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  1. Hi the system shown will do very small gigs and kids parties its really designed for small presentations but you will find that it will be very limited and struggle to give adequate sound levels in a noisy busy pub due to sound absorbtion problems advice get the speakers up high on the stands so that they are above the heads of your audience therefore less body mass to absorb the sound try it and see the difference :wall: good luck
  2. Hi no overheating problems as of yet and my last marquee gig was so hot the tie and jacket only lasted for the first hour or so
  3. David M

    Fireworks Music

    Hi Mark, i have done fireworks to music for about 18 years and find that jean michel jarre oxygen goes down well plus phill collins in the air tonight, pink floyd tracks from darkside of the moon, axel f from beverly hills cops, darude sandstorm, faithless insomnia, plus a track called popcorn, hope these help a little david
  4. Hi all, After a number of years as a solo dj with no roadie lugging heavy speakers and Subs up and down stairs to gigs and lifting active and passive 15 inch speakers on to stands my shoulder finally gave out and i cant lift with it, and am due for surgery at the end of this month and will be unable to lift anything for about 3 to 6 months, bang goes all that xmas and new year work .I now need to reduce the weight that i lift on to the stands. my wife comes with me to most of my gigs and suggested that i use smaller speakers after explaining that it was all about the ammount of air you sh
  5. i personally believe that i charge by the evening so 4 or 5 hours, wedding or birthday the cost is the same as the disco is very similar, i find it hard to understand why any one should charge more for a wedding than a birthday, a disco is as good as the dj and a party is a party! would you pay more for petrol to fill your car just because you are getting married on that day ????? i know that i wouldnt so why should my customer pay a premium because they are getting married, i know from experience that i have had customers for thier 18th ,21st and wedding because i charge the same ra
  6. 2010 was looking good last december following 35 gigs at the same hotel, and in the middle of a 22 night + 4 kids and santa paties run at the new hotel, and following nothing more than an excellent run of gigs with only the odd few quibbles with customers wanting innapropriate music ( either explicit lyrics or heavy metal) the events manager had discussed the next years bookings and agreed a small increase in payment for each booking thtoughout the year, a total of 48 bookings, for the year, So the generous side of me came out and offered a free gig for the staff party, this then went ah
  7. hi, it is sql based i have emailed my son to provide me with more info to post, david
  8. Hi would it be possible for you to give me some feedback on a new Dj disco booking system that my son is writing a program for his university degree, he needs potential client feedback and comments for his research section, at present it is in the development stage and will be available towards the end of the year, it will put entries in a database either on a website or on your computer for any bookings and then generate a contract for you, you will then be able to access the data to follow up the bookings an add information such as music requests and any other special requests,
  9. Hi, I had a wedding in Bethnall green in the east end of london earlier in the year, Pukka east enders, even a pearly king and queen in the guest list, everything was going well with loads of chas and dave and cheesy action songs ( yes i know it's awfull music ), i was due to finish at 2 am, but at about 11.45pm a massive fight kicked off ( right in the middle of mc hammer cant touch this by coincidence) apparently someone called the bride a fat edit or something like that, in her size 28 wedding dress and a few months pregnant, she was actually a realy nice lady and made shure tha
  10. thanks Jim, as i said if as you suggest, we are earthlings would that portray an image of young little things, like ducklings does ? or could they possibly be invading aliens from the planet Duck ? because the ones that i have seen hanging in windows in china town in london do look rather alien ! :hide:
  11. I an not worried about what we call aliens on ur anus or pluto, but what we would be called as we are from planet Earth, are we earthians, earthists, or earthies, which ever thet dont sound as good as Martians so in the names stake they have it sewn up
  12. an interesting name for a bedroom dj living near the local police station, i havent been able to find his name listed on any of the dj websites yet so i can only think that the press have done what they do best and branded the profession as antisocial noisy neighbours from hell, due to the actions of a wannabe with a powerful stereo.
  13. I have had a mixer fail and go into a feedback loop on 1 channel creating a very loud buzz, i just pulled the channel and went directly to the powered speaker that i use using a phono coupler and carried on also had a powered speaker amp fail i left it playing while i got the spare out and it didnt even get noticed, just lucky i guess so far!
  14. it must be alzhiemers :aa so dont forget even those fortunate to last in to their diamond wedding and beyond will have most probably had children, grand children,and great grand children, so yes even at diamond weddings, as they are family affairs. :wheelchair: hows the vera lynn and glen miller collection doing, those 78's must be well made to last this long! but those gramaphone needles must be like hens teeth. tongue out icon
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