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  1. You tell me? The way I read it was that you were making a point out of having to pay for the recomendations (without gurantee of making a booking) not actual bookings.
  2. Theres something that doesn't "quite sit right" if you are paying merely for a recomendation especially if the venue is recommending more than one service provider as the venue will be in a "win win" situation regardless of your outcome, if however they are only recommending a single service provider it may be useful especially if the overall fees are good. There is a local castle that I have just started working for and they ask for 10% of our final fee, in return for this they market us in their wedding packs as exclusive service providers.
  3. No problems here either although I tend to upload my own designs. Had brochures cards and postcards, all top drawer.
  4. The way I see it is....... Your friend took the £100.00 deposit from DJ 1, DJ 1 informed his client of the change (apparently) therefore the booking is with your friend and there in the cancelation - your friend should of raised the relevant contracts with the end client before taking the cash. If DJ 1 did not notify the client then depending on the terms of contract (ie cancelation notice terms) your friend should return the money to DJ 1 who should in turn will return it to the client. if its outside a 31 day window then tough, this said it all hinges on whether the original DJ rea
  5. Just had this come in If anyones interested- DATE: 29/11/2008 VENUE: Bar Sport Loughborough (Room is on first floor) PERFORMANCE TIMES: 8-12 SERVICE: Karaoke only - client informs me the venues TV system is available for use and I am just waiting for written confirmation of this from the venue manager and the jacks required but one assumes its gotta be phono or scart. Also waiting confirmation of disabled access i.i lift and use of etc... OCCASION: Joint 18th. FEE AVAILABLE: £200.00 PM/TEXT/PHONE/SEND SMOKE SIGNALS if interested. Thanks
  6. 22nd must be a jinx on the forum as I have had 6 enquires for this date for various functions and prices but converted none! Whats going on? lol
  7. I've had them and if i remember right they had a pro looking website but the general tone of the mails really didn't ring with confidence so left well alone.
  8. I'd like to register an Interest in a set. After Mr P ofcoarse!
  9. All my venues are fine with me taking water in as its just me breaking the rule and i'm working. It may be different if they found coke or redbull of any quantity as they normally charge top whack for this, Would some venues expect you to stop mid-set, hush everyone down and announce "I will be back in 10 minutes after I have queued at the bar and taken on adequate refreshments"? P.S can't remember the last time i got brought a drink, I'm sure it was before my price increased!
  10. This statement reflects your target market which is only one spoke on a big wheel. your clients dont care, mine do and they will pay to make sure they get it. You have not deducted anything from your £4500, is every pound you earn profit? surely not otherwise 20% (£900) of that is for the taxman so your 'profit' is down to already down to£3600 - I think you are refering to a gross figure. Or If thats what you receive for 30 gigs then even the basics relating to a part time DJ, pli, produb (I have read you use a laptop and winamp I have read you do not buy much new music so have not i
  11. things are looking ok for jan and feb 09 with 6 bookings over the period at the moment normally this time of year is dead for me. on the flipside March and april are dire but may change nearer the time. I had increased my prices of 09 but may freeze them to 08 prices I think taken them down anymore is a backwards step and I will ride that out as long as I can afford to. I'm thinking of cancelling all of my insurances and business costs and getting a PAYG mobile and and charging £100 cash a night. - JOKE!
  12. DJI is similar to DJEP both in price and features.
  13. I've been guilty of having the same prices for a couple of years untill around twelve months ago as I always thought I knew what people were willing to pay and prefered to quote an average price to fill the date. Most of this year I have been steadily raising my fee on a per event basis and i have now set my fees to a price i feel i'm worth rather then concentrating too much on what the guy down the road is doing and so far this is working well, Infact I'm hoping to get a suffiecent amount of quality gigs that will allow me to take/afford a Saturday off a month or maybe even the weekend a
  14. I too am Full time and as such like to go to work safe in the knowledge the bill is settled and my rents getting paid and i haven't got to chase people on the night, after all I'm being paid to entertain guests not run after clients debt collecting lol
  15. Happened a couple of times but always stuck it out and got paid. But just to make sure this situation doesn't arise again I now require the balance in full 14 days before the event date as on both occasions the worry of getting paid overshadowed my enjoyment of the events.
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