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  1. yes i know what your saying, and we do ring venue if we can't check it out, but the room was on ground floor,when we'd spoken to wedding planner, but as i said groom text on the day it was now on first floor, and they we're over moon with our service and said they would diff use again and we did take another booking off the back of of this so it was'nt all bad, and yes my wife/roadie is a diamond without her i am sure are business would'nt be doing so well , and i know the other dj's who work for us would agree she is a great girl, maybe i should let her choose my bookings as well as theirs lo
  2. on the 5th of september we were booked to dj for a wedding at selsdon park croydon, on the morning sent happy text to wish them a happy day etc, they sent back a text confirming the room( grasham suite)on the first floor, the warning bells should have gone off then however we left for venue in plenty of time, having arrived went to reception to find out where the room was, only to be told by a rude receptionist to look on the board, went in search of somebody with manners only to be told it was up 2 flights of stairs :scared: or we could use the lift as the room was near it, so sent my wife /
  3. do any dj's need some extra work, we are quite often have extra's mainly kent area, so if anybodys intrested in putting your name on our database give me or tracy a shout or email info@corentertainments.com.would rather use decent dj's like on here than the ones we keep hearing about lately which are about as good as britsh rail .
  4. Is there anybody with a medium to large setup avaliable 19th july as have 2 booking both that require a largeish setup, and also looking for dj's looking for extra bookings kent and surrounding areas if anybody is intrested drop us a line or give us a bell. many thanks.
  5. hi we have a gig booked for the 1st of march but can no longer cover it,it's in maidstone kent from 7-1am, with a singer during the evening,can you help?
  6. Hi thanx for all the replys,our work is mainly coming in the kent,bromley ,sussex area, and although we cover these areas we just can't be everywhere at once,however we have built up a good name for ourselves for being reliable etc,and hate having to turn people away, knowing full well as we all do that there are some right cowboys out there that are quite happy to take the money and run,so we'd like to build up a list of dj's we know who like ourseleves are good honest dj's who can provide the service when we are not avaliable.our site is www.coreentertainments.com, we also help out scott jor
  7. we started our business about a year ago, but are now finding we are booked every weekend,which is good and we are really pleased (kids not as pleased)but we have got to the point where we are turning work away,so we'd like to network with some new dj's and possibly pass on some of the work we can't cover,please feel free to check us out,and pass on any comments on this idea. si & tracy
  8. we have a trailer,and it was was easier leaving the heavier stuff in there,we put huge paddlocks on there ,however that didn't stop someone breaking into it outside our house in the early hours last year, luckily we had had done a gig the night before and had un loaded most of the kit there was only the speakers and the leads and and a few other things,but we got over that and got a lock up,then once we did a sixteenth which was quite posh ,they had bouncers waitresses etc and there was only one minor problem during the evening when some local boys tried to get in and were asked to leave,we th
  9. does anybody know where i can download a calender so i can keep track of our bookings and know in an instant wether we are free,as at the mo ,wife deals it though contract books and diarys,but would like one she can just look at one on computer in office when quotes come in.
  10. [Yep i might be using them , as the news on radio does'nt sound good.
  11. [poor you we were asked to do one there last month but due to another booking had to turn it down, but know now fom your info it probarly would'nt be the best place for us anyway, as our rig is huge and with 4 irock barrels and scanners,big uv box and smoke bubble machines etc we would have been pulling our hair out too, although the ceiling height would have been fine for my roadie/wife/ boss as she is 5ft nothing tongue out icon :Thumbup:
  12. O.M.G. i have just put news on to see the mass floods ,we are due to do a huge family events day in bishop cleeve in cheltenham on friday,not sure this is now going to happen unless we can swim there from kent, however knowing the great british there is no telling it might dry up or maybe not!!!! is anybody else planning a trip to a flooded area ?
  13. we are doing a gig for friends tomorrow for their anniversary, and there are going to be lots of kids there so we thought we'd have a few dancing fun comp for them to start the night off,but being a little rusty on our dance moves we have been trying to find a dvd with a few on to practice, does anybody know where we can get them ready for tomorrow please. tongue out icon tongue out icon
  14. i would but we live in kent so it's a long drive, but it should be ok thanks for help.
  15. Has anybody done an event or gig at this football club, we are doing an all day gig there soon and would like to get a bit more info but can't find out much on the net, does anybody know what it's like? :djuhi: :Thumbup:
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