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  1. Forgot to add the speaker stands to my previous post! Pair of Stagg stands like this http://www.expressmusicstore.co.uk/products.asp?code=52146 in very good condition overall £25 the pair. See my previous post for the Gladiators!!
  2. I have the final bits of kit for sale: OK condition Rhino collapsable 6ft deck stand with overhead lighting bar same as here: http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR169878 £70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Excellent condition LEDJ 64 led par can in silver like this http://www.westenddj.co.uk/Product/LEDJ/Li...ffects+/LEDJ34/ but in silver. £40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As new con
  3. I have for sale a Denon DN X400 mixer in excellent condition as well as a Denon DN 2500 F dual CD decks in ok condition. The play button on the left deck is a bit sensitive for some reason and sometimes plays then immediately pauses but it's not too much of a problem. The mixer and decks are compatable for crossfader start anyway so you don't need to use the play button. Denon's DN-X400 is a professional quality mixer that's loaded with features including: 2-digital outputs (Coaxial & Optical) Track Mark (increments digital tracks from the mixer while recording)
  4. I am about to wrap up my operation so am going to start selling off my equipment. The first thing is my lovely, beuatifull, wonderfull Mackie SRM 450's. These speakers are basically ace, I absolutely love them having upgraded from Yamaha S115V's running off a Peavey 2600 amp (a very decent set up!) I can say that the sound you get from the Mackie's FAR surpasses that of my last set up. They are light and come with the obvious benefit that they negate the need to carry around an additional amp. They have been gigged less than ten times and have ALWAYS been kept and transport
  5. Virtual DJ seems to work well, I especially like the feature that writes the key and BPM to each track and then suggests tracks from your library that would go with the one currently playing. It was interesting that tracks in certain keys seemed to make certain age groups dance i.e. the old ladies ONLY liked tracks in Am (I bet they don't know this though!)
  6. Mainly Indie/Rock and dance music mainly breaks, funky house, hard trance It's a shame I have to play such :cense: when i'm DJing!!
  7. That's exactly what i've gone for as it gets me out of a bind straight away, I then have two weeks off in which I can spend time sorting things out properly :yes:
  8. I only had a very quick play with otsAV and from that wasn't sure whether I could get it operation in the given timeframe. Anyway thanks for the advise, like you say, I think I just need to get on with it!
  9. Ok I can see your point I just didn't want to waste a load of time evaluating a program only to find it is too complicated to set up etc. in the time frame I have and have to try to move on to another one! The important thing to me is to get up and running by tomorrow night so that i'm not letting the bride and groom down in any way shape or form! I am currently making a massive fuss over on Rane's open forum with their in house support and am secretly hoping that they will give me some money back as a good will gesture. If not I will maybe keep the product anyway as it is not j
  10. I have owned the software now for over a year so not sure what the my legal entitlements are there? I did download the OTS free trial to have a quick look but every few songs it plays a sound byte that says something like 'buy your OTS license online now' not a great look for when you're playing a wedding reception
  11. I have three gigs this weekend - Saturday, Sunday and Monday two of which are weddings so very important. I currently use Rane ScratchLive as my digital music interface but am having massive problems where I prepare a playlist and when I shut the program down and start it back up again more than half the music on the playlist has dissapeared and crates and tracks within the crates have re-arranged themselves. I'm not the sort that can just go out with 20,000 songs and know the name of something to play next I NEED to prepare beforehand. So I guess I need to buy another program,
  12. I have an ADJ Aggressor Tri LED light for sale. This is in perfect condition still boxed with instructions etc and has only been used once so is like brand new. It uses the new Tri LED technology where it blends the usual LED colours to make a number of different colours, definately looks a lot better than the usual LED stuff. You can see it in action on Youtube etc. reason for sale is that I decided to go for a much more 'boring' overall light show! I'm after £70 plus postage which won't be too much as it's so light! smile icon
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, to answer a few questions: I do a variety of sizes of venue, my lighting works best for medium sized venues i.e. small village halls or big pubs. I loose out big time in huge cavernous village halls/sports halls as my lights just get completely lost in the space! In terms of the business I currently do (not much) I am only looking to buy one or two new lights and spend maybe a maximum of £250. I like the idea of LED washes and will be looking into them, my relationship with any other LED lights is over until they become a little bit more 'advanc
  14. I am really struggling to work out what light/lights I need to buy to complete my set up. I currently have two Abstract Gladiator 1CE barrel scanners which I love Also have an Acme Littled which I think works well when pointed at the ceiling Have just purchased an ADJ Aggressor Tri LED which i'm not sure I like I don't want my lighiting to be mental flashing insane lighting that blinds everyone and i'm really not keen on LED effects now that i've tried a standard and Tri LED. The quality of the Abstracts is evident in the show so i'd like something along those lines to 'fill
  15. DJ Mike

