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  1. The laptops performance is the same as the desktop bar the occasional skip. Its an intel core 2 duo, it exceeds the minimum requirements, ive tried to stop programs running in the background and the USB ports ended up not working. I am using USB 2 and the bargraph is generally around 25-50% although it does occasionally rise temporarily to around 75%. The software is provided with the hercules dj rmx console. The laptops spec is Compaq Presario c700 notebook pc 2038mb RAM (Which is at least double the required amount) processor is intel core 2 duo 1.67 ghz 32 bit operating
  2. If anyone has encountered the same problem with the combination of equipment i am using i would very much appreciate the solution as this is driving me NUTS :damn: I purchased the new Hercules Dj Console 2 weeks ago, i have a hp compaq presario laptop. The main problem is furing playback the tracks jump. Not all the time, maybe once or twice a track but far to often to even consider using the set up in public. I have contacted Hercules and i have the latest drivers, i am using a powered USB hub (also tried without the powered hub) i have changed the ASIO settings, i have tried conne
  3. I only got the laptop today so havnt got any software yet, but what im thinking is that if i use software on the laptop it is going to make the prodigy and its features redundant. It seems i may as well not have the prodigy but the cheapest mixer i could get just as a middle man kind of thing for mics etc, i dont think im going to be able to line up tracks actually using the mixer, only line them up through the software, does that make sense, in which case i may as well take the laptop back because i spent a fortune on the prodigy. Basically, all i wanted to do was use the prodigy as normal bu
  4. Ive got the prodigy b52 mixer and have just purchased a laptop as i want to stop carrying so many cd's about. Is there anybody who can tell me 1.How to connect a laptop to the prodigy b52 and 2.how to line up the next track in the display window as you would do if you were using a cd. The only way i can see it working is that it will play on the laptop and i may be able to transfer the sound through the prodigy via a rear input, but i cant see how i will be able to line up the next track using the laptop.
  5. I use two. one faces the audience and the other one faces me. Ive found myself purchasing lots of shirts or accessories that look cool under the light.
  6. There are some photos on my website of the prodigy and it might be on some video ive got on my gallery and video, your dj pages.
  7. The Prodigy B-52 is not a cheap bit of kit, but what you are paying for is an all in one console with extreme flexibility. I have had one for about 5 weeks now and managed to use it at a gig 2 hours after purchasing it (i couldn't resist it). It has many different sound effects you can add to the music such as flange, echo, phase to mention a few and has 3 microphone inputs. One massive plus is that it is light and comes with its own flight case which would probably cost £200 on its own. My fav feature is the loop function when lining up the next track. Ever since i have had it i have been get
  8. I knew about the gain on the mics and they are on full. Like i said the mics worked last friday and nothing has changed since then. The Mic box to mixer is jack to jack. There are mic balance inputs at the back of the mic box, which i think are xlr females, butthe manual doesnt explain these. I know the mics work fine, surely there is no compatability issue. In fact i remember now i tested them on my old mixer last week and they failed to work on that aswell. But previously they had been absolutely fine on it. Im totally baffled. :hide: There are 4 mic inputs on the mixer and the problem
  9. Its the prodigy b-52. Its a very nice bit of kit and something you want to show off, however its got so many different functions, features and sound effects that im struggling to get my head around it at the moment. Im reading the manual but its just not going in :fear: Im trying to just mess around with it, but i can imagine it taking quite some time to master its full potential.
  10. Last sunday night i was setting up for a gig, an hour before the function was due to start, i was halfway up a ladder when my falcon light fell from the trussing after i over compensated when tilting it. On the way down it took half my leg with it and shortly after there was a huge loss of blood and all of a sudden the dancefloor resembled a scene from dirty harry. Iv got a photo of the injury which looks like a shark bite but i dont know how to upload onto this site. The organisers were insistant that i go to hospital, as were the paramedics when they arrived, but i felt that i could not le
  11. Last Saturday one of my scanners kept powering off during a gig. This had never happened before, i kept my eye on it and eventually thought nothing more of it. About 30 mins later, hey presto, all my sound goes off and the upshot was that the fuse had gone on my extention reel. We got it going again pretty quickly as i had back up extentions but it was later suggested that it happeed because i didnt unreel all the cable on the extention reel and the heat had conducted itself to the point where the fuse had blown. I have set the thing up the same way for the past 8 months without problems so wh
  12. I have just purchased a new cd mixer/player and getting the corded mic to work is no problem. But im having trouble with the Kam cordless mics. Everything is set up correctly, exactly the same as the corded mic, the power on the mics indicates on the box which mic should be working but absolutely no sound whatsoever. I used them last Friday on the same mixer but havnt managed to get them working since. Has anyone got any ideas?
  13. The school leavers event was a great success in the end. Only needed 1000w full range and 600w bass around the set up. I put out satellites totalling around 500w each side to hit the far ends of the marquee and i had more than enough. When i was rehearsing the day before i was told it could be heard 2 streets away. I ended up playing calypso on their arrival, easy listening throughout their meal and i had an hours slot from 12-1 after the live band and just belted out a wide range of classic floorfillers from 50s-date. A great night and hopefully a function i will get next year. Photos can b
  14. I live in Rochester and City Link are the best i've come across around here. I'll deliver it for £1 a mile if you like :Thumbup:
  15. People may remember this as my first posting. The gig is tommorow, i have set up today so its all nice and relaxed on the day, just the lights to go onto the trussing. I did my sound checks, everything sounds good. In fact, so good that security came in and told me it could be heard 2 streets away, which kind of made me very happy :dan+ju: I was concerned with the bass. I have ended up using 2x300watt subs, 2x500watt wharfedale evpx and 4 250watt sattelites for microphone speeches to get the sound to the ends of the marquee. Theres a very nice sound in there, nice and bassy as the 5
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