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  1. Yep as people have said mixing 70s music etc does require a bit of creativity. As a rule try keep seague or mixes short..Cut mixing, loop and sampling is best for the genre. The only advice is know your tunes well.
  2. Surely that can't all go into your pocket though? Venue costs? Licence? Advertising>?
  3. From this thread, I think it's easy to understand why mobile djs have such a 'cheesy' reputation.
  4. DJ Pied Piper & The Master Of Ceremonies - Do You Really Like It?
  5. Aren't you more prone to feedback if you have the speakers behind you?
  6. Putting the cage nuts in isn't so difficult if you know the one special tip. Use a file. Seriously if you file the rack strips holes down slightly the cage nuts go in so much easier! And you lose no security at all. Seriously try it!
  7. Sometimes DJs are real prima donnas :rant:
  8. Hey Ellaskins! Welcome onboard... Remeber Practice and N Joy! :joe:
  9. In a way i do regret selling them lol, at that price you got a bargain :joe: Seriously though - fantastic cabs....but remember they're quite heavy (33 kg).. I reckon you could do up to about 120 people with just a pair... The bass response is perfect, mids smooth, and the tops clear... They do suffer from the same problems as all horn loaded cabs - but they're some of the best cabs you can buy for reasonable money. Just for me - I just didnt have space to add subs and barely the tops and also they were quite unflexible, as i do a lot of gigs on my own.... I reckon you
  10. All i can say is vinyl has certainly added something extra to my disco since I made the move back to cd/vinyl - just so much more enjoyable. I only play mashups, dance tunes and promos on vinyl...So it works nicely, as I can't necessarily get everything on cd etc...Most things but its nice to have a few exclusives on vinyl. Anyway sorry to blab on. I bought some 2nd hand tt-100s and they have been fantastic. I don't scratch much but beatmix regularly on them - probably every day or so as I have them setup up at home and at gigs.. Seem perfect for me! Although I'm plann
  11. Just like to big up Falcon covers!! They made some covers for my Martin Audio F15s a while back - fantastic to say the least!
  12. To be fair I see where Brian's coming from You have a lack of hands on control..... If you want the pc to mix for you - cool - use ots! However, if you're planning on doing any sort of mixing forget it! It seems to me that DJ's who care about mixing tracks seamlessly are few and far between...Mixing is a skill that is invaluable for a mobile dj..Yes you don't need it but it can make nights run some more smoothly! You might even find you enjoy as well.
  13. Just got to echo the wiring comments... Btw is that one of the cd cases, with sleeves on rails? How do you find it? Had any problems? I'm looking into something like that.
  14. Yep flat load trolley or sack barrow is the way forward!
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