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  1. That's what I've done and I am happy with the sound, my concern is the sub may have a fault as there seems to be too much current going into the amp even at the 8 o'clock mark the limiter light came on a couple of times! I was nowhere near peaking on the mixer either.
  2. Alternatively lie the speaker on its side, and slide the speaker stand in, then you can share the weight of the speaker with the speaker stand as you lift.
  3. Coming from someone who hates LED fixtures..... What about a pair of Datamoons? Ok so they're getting on a bit now but they're still bright, can work sound to light, linked, dmx'd or with the hand controller plus you can get 2 in a flight case with dmx cable and controller for just over £200.
  4. I have to agree with Fester, extended mixes, remixes etc are great for learning to mix, however you will find getting most tracks that people are used to listening to on the radio and their now albums are different than the extended mixes and don't go down very well. If your planning on doing partys, weddings etc I'd stick to standard radio edits, 99% of the time your not gong to be beat matching anyway as bpms are all over the show and you will constantly have strange fast or slow sounding tracks. Good luck!
  5. Hi All, We've recently purchased a RCF active Pa (2x 312 tops and a 705as sub) We've always used passive systems with built in crossovers so havent had to worry about cross over frequenices and levels. My question to you is what frequency should I cross the sub over at, 80 or 120? Also where should we set the volume pot at on the subs and on the tops? My reason for these questions is I used the PA for the first time properly on Saturday and the sub level was set at the very first notch so it didn't clip, does this sound like a fault or are the levels on the mixer set too hi
  6. Im finally selling my much loved Adlib rig! 2 x 15" AA151 400w tops 2 x 15" AA15HL-600 600w subs All in great condition and never driven too hard (just no need to as they are amazing) The only reason I'm selling us due to size and weight, they are professional units used on tour with the likes of the script, scissor sisters, Texas not to mention some of the biggest festivals!! If your not sure who Adlib are give them a google and have a look! The Pa is currently on eBay - item number 290767258582 Any questions feel free to call me on 07580382439.
  7. Hi all!! Long time since I've been on here so I appologise! I've got a question that I'm struggling to find an answer for and I'm hoping someone on here can help. I've just upgraded my PA with 2 x 600W at 8 Ohm subs with built in crossovers (Passive), I want my amp to go straight into these then out into the tops (2x 400W at 8 Ohms). I understand this will change the resistance from 8 Ohms to 4 Ohms but what I need to know is what size amp (@ 4 Ohms) do I need? My current amp is rated at 550W per channel at 4 Ohm so I assume this is underpowered? I looked round the
  8. Fair doos: Speakers: Adlib Audio AA151 60hz - 18khz, 98db, 400 watt, 8 ohm Sub: McGregor PW215/1200 1200 watt (4ohm load) or 2-way crossover(8ohm load) Amp: QSC 1850HD although I realise I may need a second or or a more powerful amp. Many thanks Lee
  9. Hello all, Sorry long time since I've been on here! I'm after some advice, I've got the chance to buy a 15" sub fairly cheap but I'm not sure if you can wire 2 tops to 1 sub? Will this damage the amp? Many thanks Lee
  10. Thanks although I've no idea how you worked that out, that may as well have been written in chinese to me
  11. In a moment of madness whilst packing away on Sunday Ive managed to mix all my kettle leads up and now I'm not sure what goes with what So I've got a QSC amp (1850HD) is that a 13amp? 10amp? 5amp? I've looked on the net and in the manual an it doesn't seem to say. Don't want to use the wrong lead and damage anything. Also got 2 acme dynamos and not sure what leads go with them :stu: Any help is appreciated as always :dukesy:
  12. What nobody likes it?? Ha it is awful I completly agree!
  13. Anyone heard this yet :funjokeandlaugh: Peter Dickson gets everywhere!!!!
  14. I've never done this before, maybe I should? I'm just not sure if I was in the guests shoes maybe sitting with family and friends that i may not have seen for a while and the DJ comes over and starts asking us questions I don't know if I'd be happy or not.
  15. Nope I was told on the night, "its that one by Lionel an the other woman, you know the love one" Yes thankfully I do know that one.
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