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  1. For sale Laptop HP DV6 Intel i5 2410M@2.3GHz , Beats Audio, 6Gb Ram, 750GB Hard Drive, Windows 7 64bit, DVD-Rw, Fingerprint security, HDMI, D-sub, Ethernet, 2xUSB2, 2xUSB3, OTSDJ 1.85 + 47000+ songs incl. 300+ music videos. All transferred under Produb licence or direct download. Music in OTS format. Controller is Numark Mixtrack Pro with built in asio 4 channel soundcard, flightcased. Laptop £500 , Controller £100 or both for £550 + delivery. e-mail on: hayd@matrixdisco.co.uk or call 07990 805961
  2. I have a pair of Db Technologies Basic 400 Active speakers for sale. 1 yr old still have 1 yr on the warrenty. Selling due to rig upgrade. Excellent lightweight speakers 275w RMS ( 450 watt music power ) XLR and Jack inputs in good clean condition. On has a couple of scatched on the top where a roadie rubbed it against a wall but fronts are mint. Cheapest I've seen them is £450 a pair. If any one on the forum wants them they can have them for £300 I can post ( about £25 ) or you can collect from Norfolk NR9 4LX or feel free to give me a call on 07990 805961 I will put them on
  3. There is loads of info on this at the nu-lights website. With links to ELA and HSE websites. http://www.nu-light.co.uk/lasers/lsafety.htm
  4. QUOTE (scottsdisco @ Mar 14 2006, 06:31 PM) Hi all, Where do you use for downloading music. Recently ive been using Woolworths. These are cheap(er) but can only be played on one computer. Ive just tried using I-tunes but have found it downloads in its own format so i cant play it (using ots DJ) Tried HMV but they charge even more, 10p to be precise! (look after the penies and the pounds will look after them selves http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/tongue.gif ) Cheers Scott I use itunes. I have a small program which will convert the itunes format to mp3 for you. It detects y
  5. Hi , The 1530s are a good cabinet but not very practical for mobile use. They are really a two person lift weighing in at 50kg each and being a large awkward shape. A friend of mine had a pair and decided to change to a pair of 450's and a 1501 sub. I have heard both 1501 and 1801 subs , and decided myself to get the 1501, it sounds punchier and has plenty of power. The 450 overheating can be a problem but I fixed this by adding a fan to the heatsink and since then they have never let me down. you will find another thread open on this subject. Overall my personal opinion go for the 450'
  6. I have a pair of 450's , used to overheat so I added 2 240v 15cm fans from maplin ( £15 each ). I attached them to the heatsink on the back with 4 self tapping screws and made a short cable to wire them into the mackie power supply. Although you could just as easilly run a plug to them. Since doing so ( about 2 yrs ago ) they have Never! overheated even when pushed in smokey hot club enviroments. Put simply just add a fan to the centre of the heatsink on the back and it will solve the problem. Mackie know about this problem and there is an official way to add a fan but it is beyond my
  7. Hayd


    Love the video... Christmas number 1 ?? you never know there's a lot of competition this year.... Crazy Frog- jingle Bells/ You can't touch this... G4 etc http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/014.gif
  8. I think you will be asking a bit much of your 700mhz laptop , it is likely to lack reliability for live playback. It's all really down to your budget; if you want reliability , multitasking and good storage + small setup time a more powerful laptop is the best but most expensive option. If you go for a pc it will have most of the benifits but will talk longer to setup and be bulkier to carry about. I use a Compaq 3.2ghz laptop with 100gb internal hard drive ( + cd backup) Cost £900 but has never crashed at over 120 gigs. I run Mixmeister dj software ( audio and video mixing )+ Dart Karaoke, n
  9. Hayd

    9yr Olds Party

    I spoke to someone who went to this party and I think they are glad the little b:cense:stard is gone !!! I think you need to post a follow-up with the full story LOL http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/fear.gif
  10. Hayd

    16 Year Olds Party

    At teenage parties I always put a pad and pen at the front of the disco for the kids to write their requests on. Makes life really easy. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thumbup.gif
  11. Hayd

