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  1. Punter-"Put something on we can dance to". DJ-"any suggestions?" Punter- "Errr, no." or my alltime favourite Punter - "I know a song which will get evrybody up......." If you have never been in this situation, whatever they suggest do not play it! Its usually out of character with whats currently playing with people on the dancefloor, the main age group present, and usually lots of other things too. (Is anybody thinking "that happened to me too, and i agree???!!!!) Bob
  2. Might be a bit late with this, sorry , but for future ref, bought a great album off i-tunes called 101 dinner party songs. As the title suggests there are 101 tunes on there, all suited to be played at low volume while people are stuffing their faces. It was very cheap and i just connect up my iphone to the pa and let it play! Running length is plenty long enough. Google it! Bob
  3. Yes, i now have a spare amp! Oh well, i often thought about getting a spare one anyway just in case.... And the moral of this story is? BUY NEW CABLES PERIODICALLY AS THEY DO NOT LAST FOREVER!!! And buy some spares too! The thing that helped me most in order to fault find, was a paragraph from an article i found on the internet, which was very simple and obvious. "Unplug everything except the speakers. Start with the source of the music and make sure that is giving an output, then carry on connecting/adding your components and cables until the music does not get t
  4. Well, I have now found the fault. A pair of faulty cables. A pair! There must be only me and mr unlucky of sods lawville who this could happen to....has anybody else had two cables ( xlr patch leads, xlr one end, jack the other) go down at the same time, leading you to think that it must be equipment failure? Aren't I blessed? Dear me I do not believe it. Bob
  5. Sorry for quote reply with no reply attached, bloody Iphone! Anyway, yes it is all connected properly (mixer mains to crossover, crossover to amps. Low signals to subwoofer amp and highs to mid range speakers amp.) It has actually worked in the past, sounded very good as well! The cross over is an L2 Audio X0223V item and it is about 2 months old, its been used twice. I am going to check that everything works as it should directly from each of the amps, that should then tell me that it is the crossover unit that is faulty and not something else (hopefully). Sounds to me lik
  6. Ok. Further to my Dead amp problem..... I have bought a new amp. Still got the same problem. No output to my top speakers. I recently bought a crossover.........could this be the culprit? I know all 4 speakers work. When the problem raised its ugly head originally i was setting up for a gig, so being short for time, i plugged the speakers directly into the amp (as before the cross over was fitted) and it worked. (albeit i only used two speakers ASSUMING that one of my amps had died....) MMMMMM.... So, is my best course of action to check that the new amp, my other newish amp and all
  7. Thanks for that. To be perfectly honest, as I was typing my question out, it got me thinking that I should replace it anyway. I probably would not trust it again anyway. It's amazing how writing something down helps you to think more clearly! Thanks anyway, eBay here I come! Bob
  8. Does this sound (A) Terminal (B) Expensive © Stop messing about and buy a new one? Warrior IS600 amplifier, approx 6 years old, bought new initially. When power switch is turned on, there is a click from the amp, the fan keeps running but there is no sound output. (power on indicator light bulb blew ages ago, so there are no visual clues.) Is it repairable? Is it worth it at that age? The only reason i ask is that if anyone has experienced a problem like this and it turned out to be nothing more than a blown fuse..........
  9. Ok, crossover fitted........... UNBELIEVABLE............. :Thumbup: Anybody out there running subs and full range speakers and using seperate amps for the full range and subs,(which i believe is called Bi amping...) buy an active crossover. Do not think about it, just buy one. (I bought a cheap one just to try, £69.00 including 2 XLR cables, best £69.00 i have spent in ages.) :good: :good: :good: The difference is quite frankly stunning. It sounds exactly as i wanted it to sound like now. Very crisp highs, proper chest thumping ba
  10. Thanks Nik, I was hoping someone would come back with an answer like that. They are doing their job. Brilliant! Ok, roll on the x over and i will report back! Bob
  11. Ok everyone, had a fiddle with all eq's etc etc. Sounds a lot better now. Am definetely going to invest in an active crossover though. Am I right in thinking that no proper volume as such comes from the subs? With the volume at 3/4 on the mixer I could put my ear very very close to each sub without any discomfort at all. Is this right?