    Peavey Amp

    Cool that's reasonable enough as the amps worth a bit when fixed smile icon
  16. DJ Mike

    Peavey Amp

    The subs belonged to the client, he had asked me to mix and match his equipment and mine hence the unfamiliarity with it all so I don't know the current situation with the subs. I will get my friend to have a look under the main circuit board to see what visible damage is there. You seem like a guy in the know - would you say it's usually financially viable to repair an amp that's failed or are there too many variables to be able to say?
  17. DJ Mike

    Peavey Amp

    This wasn't my normal set up I was just doing it to help out the client so I wasn't sure on how to go about connecting everything. I got some advise on here and tried my best to get it right based on that but it seems I was asking too much of the Peavey as it ended up being a 4ohm load going through it. It sounds like it might be a write off so perhaps I should just forget about it
  18. DJ Mike

    Peavey Amp

    Switch was definately off although on the Peavey it doesn't say off and on it says Power and On, switch was turned to power. I don't think he could really be bothered to have a proper look at the amp at the time, he seemed more interested in fixing my guitar amp so we could 'jam' I've 'accidently' left it in his shed as I know what he's like for fiddling with broken electronic things so hopefully he'll have a better look at some point. Anyway, the cable I used to test the amp was different to the cable I used on the night it blew but i'll get him to check the IEC connectors a
  19. DJ Mike

    Peavey Amp

    I recently had an amp blow during a gig so took it to my friend who's an electronic engineer to have a look. Amp is a Peavey 1500 which was running a pair of Cerwin Vega subs in bridge mode, when the amp went there was a burning smell, when I looked down the red DDT light was on and when I shut the amp down it wouldn't switch back on again. I only ever turn the amp up to about 2/3 power and am extremeley cautious with my peak values on the mixer but I guess what I was asking the amp to do with the subs was too much for it. Anyway, before we opened up the case I thought i'd try p
  20. I have a pair of Yamaha S115V Full Range 500w PGM 8ohm Speakers for sale. These are a great set of speakers which perform well and come in a reasonably small and light package compared to some i've seen. They have been used on the road so condition is as can be expected from speakers that have been in and out of cars/vans but I would still have no problem in taking them out to a gig. I have actually replaced the grills and Yamaha badges on them to tidy them up a bit On the rear they have two 1/4" jack sockets. Picture below: These normally retail at aroun
  21. Thanks for the advise, I'm really starting to see the benefit and quite frankly neccessity of writing out a contract to use for future gigs as I felt very exposed and vulnerable as a business at that gig.
  22. Fair do's really I need a bit more knowledge before I start trying to put together systems like that, think i'll stick with the Mackies in the future!! I'm going to get an electronic engineer friend to take it apart and see if he can fix it, fingers crossed.
  23. Well, when I tried wiring the Crown amp up to power the subs I could not find a switch to put it into bridge mode and no mention of bridge mode anywhere on the back of the amp so to be safe decided to use the Peavey to power the subs in bridge mode instead and use the Crown for the Yamaha tops. When I finally got it all wired up and running the subs and the Yamahas were VERY quiet in comparison to the Mackies adjusted to half volume on the back. I turned the Mackies right down to balance it out, down to just over quarter volume. About half way through the night I noticed the bas
  24. To be fair I was 'winging it' and just hoping it would all work out ok! It turns out it was wired into it's own fuse box but to be fair I haven't a clue what i'm looking at when it comes to electricity supplies anyway, just what i've read on here recently. I put this gig down to experience really as it was the worst gig i've ever done for a number of reasons and the client wasn't particularly honest with me. I am reasonably new to the mobile game although i've been Djing for around 11 years and i'm learning fast, all these experiences teach me something to take on to the next gi
  25. He doesn't know the details of it (he's the farmers son so probably didn't organise the power originally) but assures me that it's been set up to be able to safely cope with every socket being used to its full extent. I'll investigate a little further when I get there later on just to be sure.
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