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  1. Hi Has anyone used the JBL EON G" powered subs? Any feedback welcome good or bad?
  2. Hi , anyone know how many rack U the Numark D2 is please?
  3. Here's a question I know spinner will know the answer to, how many rack U's is the Numark D2 section? Does the Cortex have to have Fat 32 formatting? Someone may know the answer, I have a seagate external 1tgb cased hardrive which works with MP3 playback on my home pc, however sometimes it seems to stop and think about it, making click click noises while it does it, if it does then the music stops for a second and then restarts, not what you would want when playing to a drunk audiance! Any idea whats happening or why, can it be stopped ?
  4. 25th June A Level Party in Shaftesbury.. so its to cater for 18/19 yr olds and I think its a girls school...lol It will be working alongside a band Contact me if interested and i will put you through to the Band guy.
  5. Thanks Guys, sounded better falt than cut, sorted! :thanks:
  6. I just go on the BBC Radio 1 wed site and print off the printable version of the top 40 single Chart( not dance one) Then make sure I am bang upto date each week with normal radio edits if possible.
  7. Thanks for answer, They are JBL Eon 515's with Boost, flat and cut Eq settings pevey pro 15" sub with low pass filter as above
  8. On my Sub is low pass filter with dial for 50hz to 120hz On my tops is the option to EQ to cut which is suggested in the user's guide for use with subs, however they also say not to use it with a high pass filter on a sub as you get a poor crossover match. Sould I use the eq cut setting with the low pass filter? Or should it be set flat?
  9. Makes no differance at all, I have one of each and both sites work well in seaches. co.uk is far cheaper to buy.
  10. Very pleased with my JBL Eon 515's nice sound and light, my old Mackies were 23kg 12 inch and these are 15 inch at 14.3kg each! They also have extra inputs on the back which my Mackies did not. This means I can very easily have a second mixer in place as back up, or one working with the sub and one without, flexable set up. Oh and I got them for £800 the pair (normally about £1200)! Bargin. A guitarist was selling them , one year old and hardly used, mint condition. Took a gamble and it paid off this time! :Thumbup:
  11. HI David Used the Peavey sub last night, in fact did a gig without it on Friday and one with it on Saturday, Takes a bit of getting used to It fitted nicey under the rig in the centre and I too had it at 9pm on the level setting. Don't really understnd the crossover dial and the manual is no help at all. It seemed to work fully around at 180hz My new JBL Eon 515's are very nice and have a cut setting for using with the sub. SO LIGHT only 14.3kg. and the guys are right not as harsh a sound as the Mackies. :pro:
  12. Finally picked one up from a singer who was retiring, £200, one year old and like new!
  13. HI Oliver, glad it went well, I had a great evening at The Queens Arms in Corton Denham. Nice croud of people and a 1920's theme, Although the Landlord asked me to come up through the decades to now after 12.30pm. Must agree, you do feel a little left out at Midnight, all the family at home and you working, but that's why we charge more right! Happy New year
  14. Having returned the Mackie subwoofer which I bought just before Christmas and bought a Peavey one I find my self the proud owner of a Connie's Custom Cover for a Mackie 1801 subwoofer and two SRM450 covers as well. I have them for sale on e-bay this week, .Covers for sale I'm also selling the speakers, which are 3.5 years old
  15. "Can you play my favourite song?"-long pause- while drunk brain attempts to remember the song.
  16. My cheap and cheerful speaker stands are about to part company with the even more cheap plastic bits on them, Anyone recomend a good stand with no plastic cheap bits- not too heavy mind.
  17. Extracting my cables from a pool of broken glass and beer then spending half the next morning cleaning them off (this morning in fact) Finding a scratch on one of my speakers which were like new until last night! Having the lighting guy ( really nice bloke) spill my large cup of coffee on the table but missing all the gear and plugs amasingly!
  18. No some kind of electrical pulse in time with the lights flashing, not in any way the signal from the mixer. You only got the sound out of the top cab 450 nothing out the sub. I did find the sub a bit heavy and big for my back lifting it as well. The bloke on the phone said oh er send it back and disconnect the 450 !
  19. I dropped my mirror ball out the back of the van today, onto ice, smashed like a egg. What one lighting effect do my New years people want at the 1920's evening, a mirror ball! That and a Mackie sub that does not work despite bein brand new, what a day!
  20. Mackie 1801 arrived this afternoon, boy are they heavy, Got it out the box, no manual with it. Went on line and read the connect up sequence. It does not work! Red and green lights flash and send a boom boom boom signal to the SRM450. Nothing out the sub. So now I have a useless sub for Christmas which is being picked up next wednesday and nowhere to store it in the house! Wifes pleased! Am I getting a replacement, no, refund and sod Mackie
  21. Bought on line from a shop in Poole, 1 hours drive from Yeovil I expected a quick next day (as promised) delivery despite snow. 2 days later It's coming from Birmingham, via Exeter dept and then back up to Yeovil! LOL, not to mention being made in China. Low Carbon footprint?
  22. connie on e-bay Connie Shultz in the USA makes custom covers with no zips which are padded, she sells on e-bay, i just got a set of covers for 2x Mache 450's and a sub. Nice people to deal with. see YouTube youtube
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