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  1. Karaoke Dj Wanted in Tavistock Devon on 6th Sept, easy access level venue Please P.M me if your available but i am away until 17.8.08
  2. All the pubs here are owned by landlords no chains or managers, even when weatherspoon tried to open a venue here it got turned down flat I think i get everyone's point if im gonna run a bar do it in Greece but surly there must be some good points......anyone........please :hurt:
  3. Yes as a box of frogs tongue out icon But i see your point, i live in a very fast growing town with no nightclub as such only the bar/ funpub i work in I see the max capacity of 200 reached at 10.30pm & a Q of 100+ waiting to get in or trying to climb over the beer garden fence I know the amount of people who dont even try anymore because its too packed, or dont want to Q for a hour go off to the nearest City (14 miles away £40+ taxi there & back) I know the disco bar takes between 10pm & 1am £4000-£5000 & the upstairs bar take £6000+ (4pm to 1am) But fr
  4. All this talk of last minute bookings reminds me of a scam a few years ago A local dj used to well advertise himself in venues ect, on top of this he would boast his prices were the cheapest around He would get plenty of work but not except deposits, have booking forms or even meet the clients most people thought they got a good deal until the day He would then ring the customers saying he was ill but would give them another djs telephone number, the other dj would then charge 2 or 3 times the oridginal price Ok you may say it serves themself right & good on the 2nd dj cha
  5. Has anyone thought about running their own club or bar, or even had the chance to? Better still does anyone do the above Its a bit of a dream of mine & would love to do it Your thoughts & pro's/ con's please
  6. Here Here :Thumbup: , i take full advantage if they have booked a no show disco, its even better when they enquired with you in the 1st place but said you were too expensive
  7. I always give kids these lightsticks with no problems, im sorry to say if they break them open then its their problem But if i do see kids breaking them i have a quite word and say " better wash that off its toxic" After all most parents would not think not to give their kids blackcurrent at a wedding "just in case they spill it on the bride"
  8. Last Sat night 8.10pm dj had not turned up Was unable to help at such short notice as i was in my residency, felt so sorry for the couple concerned I heard on Sunday that the night was totally ruined
  9. Good point i forgot about the old barns & marquee jobs, but i have found locally that venues are installing their own equipment usally promted by the dj I have even done it myself suppied the kit, installed it & use it as it saves me stting up/packing down every weekend I
  10. Mobile Disco's i think will phase out as more & more venue's/ halls with plenty of bookings are getting installed equipment & perminant d.js But i did have a intresting enquiry....they dont want a d.j but want the disco (lighting/speakers) & a mixed cd, i have agreed to supply the equipment as well as a roadie to watch over it Dosent bother me as i would still work in my residency & pick up the kit when i finish
  11. Fri & Sat in my residence, Friday had a real Vicar turn up & have a couple of pints Told the doorman he is really a vicar so he went and asked " your not really a :cense: ing vicar are you?? DOH Suddenly had a complex about what i was playing however T-Pain Get low opened his eyes a bit Sunday night teenage party 2 hours, will let you know on this one
  12. That sounds about right, planning granted for residential flats/homes but i bet if it was a application for a pub to be built next door it would get turned down flat Might have been a good idea to rename the pub the lock & key tongue out icon that would of maybe attracted customers
  13. Maybe you have to put yourself in a position of living next door to persistent noise as your family home to understand why people complain. They are not necessarily kill-joys and probably enjoy a good night out themselves when the occasion suits. Sorry but dont move next door to a pub/bar expecting a quite life, i can fully understand this if next door become a pub/bar after you have moved in but that would get refused on planning application
  14. Must admit this really gets up my nose I used to work in a venue that has been a pub for more than 50 years & has had a disco for 20+ years, 6 months ago the shop next door was converted into flats The 1st weekend they had moved in they made a complaint to the council & the complaint was upheld, the disco no longer runs due to too much hassel from the council This was after the landlord spent loads on sound proofing but was still not good enough In respect if i didn't like too much noise i would no way move in next door to a pub with a disco...in fact a pub full stop Why d
  15. Last weekend i had a great night at my residency good atmosphere ect Bit of a let down when i left to find 1 ambulance, 3 police cars & god knows how many coppers doing nothing Just before they arrived a fight broke out...now a Sat night drunken punch up happens no matter where you are & usally its handbags at 30 paces Tonight was different not only did this chap get knocked to the ground & knocked out they also stamped on his head The chap is still in hospital, critical but stable & he does not know who his wife or child is Dont these idiots know when to sto
  16. CRB is not a requirement, i have been running public teen disco's for 20 years & have never required a CRB even until recently my parent helpers were not CRB Checked, they are now only due to the fact that one is now a football coach & the other teaches ju-do But we have never been asked whilst running a teen disco Even If it is a private booking yet again CRB is not required As for PAT testing or PLI it is not required by law
  17. Renault Laguna plus a 6 x 4 x 4 trailer, just come home reverse into garage no unloading....sweet
  18. Last weekend i done my big gig of the year, the night itself was a compleat success & already booked for next year One comment did bother me "your disco is a bit small isn't it" Now in most venues i dont have this problem as i usally find myself jammed in a corner screaming for space, but space i was not short of at this gig with a 28 foot by 20 foot stage Although a live 9 peice band was performing in front of me once they had packed away i soon realised how little space i was using on this mammoth stage My lighting system filled the marque no problem & the sound system onl
  19. Very good point here, but their success or downward spiral seems to ge publicized by the press more than the record company But your right the record company should step in & look after their investment
  20. Last night i had my biggest gig off the year, all the kit & 2k of sound I was working alongside a live band who were fantastic The band finished & i went straight into b52s love shack, dancefloor was packed so no problem only i was alot quieter than the band even on full volume i was really pushing it Lots of people asked me to turn it up What do you do??? as this is not the 1st time for me
  21. Friday night in my residency...hen night turned up dressed as french maids......oh i love my job Saturday night summer ball 500+ 4.30pm set up free drinks,food & fair rides Played backgrond 7.30 to 9.30 Band 9.30 to 10.30, 10.30 firework display & raffle Band 11.00 to midnight & me midnight to 1.30 Gave away all my business cards even had to write phone number on peices of paper & booked for next year already Got home 3.30am
  22. Usally out like a light coz i work hard tongue out icon Friday Coffee then straight to bed, 4am need the loo (too many blackcurrent & lemonade's) up at 5.15am for work Saturday night two bottles of bud
  23. I asked this question a few months ago & no one gave me any idea on how much you give a roadie Since then i have it sussed most of my gigs are local so a lad who lives 2 doors away helps me set up, once done he goes off to the pub 1am arrives lad comes back again & helps pack up & a free lift home, he may be a bit p***** but i dont let him carry the expensive stuff He has never let me down yet Cost £20
  24. I see this a bit different than the other replies Ok £60 is not much on a Sunday afternoon but its still £60 more than you would usally have & it shows to the new owner that your willing & still leaves your Fri & Sat night free Like you mention it has a possibility of more gigs You mention you have 2 rigs, well i would ask about installing one permenantly this then gives you the upper hand against other djs & a easier afternoon Weather the new owner re-starts the Fri & Sat disco or not im pretty sure he wont turn away a private booking & your name would be 1st..
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