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  1. The only figure I would think reasonable would be 0%.
  2. And there was me thinking that competition was a good thing!
  3. It's a blatant rip off of express yourself. So much for the creative 'talents' of this 'innovative' performer. Maybe the whole egg thing at the Grammys was to indicate that she has finally cracked.
  4. Treat it just like every other function. Give the people what they ask for, do your best and it's up to them to make the party. If they don't, you can still walk away knowing that you did a good job.
  5. Any of you who see my facebook updates are probably aware that I did my return this week. Like so many of us with good intentions, I always mean to do it earlier in the year. I always mean to put enough away each month to cover the bill etc etc. But once again I've made the whole process more painful for myself than I needed to. I'm ok doing the actual return as I studied finance and accountancy for many years and have a lot of the same qualifications the average accountant would have, but if it's totally alien to you, it's probably better to leave it to the pros. As we approach
  6. OK then, just for fun, if you got the phone call from Her Maj tomorrow saying that she wanted to book a DJ for her grandson's wedding - how much would you charge?
  7. Commiserations to both of you. Luckily you still have plenty of time to come to your senses!!!
  8. "Play something decent" - the single stupidest comment a customer can ever make. It really bugs me. Which reminds me: 10 things not to say to a dj
  9. Either splash the cash: http://www.lasernet.com/products_laser-glove.htm or get creative: http://www.laser-man.co.uk/2006/index.php?...84&Itemid=6
  10. Using the same logic, it's not the client's fault if the venue is 50 miles away from my house, so you shouldn't charge extra for that? There are a number of factors we have to consider when pricing a job, and we all attach a different amount of significance to each. Some people charge extra to add services (karaoke etc), some don't. The same goes for every single facotr. Some will be more important to one jock than another. Stairs just happen to be one that matter to me.
  11. I charge extra for stairs, I factor it into my quote.
  12. Without wishing to sound melodramatic (as if ) this Xmas is an unmitigated disaster. Very few bookings in the entire month of December, and no work on Xmas Eve or NYE!!! It has come as quite a shock, as I've had a decent year without work drying up too much. I've been pretty fortunate compared to a lot of others. But December, my favourite month to work and usually my busiest, is looking terrible.
  13. I was a sceptic when I first started looking at LED lights but now I am a complete convert. The obvious plus points are that they don't overheat, don't need bulbs constantly replced, have no moving parts to go wrong etc etc. But I was very dubious about their output. However there are some incredible LED effects out there that are big enough and bright enough to put many traditional halogen lights to shame.
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