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  1. no way bro!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 more bigger discharge lamps, 20 1000w halogens. them hunnies soon be nearly nekkid and scarface will have one coooooooooooooool basement. :joe: :hide:
  3. rictic

    Time Warp

    must bring out the gender bender in all of us , i have seen big hard butch men camping it right up to time warp and sweet transvestite. hilarious
  4. [ Also.....while you are young - it can be hard not to try and burn the candle at both ends....so make sure you get your sleep and don't waste valuable shut eye posting in the early hours of the morning!!!!! Or you'll feel like an oil-rag when it comes to facing the daylight let alone anything else!!!! yes dad :bouncy:
  5. WALES? WALES!!!!??????? well that explains my liking for sheepskin coats, i'm a transvestite :bouncy:
  6. nice to see you young man, starting young i see, well done. you will get loads of advice here so keep looking in
  7. totally off topic, we were once the largest fairground in the south west of england. based in plymouth (plympton) until our yard got burnt down by the suffragettes in 1913 i think it was. there was a book written about us last year, hancocks of the west by stephen smith from the university of sheffield. there is still a phrase today in cornwall " done up like a sophie hancock" after my flambouyant ancestor. my cousin in currently vice chairman of the showmans guild and visits that way a lot as it is where we are all from. me - bristol dad - taunton rest of 'em we
  8. rictic


    cheers joe will go for a listen just had a listen, love it mate. never heard it all the way thru earlier. got a bit of a northern soul beat to it. 4 to the floor
  9. rictic


    heard the first few seconds of a new release by duffy on smooth fm earlier. missed the rest as i had to get out of the car. presenter said she was an amy winehouse style but more soulful i think he said. anyone heard it all and is it any good?
  10. dont buy one bro. just play a track in the time you take to change the disc. do you use a cdplayer for music b t w ? if you do use a double draw deck you can pause it as soon as the title begins to appear, as this lets the singer know their song is on next or just cue it up as you would a cd and let the screensaver run. personally i pause when the title shows. i play songs in between singers anyway, i dont rush them through all night long.
  11. yep soundlab 64.00 use it for punters who think a radio mic is cool. i use a sennheiser for myself as sound like a real singist thru it tongue out icon throw the vocals through a lexicon effects unit sounds great. i can adjust the vocal effects at the roll of a knob (phwarrr)
  12. lets all start anew and give phil what he has asked for. nothing ventured nothing gained. and it's possible we could all gain something.
  13. ok cs i keep seeing your siggy saying keep pasties cornish. now bro what is the correct way to spell pastie / pasty. and can you tell us the history of the real cornish pasty/ ie
  14. thought it was bit strange :wall: :ads:
  15. whos gotta pee down the garter? the dj? geez these yanks huh. :wall: and they can feed me as much cake as they want. as said i would initiate a serious dialogue re: the format and requirements as it might be totally alien to us. or even go onto an american dj forum for advice. there was an interview on here recently by steve ferino i think his name was. check out his interview and follow the info to his forum, he'll be the man to speak to i reckon. (gone to see if wifes garter smells of wee)
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