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  1. ok here is some of that software - try before buy its up to what the person likes or dislikes and can use what he thinks works best multi site http://mp3-duplicate.software.informer.com 1. http://www.moleskinsoft.com 2. http://audiocomparer.com 3. http://www.ashisoft.com 4. http://abeetech.com/mp3-duplicates-finder/ 5. http://download.cnet.com/Remove-Duplicate-...4-10914541.html this is a small list you can find more on google by searching as shown below: http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&...tware&meta= mp3 Duplicate Software
  2. Robster it still wouldnt happen with 100 or so people try what I said, I have done it and you will NEVER know whats played..... if there is one or two people in a room thats got good acoustic's then you will hear a difference if a Uni can show that there is no difference when there is over 100 people in a room talking , dancing etc how the hell will you prove it!! I wouldnt worry have a nice day
  3. But thats the thing Robster in a home or a demo setup like you do then YES anyone can tell the difference being in a club or mobile setup in a loud echoy type room or a large hall with bad very bad Acoustics then even you wouldnt have a clue if I was using reel to reel dont believe me then hire a setup or work in a club (set it all up prior) and test each item and ask after its all over if they knew you wasnt using a computer they wouldnt have a clue!!! so at home yes I would strive to have the best sound possible on the road/club forget it!! have a ni
  4. DjDennis

    Top 5 Songs

    what about going to a site that does year end charts ! then you can see whats there... http://top40-charts.com/features/YearEnd/ http://swisscharts.com/year.asp?key=2009 just a few samples
  5. have you asked FredrikN from Catraxx as yet about the video files ? he can tell you better than anyone Catraxx has just been updated yet again and can import from ANY of the following softwares so its whats there - Brillant!
  6. there are several programs out there that deal with dupes if you need a list just ask
  7. I stick with 256 or 320 bitrate for all mine wav can be used but the filesize is way too big mp3's are a lot smaller and I see no difference on a job but at home then thats a different matter just one question unless a client can 100% tell the difference between a wav and mp3 or a 128 and 320 thats when you will need to look at where you play the test that I did in a club proved that they have no idea what format your using as long as its on and has the beats for a song.... try it one time and they wont care
  8. I use Easy CD-DA Extractor and can access both CDDB and Freedb as well
  9. Depends on what you wanna do a sync program that can be a check to see when it was last changed or a proper backup software ? not a backup software that creates a seperate zip file... can you give us some more ideas and i'll see what I can show u that works the best way
  10. If I need to check I call them Direct and ask I say to them what I am charging and I adjust just a little higher than them now that I am looking at Semi retirement (after 30 years in this crazy biz) well if I dont get the work thats ok with me I am doing more and more computer work/repairs anyway
  11. If anyone needs some ebooks on Googles Adwords just pm me
  12. I been using Catraxx since version 1 have had many improvements added by FredrikN over the years to help out its development the Forum is the best way if you get stuck thanks all for using Catraxx
  13. I use all 3x as well I pencil in Temp bookings in my book/diary as if its confirmed then it goes in all the rest..
  14. Well I have bought a few of the ebooks that are around and found them very usefull here are a few I bought For Dummies Building Your Business with Google For Dummies 2004.pdf 501 Website Secrets Unleashed.pdf plus a lot more but if anyone wants a copy then just ask me i'll send them mine
  15. Why not go to http://www.copyscape.com then see who has STOLEN other parts of your website... you will be surprised http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/censored2.gif http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/wasntme-sign.gif
  16. Hi Chris and Hi Geoff you might want to get a copy of the program that can do a lot of things located here >> http://www.trebleclefdjs.ii.net/webmastertools/ << I offer for free.... if you are not sure on how it works just ask and i'll try and explain ok
  17. Thanks for that - great help with CSS based sites now
  18. Chris - read more info on spyware etc here www.spywarewarrior.com I search there when I need to remove something and it finds what I am looking for to remove anyway have a nice day
  19. you can password protect a LOT in winxp remember turn off (simple file sharing) in the folder options and you can do a lot more...
  20. If anyone wants a tutorial on dreamweaver - I have saved them to a special server for you guys to download from if you need... here is 1. >> http://dl.downloadhosting.com/download/ice..._2004_Bible.rar << 2. >> Sorry will have to add it later << hope that one helped you
  21. I have also posted this on another Site QUOTE HIDING FROM SPAMMERS If you get a lot of unsolicited mail piling up in your in box, you may have become the victim of an email spider. These nasty programs spread across the Web, archiving email addresses listed on websites for future mail delivery. Just about every website has at least one contact address listed, so just about every website is vulnerable to this kind of hack. There is a way you can prevent hackers from gathering your email address, since their spiders comb the source code of your site, and not the browser display. Wha
  22. try FlashMX with the use of Powerpoint 2003 you can get an importer that converts powerpoint to Flash I use Swish fine I love it http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/363.gif have a nice day
  23. Works for Me I have had it for Ages and have had no hassles what so ever its the Alexia Toolbar thats a ADWARE / Spyware one so be carefull... http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/censored.gif have a nice day all http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/1028.gif
  24. I am speaking about ones like these that I use (you can add yours later) things like.. WS_FTP Flashmx Swish Download Accelerator Plus ICQ IRCXpro mIRC Mailwasher (for blasting spam) News rover Eudora Outlook XP Ad-Aware Spycop Genius ( a multi of online programs in one for FREE -- www.indiesoft.com the guy has closed shop and is GIVING away the software) Html Password Html to Anycode Converter (eg: php, asp, java) PHP Editor Frontpage XP Homesite html Dreamweaver mx Whereisit (for all Catalogs) Catraxx - (music Cataloging) Catvids - (vide
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