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  1. you could try easy pdf, do a search for it
  2. Less of the old Andy! :paula: All is fine with me just so so busy, always have time for chocolate though if your sending Robbie! Will try and do some catching up if I can, lots to read
  3. Hi Everyone I havent been here for ages, and would just like to say hello to those that remember me. Really sad to here about Paul, hope all you boys are well...............and behaving yourselfs! :dan+ju:
  4. I use a place in Putney if you want to look them up. Ritz Music Lacy Road Putney SW15
  5. Try contacting Ian Stewart, he'll put you in contact with one.
  6. Are we talking animals?....if so the RSPCA People! :shrug:
  7. EEeeeuuuk! I bet your hands turned green from holding all them dirty coins! Don't play em cant stand still long enough. :devil:
  8. :fright: 40! Nah! :birthday: :bouncy:
  9. Who did you talk to for 3 minutes then? as the other 170 was heavy breathing to my number! :dan+ju:
  10. Shop! She'll love it! :dan+ju:
  11. I don't keep real cd's in my car, just various mixed up disc's of fav songs!
  12. Ebay them! You'll be surprised at what you get for them, I have a guy in Germany who's always contacting me asking when my next load of Reggae is going up if you want to make contact.
  13. Pride (In the name of love) U2
  14. Off to the world music section at Virgin with yourself Mister! I learnt some of there traditional music on guitar but I've just done the cockney & reggae requests, and I can't think any further! :flex: (Head Hurts)
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