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  1. I would highly recommend the equiox polaris just got one at weekend, 270mw green and purple laser for £200 brand new with free delivery
  2. i have a wedding coming up, thank goodness i have a meeting with bride before hand as i have recieved a list of songs they want played, some are ok, but think that faitless - god is a dj and dizzee's bonkers might not suit the more mature guests below is some of the requests Heres the List Of Songs I Would like Played I Will Also Take A Copy To The Meeting. 1. Blondie - Call Me 2. David Guetta Feat Fergie - Getting Over You 3. Lady Gaga - Poker Face , Love Game , Paparazzi 4. Eminem - Love The Way You Lie & Not Afaraid 5. The Beach Boys - Wouldnt It Be Nice 6. K
  3. hi folks just got myself a new laser at the weekend, the equinox polaris , twin output 270mw green and purple. having had purely green lasers in the past, i was recently working at a club which has purchased the polaris, as soon as i had switched it on the purple beam caught my eye and i thought i want one. So after researching price and tech info managed to get one at a gd price from atmosphere sound and light in aberdeen. If anyone is looking into purchasing a laser, for a budget price, of £200 this laser is def worth the money, it comes with good stong build quality, full dmx, la
  4. Hi when i first started out i did the business card and flyers, sent then to local, hotel, pubs, private clubs, schools, etc i must admit it took a while to pick up sme work as people had never heard of me before and by using existing discos they new what they were getting without taking a risk over somebody new, you mite find it slow building up gigs in first year but it will come
  5. for sale ledj deck stand starcloth to fit 4ft deck stand, please note this is the star cloth only and not the controller, my original controller stopped working and bought a new cloth and controller, so i have a spare cloth for sale any good offer considered, good condition all leds work, no rips on cloth
  6. still trying to shift gear i no longer use 1 numark dimension 4 power amp housed in citronic flight case (both less than year old) hardly used 2 15" bass bins, peavey cabs loaded with eminence 2 dual 15 tapco full range loudspeakers 2 acme falcons 4 led par 56 cans, 2 skytec 2 stairville 2 acme genesis moving heads i am not posting prices, will accept any decent offer
  7. thanks never thought of searching for songs with pyramids etc
  8. hey folks need sme help, got a booking last nite for a person who is leaving the uk to move to eqypt, they want egyptian themed / related music as well as the normal party music. so far i can only think of bangles - walk like an egyptian space cowboys - my egyptian lover jonathan richman - egyptian reggae suggestion please :)
  9. hi, I have a prolight 4ft deck stand with star cloth, i was suprised at how much lights it takes, the most i have had on it is 2 moving heads, 4 acme falcons, 2 impossibleds, 1 laser and 2 par cans, and i could have still got a couple small lights added at the end, they dont come standard with shelfs, just use mdf pannels and bolt them throught the rails, i have also placed amps on bottom shelf personally feel this balances the weight a bit, build quailty is good for the price
  10. as new numark dimension 4 complete with flight case, less than year old very limited use £250 ono
  11. Hi i was using a 4 ft stand at weekend with sub under the bottom shelf it fitted in perfectly and sounded great behing the star cloth, like yourself i also use mackie tops, the sub i use is a yamaha msr800 watt powered unit, it is a 15 inch unit but the cab is compact for being powered
  12. proclaimers - 500 miles u cant forget this one or how bout footloose or tiger feet
  13. have to agree with scotty, u havnt seen snow yet, i was out last friday nite finnished 3am an took 2 hours 2 do 60 mile journey, with snow and freezing fog the car was reading minus 9
  14. DMX master 1 for sale, as new in box, never been used on the road, tried to programme it once and gave up, so time it deserves a good home where someone can get use of it. £50 ono
  15. i usually go for meatloaf paradise by the dashboard light or a 60's mix
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