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  1. A good post. I'm a Special Constable in my spare time, which has helped me immensley in dealing with work related issues and has opened my eyes to what I can expect to happen if I was either assaulted or needed to assist someone who was being assaulted. I'm far more aware of making myself visible to the CCTV cameras, and know exactly where they are pointing now, for example. You are quite right in what you say, the police obviously have a job to do to investigate everything. As you say, the other person is quite within their rights to accuse you of assault and police are bound to investig
  2. Im noticing an increased aggression in the bar market since New Year. Abuse directed towards staff and DJs, as well as doorstaff. Just last night I was in a bar with a single doorman on duty, had a fight which he was unable to contain and I was "started on" by a local scumbag. Doorman took a long while before removing him from the premises and I had to put up with a random barrage of abuse for a while before anything was done. Constantly on my guard for him throwing a swing at me. Disgusting!
  3. Fourth year in a row at the same place for me, a local party bar in the city centre. Was packed for the whole night, great atmosphere everyone seemed up for it. Was provided with a free bar by the managers which was lovely!
  4. Can be any brand as long as the technical spec is the same.
  5. Ive worked 7 nights a week for many years now... the solution is quite simple, get an "other half" who also works in the same industry... barstaff, manager etc... it worked for me haha. However mine always tend to fall through within 12 months. Im now looking for a new other half. DJing is my only and fulltime occupation, so I have to make the most of it... I have a mortgage to pay. The reason Im one of the few of my old school friends who has not yet settled down is probably due to my job. The money and lifestyle can be good but it is hard on relationships. I'm considering a "proper
  6. I experimented with many types of software for both bar/nightclub djing and functions. I settled on Traktor.
  7. Done a few of these. The Master out of the mixer goes to a transmitter (instead of any amps) and everyone has a set of wireless headphones on the frequency of the transmitter. Normally the headphones have a switchable channel (A and B) and you have 2 DJs, one on each channel and the dancers can choose which DJ they listen to. Here's the one I did The company supplies the transmitters and all headphones (many hundreds of headphones). The customers pay £5 in plus £5 deposit which you get back if you don't break your headphone set. The venue supplies the DJs, mixers, lights
  8. Hello fellow DJs! For those who don't know me Im a fulltime DJ. I started around 10 years ago as a fairly standard function DJ, performing at weddings, birthday parties and corporates; both in upmarket hotels like The Hilton, to back street B&Bs in Blackpool. I moved into being a bar and nightclub resident several years ago and now work most nights of the week. Last Saturday was a rare night off, and I was invited to a friends wedding, in a fairly expensive hotel. I'll get straight to how the night went. We arrived about an hour after the time on the invitation said, not w
  9. Haha - I always play that peak time I didn't see there was a problem with it :damn:
  10. I get it a lot! As a volunteer police man in my spare time I can usually handle such idiots, and can tell when something "isnt quite right" and may kick off... better to be safe than sorry. Anybody acting weird or in a concerning way gets thrown out my bars, end of. Doorstaff always support me and remove anyone I ask... its best to keep the doorstaff as your friends even if you don't like them really. If I had tried to speak to him in your situation and he didn't speak back or give a decent reason for just "staring" at me I'd have them removed from the bar. Just last night I had som
  11. I get it all the time mate - dont let it get to you. Just think when your out earning a living these people have probably never had a job in their lives and spend every night getting drunk!
  12. On Bank Holiday Sunday I was in a bar residency in a city centre - there are hundreds of bars to choose from. These two 30-something women were sat sulking in the corner. One came over and asked for a song. I was polite - said yeh that is no problem. Within a minute she was back "Where's my song?". I again kindly said it was on it's way and I'd had some requests already and I would play her song. Two or Three minutes later she came over again. "Will you turn this sh.. off. Play something decent, where the hell's my song?". Bemused I asked her point blank, but in a nice way, "why are
  13. Blimey! You did well to keep your composure in this situation, well done, it looks like you remained professional under pressure from the drunken idiots. We all get it, I get it a lot in my bar residencies. It's when it crosses the boundary and becomes general abuse raher than a complaint about the music that I don't take lightly.
  14. Friday - Bar residency Im here now. Its a party bar - Im under instruction to play up to date music at a decent level to get people dancing. Little old woman came over and asked me to "turn the bass down" as it's "reverberating" through her. She was sat next to the only bass bin which I was running at 12 o'clock, the bar is large as well. Instead of causing an argument I turned it down a tad, as it was still early. She went away happpy. A large drunk Scottish woman stormed over telling me to turn it up NOW because "I can hardly f-ing hear it". Lovely. This overweight lady then approa
  15. Maplin should have something I would think! If not you can definately get a single female to single male. Then just run the mixer in mono and you'll only need to use one of the booth outputs (IE just left or right)
  16. Curry's may sell what you need or any store like that - if there's anything nearer take a look but yes it'll be worth getting the cables, the initial cost will be worth it if they give you more work
  17. The sub output of this mixer gives a bass only output - with a crossover knob on the actual mixer next to the socket (40hz-200).
  18. The dn-x500 has twin XLR outputs (for your own speakers) it also has a twin PHONO output (labelled "master" on the back) you can use that as well. Go to Maplin or a store and get a twin phono to single 1/4" TRS jack, you'll get one for around a fiver. THE BEST OPTION, HOWEVER... The mixer has a "booth" output out the back, which is twin 1/4" (same as the pubs input) and it has it's own volume control on the front of the mixer, so you can control the pub system volume yourself. You'll just need to get a twin 1/4" jack to single 1/4" jack cable from Maplin, use booth output for the pub
  19. Ah yes drunken idiots! Gone are the days of people going out, having a few drinks and enjoying themselves. People go out to get as sh... faced as possible, causing them to do things like this. I had a woman literally screaming in my face on Sunday saying my music was (rude word). I politely lauged at her and told her she needed to leave the venue. She was only out to cause problems, couldn't handle her vodka and clearly was having a great time.
  20. CDex is a great peice of software that will even recognise the song titles. You can choose which tracks off your CD you wish to rip and the final file type (wav or mp3) - and if you choose mp3 you can choose your bit rate. It will even normalise the volumes for you should you wish. Whats more it's open source and FREE. http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/
  21. I think a lot of the evening games start at 7.30pm so by 9.30 it'll be over. I have a gig one night I'm meant to start at 8pm (its the 1st England game) I have beeen told to get there for 9 and I'll be paid the same.
  22. One of my favourite regular bars gives staff and DJs free drinks on a certain selection (soft drinks, cheap redbull and certain bottled beers like Stella). And at the end of the night you can have a pint if you like. The venue turns over around £2m a year so they can afford it. I know some people have a few bottles every night - I tend to be quite health concious though and limit myself to one bottle every 2 weeks! Other places I tend to take my own bottle of water and/or Red Bull, and very occasionally I treat myself to buying a pint when I begin (at 8pm, by 2am its out the system). I ne
  23. milhouse


    Hate Glee. Often get excitable little 18 year old boys asking for it in my bars and I always say sorry, No. Same goes for Justin Beiber.
  24. 7 nights a week certainly gets to me - by Sunday I'm shattered its just a releif that my Sunday gig is usually only busy for an hour or so, so I can chill out and faff about on my laptop for a few hours with a coffee in the dj booth! I've started taking more time off, the odd weekend here and there and I feel better for it. The only gear I take into venues are my CDJs so I don't spend any time setting up or packing down, I dont think I could handle that! I dont have a day job (apart from my voluntary work) so once I'm out of bed at midday I have the day free until it's time to work!
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