
  9. thanks motherwell and alicat for your help, to link the speakers with the mixer do you go into the sub first then the tops. I think I am going to go for those speakers, when I looked at them at the showroom they sounded good and very light to carry. many thanks Pete
  10. DB Basic can be purchased from Here Hi I am looking for some advice on powered speakers I am looking to buy some new powered speakers and I've seen the db Basic 400 and db sub 05, I have never bought any powered speakers before and was wondering if they are good many thanks Pete
  11. will they work ok with my current amp also do they have bass speaker built in so are they like 2 speakers in 1
  12. Hi Marc thanks for replying, those are rated at 600 rms at 8ohms but my amp is 412 rms at 8 ohms, cheers from Pete
  13. Hi I am looking to upgrade my speakers and get some bass bins as well I am currently usnig a Numark DIMENSION 4 660W RMS @ 4 Ohms/ 412W RMS @ 8 Ohms (stereo) with a pair of Warrior Audio PSR 15 http://www.ebdj.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?product_id=12253 The speakers I saw was these Electrovoice Force i with force i Subs The good thing with this company they are very close to where I live and I feel that as I am going invest a little more in a better set I could see a demo www.swlighting.co.uk/products/pa-systems-170/2105.htm If I bought the pack
  14. like davemoody I bought the Numark CM200USB Mixer and it's very good, I have myself only just invested in a new laptop and are slowly going over to using a laptop rather than cd's. But when I get all my music ripped to my laptop I will still take my cd's with as backup just encase until I have bought another laptop as a backup. Pete
  15. i have looked at otsdj was able to load it on my laptop, really like this software I have got a mixer that uses usb connection I tried out my laptop before I did a disco on saturday night and I got some crackling/interference in the speakers when I had the laptop connected to the mains power and when I disconnected from the mains it went I did hear that sometimes you need at ground loup between laptop and mixer If I have already upload some music already what is the best program to use to tagg the files with the song title and artist many thanks Pete
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