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  1. Providing you only use original cds then you do not need a Pro-Dub License or any other sort of license. The whole area can be confusing for someone entering the business and the Pro-Dub website is not all too clear either. If you decide at any stage that you want to rip your cds onto a computer/laptop/hard drive and play them from there, then you will need the license.
  2. I am unsure on this one. I have just looked on the linkstar website and it does match closely with this message, so it is certainly well researched if it is a scam. It does say on the website that they normally contact small and medium sized websites and they will contact you if they are interested in using your website for advertising. The letter does seem a little odd for a professional company starting with 'Hi' and using 'I', whilst also using language such as 'target demographic'. It seems too informal in places. The other thing that seems rather odd is asking you for your rates - su
  3. I totally agree with McCardle. The real unfair aspect about the Pro-Dub is that DJs are only a small percentage of people. There are loads of people who illegally download from sites such as Limewire and nobody seems to be doing much about that. IMO that is much worse than copying a cd to your own computer.
  4. It is probably better to carry on building up until you have all your equipment rather than hiring what you haven't got. You already have cd decks and amplifier and are looking at speakers, as mentioned in another thread, so you have most of the main components already. I don't know if you already have a mixer but if not then that would probably be your next purchase. You are doing it the right way by getting yor sound sorted first. You don't need loads of lights to start with and so you are not far from having all your equipment. By the time you have hired kit a few times you will alread
  5. Some people are pro Pro-Dub License, as they say that it removes the Dodgy Decks Dave's of our world but most people tend to agree that it is just another way to fleece us out of our money. I am sure if the address of their office was known there would be a similiar situation to that at RBS today!
  6. Insurers are very slippery and they seem to have no concept of decency, only of avoiding paying if at all possible. Probably if you read your full policy there will be some wording somewhere that says that they will only supply a hire car under certain conditions but do check to make sure they are not just trying to pull a fast one on you. It seems a hard one to call but I would just count yourself lucky that she wasn't injured. You don't have any evidence to back up your claim so there is not much you can do.
  7. I don't really understand what is going on with this other dj. Did you book him knowing that he only had one light?!? Is he a mate? I don't know how much you paid him but by the time you have bought even a budget smoke machine and a couple of cheap lights you could have at least booked a dj with more than one light. A good dj would certainly have more than 1 light, make all necessary announcements and would deal with all aspects of the disco (certainly wouldn't expect the client's brother to sort out smoke machines, lights etc.). Most djs would also offer background music to be played
  8. A few questions. Have you any equipment at all already? Have you any experience? And are you looking to start up doing discos or is this just a one off? As the wedding is in October you have got plenty of time to get some equipment or, if you want to start up as a dj, then you have plenty of time to do some gigs and get some experience before you take on such an important gig as a wedding. Please don't take this the wrong way but doing a disco at a wedding is a big responsibility and whilst your sister probably would be more understanding than most clients if the disco doesn't go too well
  9. There are various methods or organising cds: by title, by artist, by genre, by year, by most played etc. The key thing is that you know what the order is, so that you know album X is in such an such a place. The hard part is as said when a particular song has been requested and it is quite an unusual one and not in your memory of popular songs. One solution is to have a folder with all the titles of all the songs in your collection in alphabetical order with the album, track and location next to each title. But that would take an incredible amount of time to do even for a smallish collecti
  10. I presume you mean hire lol. Hire price varies but if you are looking to start up as a dj then hiring isn't necessarily the best way to go. It may be good if you are still not certain about whether you want to be a dj and you don't want to shell out on equipment yet, or alternitavely if you cannot afford to. The major disadvantage is that when you get paid for a gig you will be losing a substantial portion of that money to cover the hiring of the equipment, possibly even making it unprofitable (depending on what you charge) by the time you include all other expenses. If you are adverti
  11. If you really want to bring the 'vinyl feel' back, then why not use timecode vinyl?
  12. I would have said that TonyB's suggestion sounded pretty good but it would not be suitable with that amp - the speakers are 250W RMS into 8ohms whereas the amp is 100W RMS a side into 8 ohms. I think he assumed that the amplifier would be 300W a side, as 150 W a side is very unusual for disco use. Given the low power of the amp (100W RMS into 8 ohms or 150W RMS into 4 ohms) you are either going to be looking at very budget end speakers 12", 10" or even 8", or alternatively looking at passive monitors or possibly even home stereo speakers. With that power I would think that you may be better
  13. You need to give us more information on the amplifier in order for us to help you properly. I would presume that the wattage is RMS but importantly is the wattage: per side or in total and is this at 4ohms or at 8ohms. If you don't understand this if you pop the model name/number on here I will advise. This is important, as a 300W per side amp at 8 ohms will be almost three times as powerful as a 150W per side amp at 4 ohms by my reckoning. However for a house party (unless you live in a mansion with huge rooms) you don't need a very powerful system at all and some average 12" speakers
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