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  1. I am a tad late to this thread but will add my thoughts on this company. I have bought two items from them in 2007 one was their DMX 40mW green laser and a barrel scanner. Both are great quality and are still working perfectly. I had no issues with the company both my separate orders were delivered promptly. It seems they no longer sell laser units, which is a shame!
  2. Hi all Just to let you know I decided to up my budget by quite abit and have bought a second hand Pioneer DJM600. I think I shall be happier with it in the long run especially with the BPM counter as i'm new to spinning vinyl and i'm sure i'm gonna need some guidence to start with. Also the onboard effects and sample bank I will make good use of until I can afford an external effects unit.. mmm Kaoss Pad 3 looks good good!
  3. Thanks for the many suggestions everyone. The Denon X-500 looks very nice and seems to get quite a high number of praises, will see if I can scout around for a second hand one.
  4. Am struggling finding mixers with effect return/send input and outputs that are 4 or 5 channel and not too expensive - I'm guessing that is where i'm going wrong though! The Behringer DJX700 has pretty much what I need but I keep hearing how poorly made it is, I don't like the idea of buying again later down the line. Behringer DDM4000 looked great to start with.. Checked out the rear photos, no effect return/send!? Crazy.. not sure why Behringer left that off when the cheaper and reportedly more poorly made DJX700 has it. So i'm not sure now, are there any other mixers that I
  5. thanks for that i'll check them out I've been told that Messenger UL15 are perhaps using the same driver and components but in a different case?
  6. Hi all, Last year I borrowed a pair of Peavey hisys 2 RX speakers http://www.smugmug.com/photos/295185170_iUbGw-L-0.jpg I was blown away by how loud they were and by how clear they were at high volume. These seem to be quite hard to track down though, I take it they are no longer in production? Are there other models that sound on par or better to the Hisys 2 RX in the same price bracket?
  7. Hiya Norty, Cheers for confirming that with the stairville strobe, do you like me find its pretty mental that it has been designed in that way?!.. I gotta say it is very very irratating that the stairville 1500 strobe behaves in this way, and kinda pointless! Being able to fire a single flash on command is what its all about. The way the strobe behaves makes it near impossible to get the strikes in perfect sync to the beat. Way its (kinda) working at the moment is like you said, I have to get the flash rate up quite high and quickly up and down the brightness. Its not perfect but it crude
  8. Quick update on things.. I went for an enttec open interface, got myself a strobe, laser, and a roller. I know the software is free and can't expect too much but.. blimey.. It is a headache. I don't wanna rub it into the faces of the programers as they are cleaver for what they have made but both DMXcontrol and freestyler are very under polished pieces of software that could def do with more love on the GUI side of things. Its like I know what I want to do, i have plently of time but the software is making it more than difficult. Doesn't help as well that both the programs arent fully in
  9. Thanks for all the useful info all! I had alook at Chamsys magic Q its abit of a beast lol.. too complicated for what I need I think and too manual. Def get what your saying that I won't have anytime for controlling lighting while DJ'ing, am after really sound to light with alot of control and flexibilty when needed. I have been reading alot about budget USB DMX interfaces and it really is abit of a minefield with what software is supported and various other little probs with certain interfaces and software. After alot of reading it comes down to Velleman K8062 or the Entec Open. My
  10. I was tempted by the Enttec Pro but see that DMXcontrol does not support it . A shame as after taking a look at both DMXcontrol and freestyler, I kinda perfer DMXcontrol. The audio/beat detection looks quite alot better and the general interface also looks more polished. Also has rather nice joystick and MIDI control options. Seems like people have been waiting a long time for DMX control to support to the Enttec Pro. What software do you use norty303?
  11. I see cheers for that all very helpful :) I've had a look at some of the free DMX software, looks pretty good! I will go down the route of using a USB to DMX interface card at some point. I use my computer for mixing so would work out well, also have a spare laptop that could be put to use. Just a matter of deciding on what interface to get, shame that they aren't all compatible with the software thats out there.
  12. Hi jeffwall, yeah I see what you mean about the hassle controllers might be, but id really like to get in there with the controls and get messy. I have the time and the patience ( I think ;) ) Could anyone recommend a decent roller or scanner for around 70-150quid don't mind ebay, just throw some models at me :). All that i'd like is for it to be dmx and halogen.
  13. Hi all, I'm new to DMX and lighting. I'm looking to buy a DMX controller, couple of LED par cans, a strobe and a scanner. http://images4.thomann.de/pics/prod/168962.jpg STAIRVILLE DMX-MASTER I This is the controller I was thinking about going for, is it recommended? I have a couple of questions regarding using this controller with a DMX strobe. Will I be able to tap out a beat with the controller and the controller to then fire the strobe to the beat by itself once I have 'tapped'.. if you see what I mean? How does the audio in work with this controller? Does it aut
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