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  1. Hi all I recently bought a Toshiba Satelite Laptop. It's 6 months old. It is running windows Vista home, 250GB hard drive, 2 GB memory. The software is atomix, which I purposefully selected because it is old and the advertising on their site says it was written years ago and they have never had 1 technical issue with it and should be stable on even the slowest systems. Anybody got any suggestions why this is happening? When I say jumping, what happens is.... The song simply stops and the Vista circle (replacement for Egg Timer) appears. Then it comes back on. It happens at ra
  2. Hi all Not done a Ruby wedding before. Of course, I have my old trusty songs, but I want your playlist ideas folks. What do you rely on? Which songs go down best? Which is your fave? Thanks all
  3. Hi all I'm assuming all DJ's do the same and take a breather when the buffet starts at 18th, 21st etc. What music do you all play? A medley? a 40 minute mix????? Just wondering.......
  4. Hi all I'm doing a 21st next week, and the girls mum said to me. "Can you play a couple of party games". Me being me, I just said "Yeah, no probs. I don't wanna get deep into this, but wouldn't mind a couple of ideas for quick games. Anybody got any ideas? One idea I have is the 'Mummy' game, where I get a boy & girl on stage and their partners. Then, while the music is playing, the partner has to wrap the person with a giant toilet roll. At the end, the audience vote who is the best looking mummy. The game takes as long as a record lasts, which suits me fine.
  5. Hi all My old laptop packed up so I just bought an all singing, all dancing laptop. One problem though! Its operating system is VISTA. Anybody tried or tested any good software for Vista? Thanks
  6. Hi all I have recently returned my creative 5.1 souncard to P C World because I wasn't able to play player A and player B through different outputs. So, since reading through various documents on here, other sites and bits from the PCDJ website, I have purchased the MAYA 44 soundcard. However, whilst reading through the PCDJ manual for no reason in particular I came accross a section that said not to install the drivers for the MAYA 44. Does anybody have any views/past experiences regarding this comment? Also, any other advice or tips would be welcome. Thanks all
  7. Points taken guys! I take on board th critiscism, which I view as positive. 1. I'm about to purchase a new souncard to sort out the queing problem. 2. I will always get payment up front. 3. I'm still only 50/50 about the rock song thing. I probably didn't make myself clear. There were about 5 or 6 girls who had just got up to dance and get the party started, and I didn't want to scare them off the dancefloor with songs totally different to what they were bopping to. I'm not critiscizing these tunes, but in my opinion, I just don't think they were into heavy rock music. Th
  8. Hi all I've just returned my soundcard (Creative 5.1 soundblaster) to P C World, because it cannot be configured to play player A through 1 chanel and player B through another. So, I need some advice chaps. I desperately need to be able to play player A & player B as 2 seperate players going into 2 different channels on my mixer. I have read the manual, and it talks about the MAYA 44 and a different Creative card. Can you guys recommend a good card that will allow me to play differet players into its own channel on the mixer, so I can control each player independantly
  9. Hi guys, Over the last couple of months, I have been asking a lot of questions in the forums on how to set up my new system. Well, I did my first gig in 15 years on Saturday, and it went very well. Here's how the night went: 7pm only 2 people at this joint 30th party. I was worried that I was gonna be playing to nobody all night. 8pm I've been working for 40 mins, and nobody is interested 9pm I've done the kids songs, the party is getting a bit livelier now, and the odd person is singing along. 9:15 It's buffet time, and I play an Abba medley while they eat. 10pm back to t
  10. Hi all I am getting misleading information in setting up my NEW souncard with PCDJ. I have just bought the soundblaster 5.1 (Model: SB0490). This is a 5.1 soundcard and I dont want to set it up for 5 speakers. Basically, I want to set it up so PCDJ sends each player (2 players) down a different cable into a different channel on my Yamaha mixing desk, so I can control each player of PCDJ independantly with the desk. However, when I choose 2.1 setup from the creative speaker setup it doesn't show me where to plug the cables in. I just phoned Creative and they told me "Because you
  11. Thanks for that mate. So is this mic likely to cause a lot of feedback?
  12. Hi all I am DJ'ing & Karaokeing at the moment and am looking to buy another Mic. at the moment I am using the following Mic: Brand X XM3 Microphone (Audio Technica). There is a link to it here: http://www.soundcontrol.co.uk/mod_1/pages/... The specs are: Frequency Response: 70-14,000 Hz Impedance: 500 ohms It seems fine to me, but then again, I must admit I can't really tell how good or bad the actual Mic is when people are screaming their favourite tracks down it. I was hoping somebody on here would look at this Mic and firstly: advi
  13. Hi guys Before I go any further, let me say thanks to the guys who advised me on the purchase of a souncard for the purpose of playing my tracks from my laptop into my mixer. Well, 1 week on, and I am in the possesion of the souncard. It is USB External souncard. Creative Blaster Surround 5.1 (PC World £40) Model No: SB0490. The documentation is quite unclear and does not show how to set up the card for the purposes I want it for. By this I mean, the massive broadsheet userguide (in about 20 different languages), shows you how to set up for 4.1 & 5.1, but there is no inst
  14. Thanks guys. Just bought the headphones from Reidys music store. Once again, great help and info from this site.
  15. Hi all Through the help of you guys, I have just sorted out an external souncard. Now I need help with the follwing items that I need: 2 (maybe 3) karaoke Mics. They don't have to be professional quality, just decent quality. Wireless would be a bonus. 1 Set decent headphones (for cueing) I could go trawling the web for reviews etc, but I'm a firm believer that sites like this offer the best feedback from people in the same position. Also, as are a lot of people, I'm just starting out, so I need to keep the cost reasonable. Thanks all
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