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  1. Well being a Liverpool fan for me it is usually Gerry and the Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone! 5 times, 5 times, 5 times, 5 times, 5 times European Champions!!! Mr P (Chris)
  2. I brought the C-Mark 1350 - i think! I paid £179.00 in May 2006 and sold it on ebay in March for £95.00 after giving it 10 months of abuse - it held up well with my Hisys 2's but i felt it lacked that little extra - so that is when i brought a new Peavey amp. I had the Warrior before that and i thought it was a pile of pants you only had to turn up your master and the peak lights would start flashing - but overall the C-Mark was a trusty servant. Mr P (Chris)
  3. Mr P

    Black Lace

    I carry Black Lace - has others have said they come in useful at parties. Funnily enough i got asked a couple of weeks ago for 'Gang Bang' which i did have on minidisc somewhere I will always kep a few of their songs though just in case i need a few more cheesey tracks Mr P (Chris)
  4. Hi Jayboy Welcome to the forum - the guys and girls on here will help no end. Where abouts are you located mate - i will pop round has i am only in West Bromwich Mr P (Chris)
  5. Hi Guys/Girls Firstly welcome back DJ United Right i have just copied all of the tracks from my laptop to an external hard dirve - i have encountered 2 problems. First of all i tried to do a search on the external hard drive but a message popped up saying that the tracks were not formatted. Secondly i use E-Jay DJ as the package on my Laptop, whilst trying to do a track search the song/artist was displaying but when i clicked on it to play it read 'Impossible to open file' and also when i returned to the main screen the artis and song title were coming up together and not the
  6. Hi I have just bid and won 4 Martin Robocolor's and DMX Controller on Ebay - the problem is they are in Rochester. Do any of you guys/girls know or recommend a Parcel Collection COmpany or Courier who can pick these up at a Reasonable rate, where i am in West Bromwich to Rochester i am looking at probably a round trip of 300 miles which i cannot do has i have recently had a knee op and cannot drive that far. I would appreciate any advice or recommendations. Many thanks and regards Mr P (Chris)
  7. I emailed Prolight last Thursday and they replied telling me that the Dynatwin 250 will not be with them until the end of June, and it should roll out for July. They could not give a recommended retail price so i have got to wait as i am interested in getting 1 maybe 2 of them, have seen the 100's and considering getting 2 of them, but waiting for the buyer of my Martin's to produce some cash. The sheapest i have seen so far on the net for the 100's is £135.00 plus postage... I only looked into the Acme Dynatwins following a feed here on DJ United last week - thanks guys! R
  8. Call me boring, but i am currently listening to The Travelling Wilburys CD that has just come out - i like it has it is not the type of music i play at gigs, previous to that when coming back on a Saturday night/Sunday morning - it is Heart FM has they play all dance tracks, this is 70's, 80's and 90's dance. Don't think much of the 90's stuff but the 70's and 80's are spot on. Thanks Mr P (Chris)
  9. Hi Norton was already installed on my laptop when i purchased it, i deleted it immediately, went with McAfee but got rid of that after a month and i am now with Avast - which i cannot fault. Cheers Mr P (Chris)
  10. Welcome I am fairly new to this site and look forward to any advice that you can offer us all. Mr P (Chris)
  11. Hi I do not think hiring speakers is the way to start, you can get some cracking speakers if you shoparound - try to avoid second hand on ebay, from shop sellers should be ok if they are new - at least youknow they have not been blasted. By the time you have paid the costs for hiring speakers you are not going to be walking away from your first few gigs with a light pocket, if it were me starting out again i would certainly buy them new plus you will also get warranty with them. The guys on here will certainly guide you around, but i would certainly sit down and think about th
  12. Hi Kaz Many thanks for the advice you added onto the forum for one of my questions last week. x I have had similar situations, but building on that i would not let the guilt trip affect the price you have quoted, you have got to think about the ongoing costs each time you get into your car, set the gear up switch on the power, the price of bulbs for lights, wear and tear on your eqpt, prices of music etc... Obviously it is your decision at the end of the day it is your decision but i know what i would do, if they looked elsewhere for a DJ what are they gonna get quoted - obvious
  13. It is new to me, but i have also signed it. Mr P (Chris)
  14. Mr P

    New Licence Law?

    Well, if this were to be the case, what about all of the venues that have paid all of this extra money out with the new licensing laws. Was discussing this with the Entertainment Secretary at one of the Clubs i work at and he was telling me how much it had cost them with regards to keeping the bar open longer. I agree with what someone else has said in their replies, basically to eliminate any noise by the time you had set up at a venue you would have to start packing up after a couple of hours. Mind you it is another string in the bow for the powers that be to blame the DJ for noise
  15. Hi Guys/Girls What type of Microphone do you use, is it a top spec Radio mic or a bulk standard plug in. I was gigging last weekend and developed a problem with my Audio Technica Radio Mic, so i unzipped my old faithful Beyerdynamic corded mic that has been with me for 10 years - and when i plugged her in she sounded has good as the first day i brought her. So now i am in a dilemma, do i buy a new Radio Mic or do i go out looking unprofessional with my Beyerdynamic that has a little bit of gaffa tape holding her together!!!! - not i really mean do i buy a new Beyerdynamic corded.
  16. Hi there I am sure most of the guys/girls on here will put you in the right direction, but with regards to a smoke machine - most of the venues that i work at do not allow you to use smoke machines or fog machines because of smoke detectors that are fitted. Thanks Mr P (Chris)
  17. can i try the next one? Viola Wills/Get Along Without You Now 'ah ah uh uh gonna get along without you now'
  18. like a record baby right round, round round!
  19. Hi Many thanks to all of you guys who replied. Been to Maplins and sorted out a ground loop isolator. Once again many thanks Chris
  20. Hi I was reading one of the forums yesterday and i noticed that a Proclight Acme 250 Dynatwin Disco Light was recommended. Have any of you guys/girls got any of these lights and would you recommend them. I currently use Martins and am looking for something different and when i saw this light yesterday on the link i was very impressed, also if anyone has any of these lights where would you recommend me purchasing from, i have been to various sites and some there is upto a £30.00 price difference. Many thanks, i would appreciate any feedback/advice. Mr P (Chris) :joe:
  21. Hi Can any of you guys help me out please. I have been asked for a track to play at a forthcoming event, i have done various checks on the web etc but i cannot seem to find the track listed anywhere. It is an old track and please excuse the spelling if it is wrong, this is how the guy spelt it out to me. Track- Chuck Cissell / Sizzlin Hot Many thanks and i would appreciate any advice offered. Mr P (Chris) Another Liverpool Fan!!! :joe:
  22. Got to be - 'I Used to be a DJ' !!!!! Makes me think well why ain't you still a DJ! Mr P
  23. Hi Please be gentle with me? I currently use a Behringer UCA202 USB Mixer interface to connect my laptop to my mixer. I have only had it for a few weeks. The last twice i have used it i have noticed as soon as i plug the USB into the port on my laptop, i get a quiet humming through my sound system. My friend also brought a Behringer - he recommended it to me - but he does not have this problem, is it my Laptop or a fault with the Behringer. Can anyone recommend any other product that is tried and tested. Many thanks Mr P (Chris)
  24. Well looking back now it should of been more like £100 - that is judging on DJ fees now, i feel that i am not charging enough now, but some people in our area gasp when you say £100 - so i shall bereviewing my fees in the next week or so. Thanks Mr P
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