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  1. Great track. Don't get much chance to play tracks like this very often. Played Blitzgrieg Pop/ Ramones and Buzzcocks Ever fallen in love last week for the organiser of a corp function who was an old punker. :Thumbup:
  2. My day job is in the service dept. We have just taken on Skoda about 3 months ago. Great cars Basicly a VW at a better price. The Roomster is a good car (ugly looking popemobile) The old days of the horrible Estelle etc are long gone. I would buy one.
  3. No gig this weekend a slow July over here just the one gig. Took two bookings for weddings for next year so good weekend. :Thumbup: Chance to catch up with all the paperwork and funstuff
  4. Can't say i've got any Moby floorfillers for the average gig. But I could say that for a lot of artists as well. Neil Young Bob Dylan For example. Doesn't mean they have no talent just because I don't play them at any functions.
  5. The Housemartins now that a good band. Fatboy Slim a great DJ and performer listen to his Late Night Tales collection some great old Soul and Reggaae tracks on there. How anyone can say the blokes got no talent is beyond me. Moby the same again a great talent. I would be happy to take a small slice of his talent. How can we criticise these artists when they have been there and performed in front of millions of people. Try and learn something from them to put into our performances.
  6. Sister Sledge- He's The Greatest Dancer Funkadelic- One Nation Under A Groove Gil Scot Heron - The Bottle Can't say I really play them at any functions anymore but top tunes.
  7. Wedding for me. Younger couple and a lot of Italians. Blue Monday may be hard but you never know.
  8. 50th for me in a venue 10 mins away from home for about 70people. Good night was had by all a fun crowd. Request of the night Ian Dury - Hit me with your rhythm stick. Came in to late and couln't play it, was requested as last song of night was playing. Love the old Ian Dury. Bless him.
  9. Sat wedding in a old monastry that got moved up into the hills and now the function room for a winery. Lovely location and a good night. Sunday wedding at a beachfront location in Scarborough (not the northern one) Monday public holiday here Sleep
  10. 1 A quadrophonic car eight track player out of the Cortina 2 Subbueteo kit with floodlights 3 BarryWhite on an eight track 4 Old autograph book includes gems from Peter Shilton, Peter Osgood, and a lot or circa 1974 footballers. 5 A dodgy singles collection including The Osmonds, David Essex, David Cassidy, Mud, 6 Reel to reel tape recorder. 7 Roy of the rovers annuals
  11. Norfolk welcome back to gigging. :good:
  12. Fri night wedding and mc for the night. 1st time ive sold my uplight package 12 par cans pretty happy as only arrived last week. Just still trying to get dmx controller to work :ouch: Sat birthday for meeeeee!! Indian restaraunt with a few friends. Have a rocking weekend everyone
  13. Jason, Good read. Thanks for that. Good start for first year
  14. Fri 40th birthday for a friend at mates rates. Sat Wedding on a farm in a marquee haven't requested one song for the night apart from from bridal waltzes etc. Don't think they are really in to music. Have dealt directly with a wedding planner on this one which I have found a little hard going. Rather talk directly to clients but this is the modern world as Weller once said. Will see how we go.
  15. 4zzz

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    OVERHYPED THINGS THAT WERE ABSOLUTELY TOSH: Blair Witch. A marketing masterpiece; anyone interested in guerilla marketing or modern day promotion techniques should read as much as they can about how this film was marketed. The film itself is just the most awful piece of garbage I have ever seen Yeah agree Blair Witch top ten worse films of all time. imho Or most over hyped OVERHYPED THINGS THAT WERE ABSOLUTELY TOSH: Blair Witch. A marketing masterpiece; anyone interested in guerilla marketing or modern day promotion techniques should read as much as they can abou
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