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    No they are not Steve Mitchells - i have looked at them but not after Subs.
  2. Many thanks for all the replies. I have decided to bite the bullet and invest in a pair i think!!! There is a pair on Ebay at the moment starting price of £500 or Buy it Now for £600, i am in a quandrey, do i buy second hand even though the guy says they are in brilliant condition and bid for them at £500 and hope i get them or just bid the £600 or pay £150 more and buy brand new - would you buy second hand? THanks CHris
  3. Mr P

    Mackie Srm450

    My friend has just brought a pair of the MAckie SRM 450's, i do not know much about Mackies as i only use Peavey and JBL - so what is the verdict on the Mackie SRM 450's, my friend has paid £750 for the pair including bags from Sound Control in Birmingham, but i am concerned with the old thing, what if the amp inside them pack up, at least with a seperate Amp you could always have a mess about to get the gig finished. Are there any other speakers i should be looking at on the market that can deliver like these? Thanks as always Chris
  4. here here! same here as with Reverand Funk. Mind if i could up my prices i would then, i would DJ full time and pack in my NHS job.
  5. Mary does not want me! I have just won the Lottery sweepstakes again, this is the 3rd time now since 1st March - i must be the most luckiest bloke in the world, just a pity Camlot cannot draw my exact numbers out!
  6. Mr P

    The Music Game

    Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
  7. yes that is the one - it looks pretty good!
  8. Mr P

    The Music Game

    Kids from Fame - High Fidelity
  9. Just been having a nose on Ebay and came across the CHAUVET VUE VI - it is LED and looks quite impressive. Have any of you guys/girls seen one or brought one? Many thanks Chris
  10. Hi Guys/Girls Worked last night and it was my best gig in over 5 years. Worked with a Group covering 1960's. Talking to the group after i had set up and they informed me that their Gig last week was terrible as the lead singer had flu and he lost his voice towards the end of the night. He came over to me telling me this and said we will be short and swift tonight. Well throughout their first set he was struggling and kept drinking water in between tracks. End of the first half and i took over, well i put on the rock 'n' roll as usual and the floor just filled over 100 people on the
  11. If anyone is interested and not heard, Saturdays evenings from 5pm on Smooth Radio, the DJ on there Mike Hollis plays around 3 hours of these cracking tracks - i always listen on the way to gigs and the tunes he plays are sooooo good. Thanks Chris
  12. I am doing quite well, got about 4 Saturdays free now over the 5 months and every Friday in September which is quite unusual, but i decided to try my luck last Thrusday, the phone was ringing away and when i answered they gave me the information and asked how much - 50th b'day - local hotel, set up for 7pm and play through till 1pm, so i quoted £200, the reply was that is quite good, can i ring back in a couple of minutes just go to talk to hubby!" guess what - still not called back. SO i still cannot see where people in the West Midlands are willing to pay over £200 for a DJ, i
  13. Hi Guys/Girls Following on form my Studio 54 thread - thanks to all contributors got a brilliant insight and tracks listed that i had never heard of! My new thread is What is the Best 70's/80's Disco Track - in you're opinion? Got to say i have to pick from either - Oddysey - Inside Out or Native New Yorker SO i would be interested in other DJ's choices Thanks Chris
  14. I do not need convincing - i know that people will pay more. But the thing is with Hotels around here they tend to use agents, i know this for sure as one of them advertises on the pages on this very site. But it is trying to cut out these middle men that is the hard part of it. I do get some people who book venues and as soon as they are told the price of the Entertainment they tend to say i will get my own DJ - where in the past they have called me and i have quoted say £150 they say yes please, by the way that is cheap the hotel wanted this much. So i am not trying to make excuses a
  15. As mentioned before - in anideal world this sounds all well and good but people in the West Midlands will not pay this for a party in a Social Club. A couple of years ago i did some Agency work at the Barrons Court Hotel - near Brownhills. I was quoted by the Agent £100 pay, got talking to the Bride and Groom later and they told me that the Hotel had charged them £200 for the DJ, so it was either the Agent or the Hotel who were pocketing the other £100. My point being parties now at hotels people will pay those sorts of prices but quote that for you're normal gig and they don't want to
  16. Hi Guys/Girls What are we officially allowed to use now. i have not used a smoke machine for a good few years now. Been to a couple of places and they have asked me not to use a smoke machine - which as not been a problem. But i now want to invest and do not which direction to go. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Many thanks Chris
  17. So the Miracled is out of the question, any ideas of an ideal Centrepiece that i can buy that will go well with the Impossibled's. Preferably LED. Many thanks Chris
  18. Mr P

    Cheesey Music

    Cheers for that mate. I am presuming that it was post Alan BArton/COlin Rooth days of Black LAce. I will Google it now and see what i can come up with. Many thanks Chris
  19. Mr P

    Cheesey Music

    Can anyone please help me, i have got a Mentally Handicapped party booked for next week, i have had an unusual request....... The request being 'The Mimic Man' Does anyone know who sung this apparently it is a fair few years old now but i have come up against a brick wall, the guy said Black LAce but i have a couple of their albums and this particular track is not on there. As usual any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Chris
  20. Hi folks Have any of you guys/gals seen these lights or brought any, i now have my ImpossibLED's and looking for a centrepiece and have seen these on the Prolight website, they look impressive, would just appreciate you're opinions please. Many thanks Chris
  21. Following UK Hero, i have had no problems with this, usually the bands are there setting up as i get there, by the time they have finished i am set up with background music playing, then i just tell anyone present that the band wish to do a sound check, and usually as they finish their set i start playing and they can dismatle and as the lights are down people are usually dancing etc and the band can do as they please - umnlike when i met UK Hero whoby the time the band had packed their gear away poor UK Hero was still winding his leads up - it is these guys i feel sorry for the sound guys who
  22. Can i add my 2 pence worth? I think i must be quite lucky, most of my work is working with Bands (this is how i met UK Hero) and i have not had problems with any of them, i have had the pleasure of working with mature musicians and younger musicians, and the only problems i have come across is some do not give out a playlist. This has happened a couple of times now and on the other ocaassions where this has happened i have gone over at the end and apologised and been told 'don't worry mate - it is good for us to hear the original' But has i say i have had no problems and this is wor
  23. Seen them in DJ Heaven - but not overly keen, they are pretty much like the Penguin that they replaced that was if i remmber right they had a 50 watt bulb in them and put out the pattern of the element of the bulb. I brought 2 Acme littLED 2 weeks ago, but now my ImpossibLED's have come i am getting rid of them, i just feel with the Impossibled's any other of the smaller LED range lights just do not look right. I am however selling the 2 LittLED's and buying a Acme MiracLED for the middle - it has 4 lenses, and having viewed it on the Prolight website it looks pretty good.
  24. Many thanks guys for you're input - it is what makes this site what it is. Still wish i could click my fingers and go back in time. Oh got a few tracks: Musique - Push Push in the Bush Rose Royce - Is It Love You're after Patrice Rushton - Forget Me Nots Cheers Chris
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