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  1. Unfortunately a companies customer service is only as good as the weakest link and in my own experience with Bose's when my L1 was dropped by my neighbour I found that the lady answering the phone did not realise that the L1 was a professional sound system. In this country the L1 system is still very much a niche market, infact going to the Bose website and looking at the L1 system will bounce you to the US website for prices and information, and the support numbers in this country go to the "Home Division", you have to be diverted to "Pro" support where they arranged "free collection and
  2. Hi Dan Sorry to hear you've had problems, have you spoken to Andy from Bose as the support is only as good as the person answering the phone in that they pass you to the wrong people. I believe warranty is 2yrs on the amps and 5yrs on the speakers but if there's a fault internally I have heard that they be known to fix it under warranty after the date. Unfortunately a lot of people try to claim for warranty after spilling liquid inside the amps and then get arsey when they get a repair bill. Also I seem to remember reading somewhere that manufacturers have a duty to party co
  3. Posted many times in the past and haven't found a better site yet TriceraSoft
  4. You can get Zoom tracks from Tricerasoft as well as many others like Sunfly and pay using paypal. And preview lasts up to 1min on some tracks
  5. No I haven't and wouldn't unless it was on my normal or supplied playlist, certainly not just because others want me too just because the guest is there.
  6. TuneBite would have done the job for you, bit late now I suspect though. :shrug:
  7. Chasing Cars seems to be the most popular 1st dance at the moment for me 5 times in in the last 12 weddings and that includes some 40+ bride and grooms. Haven't played Amazed this year.
  8. 6 Weddings for November all booked last year. However only have 1 so far for December which is a little worrying.
  9. Have you tried changing the blank cdr's you're using some won't work as well as others with some laser units.
  10. Only one this weekend, wedding for the son of local tv celeb, all the inlaws will be there as well so best behaviour. Will try and slip in Tarzan Boy.......any bonus points if it appears on tv at a later date.
  11. For karaoke Swift Elite and for music Traktor, also have OtsAv which does not get used much.
  12. Surprised no one's mentioned Soulja Boy yet :yuck:
  13. Norway to win England 5th . . . . . . :aa What do you mean it's already over!!!!!!!!!!
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