  12. Nik you are absolutely spot on there! 30hz to 200hz it says on the mixer knob! The last few gigs i have done the knob has been up at 200hz and there is another knob that says min-max. This knob was at max. I am going to try the hz knob at halfway tonight and see what difference that makes. I think a crossover is going to be the way to go. Thanks to all for fantastic input. (if you forgive the pun...) Bob I am doing a gig tonight
  13. Illegal downloading, well, i suppose we have all had varying degrees of association with that. I have got to say that i use i-tunes and play straight from my I-phone through the PA system. I have heard some examples of illegally downloaded music and the sound quality is not the best. So, for me, its usually legal downloads, ripped from CD mp3's or CD's.
  14. Its near enough! (Blu Cantrell- Breathe) Let it BREATHE - Hootie and the Blowfish.
  15. Thanks for that! Hope the head is ok this morning! Leeds eh? My home turf! Now i have got my head round it from everyones helpful comments i feel i can explain my problem a bit better. What i am actually trying to do is make the subwoofers louder and punchier if possible. At the moment they seem to be only playing the really really low frequencies, and the noise coming out of them is just a very very low "wumf wumf" with no kick to it at all. I am going to adjust the low pass knob on the mixer and see if i can let some higher low end frequencies through. In your post you s
  16. Right, now i have really confused myself.......Decided to have a read up about crossovers as suggested and came across a question in my head that i could not get an answer for whilst researching. i will try and explain the best i can..................... An active crossover does its magic before the sound signal gets to the amp. The magic it does is split the various frequencies up so the correct bit of sound goes to the amp/ speaker best suited to play it. A passive crossover is usually built in to a full range speaker cabinet and splits the various frequencies so that each speaker
  17. Thanks for that Dave, to be perfectly honest I was trying to compete with the performance of a bands pa system at a wedding gig in a marquee. Their main pa was through a pair of mackie srm450s combined with a pair of mackie subs. The band also had a bass amp and lead guitar amp. Never gonna compete with that one I suppose! If I ever come into money I would definetely buy some mackies I have heard and seen them in action many times and I must say they sound very good!
  18. Hi Dave, Full signal to both. Am using subwoofer out xlr from mixer to KXR, then to Behringer Subs. Full signal from Usual mixer outputs to warrior amp then on to AC euros at moment. Bob
  19. Baroque BORDELLO- Stranglers Me neither........
  20. Ok, what would you do here, i have a KAM KXR1500 amp, a Warrior IS600 amp, a pair of 300 watt AC Euro Mid Range 8ohm speakers and a pair of Behringer 300 watt 4ohm Subs. The KXR1500 runs at 750 watt per channel into 4 OHM and 450watt per channel into 8 ohms. The IS600 amp runs at 300 watts per channel at 4 ohms and 180 watts per channel at 8 ohms. I have always used the warrior amp with the AC Euros and at some gigs have been running the Warrior Amp into clip, so, no headroom left at all. The subs do not give a punchy bass they give a proper subwoofer rumble, i find that the punchy bass tends
  21. Hello all, Am doing a gig tonight for a cancer charity in Leeds, its been advertised as a non stop disco party night, its a total sell out and i have been at the venue for a couple of hours each night setting up the lighting rigs etc. Have decided to use every effects light i own at this gig so have been refurbishing old lights this week i have not used for a few months. I hope to god it all goes well!!! Will post photos and stuff soon! Bob
  22. Good morning all! I have a pair of Acme Rover Barrel Scanners and one of then has developed a fault. I noticed during a gig on Saturday night that the colour was not changing on one of them. I had the unit in bits last night (well, i say in bits, i took the front panel off so i could see the gobos turning). The colour gobo is not turning, but the gobo can be turned by hand and it is not stiff or catching anything. Now, what i would like to know is how can i test to see if its the stepper motor or a faulty connection or something like? Second question would be, anybody know where to buy sp
  23. Ok, i said i would let you all know how it went. Bought a single XLR female to twin XLR male splitter 6 mtr long lead. The single xlr plugs into the single sub woofer output on the mixer, the two males plug in to the KXR amp. I then connected the main XLR outputs from the mixer to the inputs of the warrior amp. Again using 6mtr long cables. (the reason for long cables is so i can have the flight case with the two amps in somewhere other than the deckstand if i want.) Anyway, to cut a long story short, the subs now work properly,(the bass is quite frankly stomach churning should i adjus
  24. Ok, thanks for that, i did notice the level and frequency knob next to the subwoofer output xlr socket on the VMX. Will have a mess about with these. Am hoping that my freshly ordered xlr leads turn up tomorrow so i can test it. Will put a post up with the results for other peoples benefit. Thanks again. Bob
  25. Anybody wondering what sussex is, its supposed to say sussed but my iphone auto suggests words and i keep forgetting to check. doh.
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