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  1. I don't intend to dampen anyone's mood. I just wonder what the situation is like in your area. In Northern Ireland the house prices have risen dramactically in the past 5 years. Eg a 4 bed in 2001 - £56,000, the same four bed now with no changes made, £270,000. It's ridiculous. Groceries are up, energy prices are up, diesel is up. Wages AREN'T up. NI is one of the lowest wage earners in uk. All the time jobs are being lost, companies closing, the migrant workers have gone home. I honestly do believe that the country is going into meltdown, the damage is done and no-
  2. MOVED TO CORRECT FORUM SECTION Hi. I'm looking for a list of pcdj shortcuts if anyone has any available. Thanks
  3. I don't think you're right in what your saying. If you wire a 4 ohm load in parallel to both coils you present a 2 ohm load on the amplifier, therefore making life a bit easier on it. Do a google search to confirm this.
  4. QUOTE: "Oh, Yes I can only think of one, before you all jump in "WHO THE %^&* IS ALICE", don;t think that one is appropiate" Yes, but you can play the doctor hook version or smokie's.
  5. Following on from this: I've had three recent bookings that were just a disco now changed to band and disco. I think 2008 is the year of the bands. I try to discourage them explaining that it will take time for the band to take down their equipment and me to put up mine, a loss of at least an hour's worth of music.
  6. Use your own name. It's the best way of getting associated with doing mobile discos when someone mentions it.
  7. Thrillseekers Feat. Cheryl Deane - Synathesia (fly away) 51ST STATE.
  8. It has already been posted but nalin & kane - beachball is IMO the best ibiza ever. You can always try Nalin & kane Vs. Denace the menace - crusing. UE-ZRs6AoJ0 zEIyxPDLGGk Edited by Mod to including correct youtube links
  9. We'll be ok for a few days yet Paul, lol. Ulster is one of the last regions to switch in 2012.
  10. As many of you do, I reply the same day and even if I'm not free, I give them contact numbers of another DJ/s. I think it does you favours in the long run.
  11. Following on from this post I think it would be good to make a playlist of various member's suggestions for such a thing. I've always meant to do a background cd but never got round to it. I would appreciate your suggestions. :joe:
  12. Typical Paul, Bloody useless. Oh well, might get away with no MOT if they don't know I exist! lol
  13. Hi. I'm currently with heart internet and they have their own web-builder which I use for my site. It's a real nightmare to use but I've put up with it until now, but I can't any longer. Can anyone recommend a good web-site builder, easy to use and affordable. The problem with heart's one is that if you edit even the tiniest part of your site on the builder, it automatically loses all the FTP/cji/html script such as title of pages, meta tags, intergrated web-forms etc. So I need a package that will not do this. Thanks in advance.
  14. Girls aloud - love machine Fatman Scoops - be fatihful Christina Aguilera - Diiiirty Beyonce - Crazy in love
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