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    i still play football and keep myself fit. need to DJ as i have three children under 5 and need xtra income. I do enjoy a good gig particuarlly an 80's night
  1. I have a pair of the above lights with one spare bulb in a wooden box and an MC 1 controller. The lights have some cracks on 5 mirrors but they work fine and the bulbs in just now have only a few hours use. If u want to get mirror stips these are easily obtainable on E Bay. Looking for £230 for the lot not including postage from Scotland. I have them adverised elswhere and im not willing to split as many people want the controller whic i know are difficult to get these days.
  2. looking for dds 80 , decent mixer all flightcased. Will pay via most methods.
  3. i'm looking for some help here on my sound reproduction. Curently i use a laptop VDJ , yamaha mixer and active speakers, I am thinking of buying a hard drive controller but which one and what else do I need, EG Denon hd 2500, or some of the Numark gear such as the hardmix although that seems a bit expensive. So what would be the best for me and what else would i need. I am saving money now so it would be good to get a ball park figure. Hopefully i am making sense here. CHEERS
  4. have just downloaded trial of VDJ with karaoke, can't for the life of me work out how to add playlists from my hard drive and can you use both DJ and karaoke at the same time? Thanks one thick DJ
  5. does anyone have experience of the above, looked at the videos and i am impressed but has anyone purchased any of these laser who can give me some feedback.
  6. i tend to say i hope you will be up on the dancefloor when i play it. no problem with ub40 but again the time needs to be right i often play a short reggae set and possibly throw in family affair as well.
  7. can anyone give me advice on the following, I have just had a new screen fitted to my Laptop and had Vista taken of and XP installed as an oprating system. i use mimic audition 2 as karaoke software. so my first gig was on saturday using this equipment. All seemed to go ok , sound good, atmosphere good and then i noticed the words on the screen were not in sinc with the music. I have had this prob in the past and rectified it simply but i cannot remember what i did. Any assistance would be welcome. Keith
  8. Recently I had posted about laptops I was having problems with. One was a relativley new one so i decided to get it fixed ( It had a broken screen) the cost was £150 fitted. So the laptop was £400 1 year ago so i thought I was justified. So I can go back to using my laptop instead of my work one which if broken would have resulted in problems at my day job. I have been looking at the Cortex HDC 1000 and the Cortex DMIX 300 which can be had for under £300 when doing a google search. Would these replace my laptop and could I use my hard drive and mix with either of these machines. One
  9. not having much luck with laptops. I have an HP which has a cracked screen so i bought another from a job lot a few months back it is a Fujitsu. So the second laptop developed a fault as well. The charger did not seem to be working si i took it into my local PC shop. They ordered me a new charger but it turns out it is not that and they will not refund me for the charger as they say it was my diagnosis of that fault. They gave me another number and said it would need a full strip down job and they do not do that. So what do i do here do i get a new screen for the first laptop ( does anyo
  10. ok i usually do a set consisting of shang a lang, real gone kid by deacon blue or dignity, 500 miles proclaimers, always leave runrig to the end.
  11. hoppefully, i am in the right forum, the wife has just got a karaoke in a chinese restuaraunt using their gear she only has to bring a laptop. so there is a video jack cable beside the equipment unforunately our laptop only has a VGA connector. Is there a connector where the VGA lead goes from the computer and then connecrts to the video lead which is linked to the four televisions. My knowledge tells me know but the manager in the establishment says there is. Anyone help here hopefully i've explained right.
  12. i'm having a go with the above karaoke software it seems easy to use but when i try to load my karaoke folder from hard drive it dosn't load all of the songs. why is this?
  13. two tone was a record label from the late 70's that included groups such as the beat, madness, specials, selecter, there was an element of ska in their music and many of the 60's jamacian ska stars were in these groups. ska originatedcin the 60's and was the beginnings of reggae it included harry j and the all stars, prince buster and songs like skinhead moonstomp, 007,liquidator etc. It did have a big skinhead following in the UK (so get you boots on your feet and give me some of that old moonstomping). keith
  14. i tried to connect my fujitsu siemens laptop to my tv via a vga cable ( does not have s-video) nothing happened and the venue i do karaoke in has just installed a big screen and the landlord is bound to want me to connect up to the big sreen. My oth er laptop hooks up fine using the same cable only this is run by vista and i cannot get a karaoke programme to run on it. So my other is ran by XP but shows nothing on the TV. what are my options? will the gadget from Maplins answer my problem? thanks
  15. does the kam cluster show the beams with smoke.
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