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  1. ok pub is .... probably max of 80 people. My sounds system and music based bits will just be ok. The lighting rig won't, we generally run a trilite truss. so it's just borrowing a t bar stand or two. he's charging £10 per ticket. I was thinking £250 sounds fair.
  2. Morning all! Random one here! Normally i Dj larger marquee/venues 18th/21st private parties etc, it's a market i've wedged myself into and carry chunky kit. Also my Dj work is more of a hobby on the side and a way of makng some extra cash. Last night my local pub landlord ( a mate of mine) asked me to DJ NYE, Normally i avoid NYE, and have a party myself, but as i wasn't doing much and most my mates are away i said i would consider it! My gut reaction was no, but thenhe said he wanted a 90's dance night it got the old juices flowing. I've never DJed a pub before ( not tha
  3. http://hkaudio.com/products.php?mode=prod&..._id=2&id=10 i might have this available if it's any good for you? If in any doubt check the HK active system check.
  4. there's nowt wrong with using the crossfader! I generally use a bit of both when getting 'into it', but for track to track non beat matching (even beat matching) the cross fader does no damage! I was taught that as long as it sounds good and you know the basics do what your happy with, a true DJAHHY (kevin and perry style) would see it as an art form of self expression! :bouncy: So if it sounds good and works do it your way! Using the channel faders does give you more level controll over a mix, and allows you to bounce in and out more gradually.
  5. Is it a legal requirement to have equipment PAT tested or is it optional?
  6. thanks for the welcome guys, i'm had a quick scout around and found some interesting bits!
  7. I went for the 400+ mark I honestly believe that you get what you pay for! I know I am a competent Dj who will not ruin an event, I know my equipment is top knotch and does a higher than average job. I also know i'm new to the forum so don't want to sound like an arogant fool. But if we demand it and people know the quality of the service you provide they will pay! The cost of other event services is rediculous compared to the amount us Dj's get paid. I had a call for an event the other month and they complained they could get someone for £100, which i didn't deny! You
  8. Hey All New to the forum, I'm 24, and started playing around at Djing when i was about 14. I attended the Technics DJ Academy for a 6 month course, and now mainly do 18th 21st, corporate events the usual, but try to get larger ones. Used to DJ with a mate ( still do) but am heading off slightly in my own direction now and doing thigs 'properly'. I run off pioneer Cdj 1000's, DJM 600, Numark Scratch, Have a HK Projector Sound System. ( available for hire! ) Run a Numark NUVJ system And my mate has the lights and lighting rigs, made up mainly of martin scans, two moving head
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