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  1. Not been on here for a very long while. I am currently looking for a new centre light, i have been looking at the Chauvet O-Beast, i then came across the Chauvet Trident which looks very good. Do any of you guys have any opinions on this light. Regards Chris
  2. For Sale Behringer DX1000 Mixer Very Good Condition Instruction Booklet available Suit DJ or Karaoke PM me for more details. Thanks Chris
  3. Hi I am looking for a single 19inch rack mount cd player with pitch control, having a bit of trouble at the minute as Google is not being much help Many thanks Chris
  4. For Sale Peavey Hisys 2's (XT Series) 15 inch Black Widow Drivers, Sound absolutely brilliant still £250 ovno Gemini 19" Rack Mount Mixer, 3 years old, silver in colour, flight cased Instruction Booklet available too! £100 Warrior 1000 Watt Power Amplifier (500 watts per side) A1 Condition - just over 12 months old £120 Feel free to drop me a line, obviously due to weight, pick up would be advisable. Thanks for taking the time to look Chris
  5. Hi all I amlooking to get some bags to house my Mackie SRM450's in, been looking on the net and being quoted all weird and wonderful prices, so can anyone recommend sensibley priced bags and where i can get them from. Many thanks Chris
  6. I have had 2 Christmas parties cancel due to going bump! and 2 bookings in November - i have been undercut - i quoted £150 and they have cancelled me so looks like i will be stopping in! But it's the old thing if someone else wishes to work for less - then let them! Chris
  7. Hi all Picked up my Mackie SRM450's a couple of hours ago, got home and opened them up and the power leads supplied are the European 2 pin plug ones! Rang the shop up who said to either cut that off and wire a plug on or use another power lead - i am ok with using another power lead but unsure as to what fuse to have in it - can anyone off advice please? Many thanks and regards Chris
  8. Well basically i got the price of £699 off ebay and asked Digital Village do a PriceBeat (it states they will on their Website), so i tried my luck and eh presto they beat it by £14.00 - which basically has paid towards the new leads. I tried Sound Control in Birmingham who Price Match and they never even answered my query so i will not be taking my business there in the future. Chris
  9. Many thanks for the replys. Digital Village have done me a good deal on a pair of SRM450's - £685 and £6.00 for high coaxial leads with neutrik connectors. I collect them on Saturday and will be using them Saturday night so i feel like a kid in a sweetshop at the moment, just got to get use to not having to set amps up! I will be looking to get an active sub next so any advice would be gratly welcomed Thanks Chris
  10. Strange one for me this December - only got 3 corporates booked upto now. Funny isn't it, i can remember upto a couple of years ago you would do a booking in December and they would automaticaly book you for the next year. I know of 3 regular Christmas bookings that i used to do - they are all going the Robin Hood for some good old live music. Many of the hotels around here are pricing themselves out of bookings too - that is my opinion. THanks Chris
  11. Hi Guys/Girls I am finally going active and have been trawling the net for Mackie SRM450's and came across these speakers - Tapco Thump Actives. Does anyone on here have any information on them - or own a pair who can give their comments? Many thanks Chris
  12. Many thanks to al, had a play around with the EQ, so used to using my Beyer Mic and was not expecting to have to mess around with the EQ that much - sounds fine now. Thanks Chris
  13. I brought a second hand in brilliant condition Audio-Technica UHF- Professional True Diversity Wireless system (series 1400 vocal) this week - went to use it last night and it sounded tinny - i can see on the back there is a squelch screw i think!!!!!! will this get rid of the tinny noise if i move it around or is it a normal thing with these mics? Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Chris
  14. Hi all A little advice please, i purchased a brand new Kam Kobrascan from Ebay last week - it was from a DJ Store on there. I received the light Friday, went to use it Saturday and only 1 of the 2 heads was working, i paid by Paypal and emailed the company yesterday and have not received a reply from them. So i just wanted a little advice please on how to go around this situation. Many thanks Chris
  15. Hi Guys/Girls I have not been on for some months, but i am a bit of a closet Northern Soul, it still appears to be a guaranteed floor filler here in the Midlands, the one club i do hold a Northern Soul Night every couple of months and it is always a sell out, also we ave just lost one of our DJ's off Smooth Radio (Mike Hollis) listening to his show which i stated on here months ago was always a good educational tool for people, he defined the differnce between Northern Soul and Motown etc. Also i think that is why a couple of years back now that Kentuck Fried Chicken (KFC) were using
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