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  1. its negative marketing and has been proven not to work. I use the 'one man band' as a USP....hence you deal with one person and that one person will give you their undivided attention. The person you talk to and book is the person that will be your DJ.
  2. If you've got it running on a program.....thats what it does. But i've written programs for small and large rooms to avoid flashing in peoples eyes. Alternatively i just manually tell each light what to do.....only takes a couple of minutes between tracks. Although I'm perfectly happy and on top of freestyler, other people have said that daslight it a more versatile program. I'd like to be able to compare them at some point and would be interesting to hear from someone who has tried both.
  3. This comes down very much to personal preference. I use freestyler on a laptop....and love it. I've got scenes prepared, but i can also switch imediately to manual. I can't imagine letting my lights go wild and do their own thing again....I much prefer being able to control them. As i do mainly weddings, i find more and more clients don't want lights flashing in their guests eyes. I run an fx500 mania....uncontrolled its mad, whereas dmxed i can get it to only light the parts of the room i want it to on the gobo/colour i want at the speed i want. Its amazing what you can do with dmxed par
  4. sandysounds

    Greek Music

    I have a wedding coming up in a fortnight, and they have requested Greek music. Apart from Zorba....any other ideas?
  5. sorry to hear your news Nik. Hope you're on the mend now.
  6. to make my karaoke a bit more upmarket once, i put 4 par cans on a tripod, angled onto the singers. I also introduced and presented far more formally.....rather than my ditzy blonde routine..... and i sang too ( a sensible one rather than the send ups that i usually do)
  7. have had to do a lot of ongoing repairs during December, so after NYE rig is being packed away for 3 weeks as i need to go house hunting in preparation for major move this year.
  8. been booked since walking out the door last new year. Same place....De Vere Belton Woods near Grantham. I've done a few gigs there this year so know quite a few of the staff....and they look after me well. Last time i was there i took a short cut to another function room where a fellow DJ I know was working.....and got lost in this massive kitchen....so know all the chefs now...lol
  9. I always carry a photocopy of the contract to the gig with me. As soon as I saw a potential problem I got it out and presented them with it with the pretence it had my name and address on. I didn't have to say anything because the bit about cash on night or cheque two weeks prior jumped out and bit him on the nose
  10. carried on, did the gig, took the £200.....and trust that i will receive the rest in the post next week!
  11. I always phone my brides about 2 weeks before the event just to put their mind at rest as all the prep and meetings have been done by then. It would be the ideal opportunity to remind them about the fee.......but as yet i just can't seem to bring myself to mention it! I like the e-mail suggestion....thanks.
  12. I too change the size of my rig to suit the venue and the clients spec, but i do have one picture of my rig on my new site just to show that its a neat professional set up. I have tried to make my new site service focused and not about the equipment.
  13. no lectures please....i know i need to change my policy! I had an all day wedding today, MC, kids entertainment and evening entertainment. When i arrived there was noone there so i set up as i'd already visited the venue with the bride and groom and knew exactly what they wanted. When everyone arrived, the best man came straight to me with the balance in the form of a cheque. On my contract it clearly states that the balance should be cash on the night or cheque sent two weeks prior. I decided not to make a fuss and accepted the cheque without saying a word. When i looked at it, it had been
  14. don't do it..........a nice polite announcement is far classier. I had a meeting with a bride and groom recently and all they could go on about is a wedding they went to recently where the DJ used a jingle for the buffet.....and how awful it was!
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