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  1. I have never wore anything except jeans & shirts/t-shirts for any booking ! Although i do try and avoid weddings like the plague :scared: Only weddings i do usually are from people who i've met at residency's that know me and know the way i dress and except that ! If they expect me to dress any other way then thats a great excuse to get me out of doing it :Thumbup:
  2. just another case of the fun killing miserable taking the fun out of life, just like the anti smoking in bars now its the anit music too why does life have to be so regulated ??? :wall:
  3. i still think stinking of smoke when i got home better than smelling BO and farts much more pleasent :yuck:
  4. i hav'nt advertized for at least 3 to 4 years for any private bookings but still get at least 2 to 3 month enquirys just with word of mouth ??? im currently fully booked with ressys 6 nights a week and have no intrest in taking private work on but will always arrange someone to fill the booking and touch wood still get lots of people looking and phoning me !!! i suppose its because they know by phoning me if i cant do it i will arange a good replacement ?
  5. i have a regular in one of my ressys that when she has a few refers to me as a perv because i have a website ??? some people just have the wrong idea ??? i would never take photos unless agreed with the client before hand but in her mind im a perv ??? oh well i'll not lose no sleep lol
  6. eazy

    Denon Dns3700

    cheers for replying :Thumbup: i thought nobody cared i posted on there too and very little responce 1 reply from denon and another from another member both pretty much implying that its my fault ??? but i will perservere lol
  7. eazy

    Denon Dns3700

    just wondering if anyone else has had or knows of any problems with there/these players ? mine keep doing strange things 1 - i set a cue point on the hot cue , skip forward a bit to pfl the track at a louder point then when i go back to start from the cue point it starts from where i had skiped to ??? 2 - takes notions to auto loop part of the track from the hot start ? ( ps definitaly not red on auto loop ) ! 3 - last week it froze when i tried to use the next track feature ??? never done this one before ? ive had them about 2 months and have only been using them on
  8. have to agree with jon here all my work is bars and some less than £100 a night but 52 weeks a year still makes me a decent living ???
  9. wonderful mines Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette or in the us Shining Star - Earth Wind & Fire
  10. i love it when someone asks for a request ! you play it even give a shout out for the person who asked for it !!! then about half an hour later they ask for it again ??? you tell them you did and they reply i didnt here it ! i was out for a smoke or in the loo ??? am i ment to watch the loo's and door all night ??? :shrug:
  11. i would have to answer yes !!! i would put it down to a few factors ( oops things aperantally simon cowell owns the word factor lol ) working full time as a dj is a big one not helped by the fact its over 6 years since ive had a week off mostly 4 - 6 night a week 52 weeks a year !!! Also think age has something to do with it !!! i still have a love for the music i grew up with !!! i think as a young teen growing up music is something you use to identify yourself with and certain stuff now can remind me off my younger days !!! as a dj you all will know the punters who alwa
  12. hey wanna buy some mmmmmmm denone's lol
  13. just putting out some feelers ! looking to sell 1 DN-HD 2500 1 Year old 1 DNX-500 4 channel mixer 1 Year Old In Flight Case & 2 DNS-3500 CD Players Flight case has 6 way circuit breaker inside and 4way usb hub no price here but pm me if interested with a reasonable offer Will deliver in Northern Ireland !!!
  14. just wondering if anyone here has a pair of evl pro scan 150's they dont want anymore ??? or knows where ya might get some ??? cheers !!!!
  15. eazy

    Lady Gaga Poll

    well i gotta say i dont care !!! as with all music and artists i will continue to use her while she gets people dancing but wont cry whens she has been replaced by " the next big thing " they all come and go !!! and more often now than ever !!! as for morality lol !!! performers have always used this to sell stuff !!! if you want hi morals with your music check out some great christian artists lol
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