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  1. Hi guys & Gals Just some info need plz... I am currently in the porcess of ordering my NEW OOVJ, and cant wait However My Set-up is currently a 4ft deckstand with goalpost lighting on top my CD & Mixer is in a coffin case (placed on top shelf of stand) taking up most of the surface area on the top, my current laptop is then placed in the centre on a STANTON UBERSTAND I was wondering if there is a stand out there that can take the weight of the OOVJ system so I can work in the same way or if You can give me any recommendations as to what You use Man
  2. Hi Guys & Gals Had someone contact me today to cover there NYE party Gig is in the SW18 Area of London NYE 8pm - 2am Approx 200 People If U are free and can make it, PM me and I will send you all the details Regards Jay SkyDJ
  3. What a Let down, like a couple have said, Very little if nothing for us Mobile DJs Mainly Big rig & Stage stuff The only decent stuff I saw was OOVJ (Johnpaul Cheers) And the new Litestructure Consoles Apart from that a waste of time Why cant we have something Like BMP in the London Area......
  4. Hi Guys Just relisted on Ebay a good range of equipment http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=320526002875 I will be will willing to split but not until end of auction Although I will not sell ie, 1 of the 3 amps, or 1 of the 4 lights, these are a package Any serious offers will be accepted See ya on the other side Any questions please PM/email me Cheers
  5. hi there I have just taken delivery of a flightcase & lighting cases both from swanflight and I can say they are built very well the coffin now houses my new adj radius 3000 plus the 1400dsp mixer I had corner wheels and additional top carry handle on top and only cost 170 Inc delivery .. Well worth t money t only thing I would say is there are no holes on the outside to pull thru your plugs although t top 2u does house several holes very nice strong build
  6. FULL DJ / DISCO SYSTEM FOR SALE Ebay Details - Search - Full DJ/Disco System - Mixer-CD-Amps-Lights + More or my website has more & better images Links are below http://skydj.co.uk/html/skydj_-_items_for_sale.html Sorry (Hope I can list the above), Any questions please PM Me or email direct TOTAL PURCHASE IN ACCESS OF £2300.00 To Include all the following equipment Selling due to System Upgrades All equipment is of working order and in Very Good Clean Condition (Unless Stated) Purchases range from July 2007 - 2009 I Still have most of the Invoice - M
  7. Hi People.... It's been a while, (Posting), but always reading I need some help.. DMX Controller.. Can to control them to a specific area on the floor... ie. I had a gig and a couple of kids were playing (Drum & Guitar Set), they asked if I could direct my lighting (ie spot) on the them, I could'nt I was wondering if I purchased a DMX Controller (Acme DMX Operator Mk 2 - DMX Master) could I play with the Joystick thingy) and direct the lights to a cettain spot and leave them there. My current Lighting set-up are 4 x Acme 250w Dynarocks & 4 x Acme 100w Dynamo S
  8. Hi Guys A little help please Last nite went to set my rig up and found that one of my subs (Audio Intimidation 375) had no bass coming out of it, so i done some checks Replace cable, changing channels on Amp, put working sub in to the other channel where sub was not working (and that worked) so illimiated the Amp channel The speaker has blown Any suggestions, I have had the speaker about 2 years and has been great Cheers in advance Jay SKYDJ
  9. Guys n Gals Can anyone recommend some wireless microphone either 3 or 4 mics for which I can use with my Karaoke sysyem Every time I use the wired mics I am for ever untieing them and can get very fustrating and I keep replacing cables etc Not looking to spend load n loads maybe about £200-£250 What can you guys recommend Cheers in advance
  10. Hi Guys I am always looking for ways to ease my Karaoke set-up (hosted and Non-hosted) I have seen the above and looks interesting Has anyone used or played with one before and how would it rate Advise appreciated Jay
  11. Hi Guys Hopefully I can make this understandable I have a rather large wedding to do next week, and woz wondering if I could attach my powered speakers below 2 x 150 watt Powered LD Speakers to my existing set-up (numark 200FX mixer) running through 3 amps crossover and speakers What I am asking is Where to I plug in the Powered speakers!!!!! I have not tried this format before and do not want to plug anything in unless someone has tried this as I fear I could at worst blow my set-up Advise appreciate in advance Regards Jay
  12. Hi Guys Cheers for all your responses, I had a word with our teckie guys at the office, and they recommended just getting a new External SATA casing.... This I did..... And now I am back up and running So if any of the rest of us have this problem (not having a backup too), which I have now Just buy a External Casing and plug your old hard drive in It works Thanks again
  13. Hi Guys Can anyone give me some advise (urgently required) as I have 3 gigs this week and my Maxtor one touch external harddrive has just gone t&*ts up All I can add is that when i connect the drive (self poweered) to my usb post on laptop, the light illuminates but does not see the drive and no error messages comes up Any Suggestions I only got 2 days to get this resolved Cheers in advance
  14. Hi guys, Well its been a few months since my last english gig, been concentrating on the Bhangra (asian scene) lately, so a bit rusty/nervous possibly, i know until the 1st track is played Will I am still awaiting for a full playlist from the client but in brief they have asked for the following an eclectic mix of funk, soul, early 90s house together with plenty 80s cheese/90s britpop etc! Any advanced suggestions, although I have asked for the play list, average age at the party will be about 30-35, in a rugby club Cheers in advance Jay
  15. Hi Splosh Yeh - Correct Prolight - My Dynarock went aswell, although they are not cheap, but cheaper than a new light!!!! Good Luck Jay
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