    16 Year Olds Party

    I do a lot of this age group. As stated above it's mainly rnb + cheese + the odd dance classic. Most popular at the moment are: Gold Digger - Kanye west.....Must Have ! Push the Button - Sugababes Darude Sandstorm... Always get asked for this. Akon...Belly Dance and Lonely Drop it like it's hot - Snoop dog J-Kwon - Tipsy Pusycat Dolls- Doncha Sean paul - we be Burnin Let's get it started - Black Eyed Peas 50 cent - anything really Green Day - Basket case / American idiot Cha Cha Slide ( hardcore mix from clubland ) Wigfield - Saturday Night Good luck !! http://www.dj-
  12. Couple more tunes for ya... Things that go bump in the night- Allstars Aqua - Halloween Milkshakebusters - Remix of Kelis milkshake and Ghostbusters very playable. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif
  13. You da Rock man Steve http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/wallbash.gif Believe it or not they actually did the timewarp and the Cha cha slide !! odd rockers eh !
  14. Played lots of 80's synth seuff , new order , depeche mode, Eurythmics, aha, duran duran, visage , Bowie , Gary numan , Underpass -John foxx , police, ultravox etc On the rock side , Basket case ,american idiot , boulevard of broken dreams ,Du Hast -Rammstein ( groom went mental to this ) , Sonne , Ich Will , Head like a hole- nine inch nails, the rasmus , busted ( could not believe it went down sooo well ! ) , Queen Early evening , Back to the 60's mix , Cotton eyed joe, rock around the clock , monkees , other typical wedding stuff LOL Although an unusual list for a wedding as it'
  15. Just thought I'd post the outcome on this wedding: To my supprise it went really well, when faced with a room 3/4 full of people over 60 the groom was more than happy for me to play some 60,s and rock and roll etc for the first hour. Funny how the B&G change their tune when faced with a room full of relatives. The Groom also informed the guests that he had made some unusual requests so when him and his m8's were moshing to Rammstein the crowd was entertained by them, not looking at me with discust http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif Overall a really good night m
  16. Just go for the best laptop you can afford. The faster it is the less likely you are to have any glitches or lock ups . I was running Mixmeister on a 2ghz athlon with 40gb hard drive for about a year , rarely had any problems with it just occasionally when opening and preparing kareoke at the same time. Now upgraded to a 3.4ghz athlon 64 with 100gb drive, never had even a glitch. Soundcard wise I use the Audigy ZS notebook , very good soundcard with multiple channels for queuing etc also very compact. I don't think there are any problems with laptop hard drives these days , overheating
  17. How did the wedding go Tonsk ? I have a similar one tonight http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/fear.gif
  18. From my experience the sound is the most important thing for you to spend your cash on as this is really what people will be judging you on. It is easy to get carried away spending loads on lighting to start with ( I made that mistake ). For a start I would say get 4 x 250w twister type effects ( avoid the cheap soundlab and equivelent cheap high powered effects, they eat bulbs ) terralec are doing a good deal £69each for Manic 250w gobo moonflowers , great effect for the money and have 500hr bulbs. Couple of T bar light stands to put them on. A 5 channel mixer ( should get something f
  19. Nice relaxing weekend , just a wedding Saturday . Couple are in their mid twenties and have picked loads of fun dance stuff so should be a great night. Chiilin` Hayd http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif
  20. That was my thought C.S. , with a bit of research no gig should be too much trouble and you gain good experience for the future should you encounter others with similar taste. Although I requested an idea of what songs and styles they like I have only recieved it 3 weeks before the wedding . I have never and will never cancel a wedding or any other booking at short notice. Especially when with a little effort it should be no problem. Cheers Hayd
  21. Cheers Steve good to know someone who knows a little about NIN and Rammstein LOL Thanks also Vinnie , they are the only 3 John Foxx songs I have anyway so I'm hoping they'll be the ones he wants. Cheers Hayd
  22. Thankx guys, you seem to be thinking the same way as myself , which is good. I had already sent him an e-mail to clarify the term party music and also asked for some of his favourite tracks from the lesser know artists such as rammstein , nine inch nails , john foxx etc... Could be an unusual wedding so I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers Hayd
  23. I have an unusual request list for a wedding, basically the groom has fairly specific taste. I was wondering what tunes people might suggest playing that will have a broader appeal without offending him. The last line is the biggest worry " typical party records ! Here's list as follows : Our Favourite artists 1. gary numan 2. eminem 3. depeche mode 4. green day 5. john foxx 6. rammstein 7. linkin park 8. new order 9. duran duran 10. backstreet boys 11. nine inch nails 12. savage garden Anything up to date if requested We would prefer not to have christina aguilara, ky
  24. Been playing it for weeks , since the adds came on the tv. Kids love it . http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thumbup.gif
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