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    well where do i start, i am a mobile dj, wedding gown wholesaler, i have a website design company and lingerie website.<br /><br />i have been a dj once before when there was only vinyl, now i am back again and loving it more than ever.
  1. Looking for a DJ who can help out with a few gigs in the grantham area, contact me if you live in the area and can help out
  2. If i was a potential customer looking for a mobile dj and i saw your post i have to say i would NOT book you, i am having a blessing soon and when i look for a dj i will be looking for professional dj who can carry out the work without drinking alcohol. I have been to many gigs over the years and been asked by the customer if i want a drink and i have always turned them down, you have to look at it this way you were there to dj/entertain a young 13 year old who at that age are easily led and they may think that all mobile dj's are like that. I have met up with many of my clients after do
  3. I have stumled across a website called Wed For Less i have 2 businesses on there and i have had a good few hits to both websites, i will be adding more in the near future but as it lets you advertise for FREE i thought i would bring it to your attention
  4. I use dj Intelligence and my customers love it
  5. Me and my wife both use facebook for both our business's and have had lots of booking from them and best of all its FREE
  6. I go to many wedding fayres all year round and me and my wife also organise wedding fayres as well, we find that they are a great way of showing potential clients what they are getting and they also get to meet you. We have got 5 we have organised for this year.
  7. Big B


    i have been asked for a track by the killers ands i have cannot find it, do you know it its called Hold on
  8. Hi, i am doing a party for 100 - 150 teenagers and they want games to play, do you have any ideas please Thanks
  9. I have read in great detail both the replies, we do now offer both services at the normal rate as we only did the offer for the first month. and we stil get bookings. As it was only for a trial period while my wife got back into the swing of things with the chair covers We do still have an offer on which is if they book the chair covers ( minimum amount ) they get 10% discount of the DJ. we can now earn in just 1 booking over £500 and if we have 2 booking over the weekend we can earn over £1000 for a weekends work.
  10. this was sent via my mobile dj website: Greetings, My Name is Engr. John Webster,I am looking for an experienced wedding planner who will handle my wedding. The wedding is to hold on the 9th August 2009 and 40 guests are expected to attend. You are to arrange for Videography, Music,Entertainment,Photography,Officiant/Priest & cake,flowers and Reception Venue. If there is any of these items that you cannot handle,you let us know so that another company can handle it. As i do not know what the guests might choose for their meals and drinks,i will make a prepayment as in
  11. Well we have paid out a small fortune on my wife's new business which is chair covers-sashes and lots of centre pieces. We have a few wedding shows and said to potential customers that if they book chair covers and sashes they will get the dj half price. And i have to say it has gone down a storm. do you have another business that you can also offer a disco for?
  12. I have been asked to make a website site for a leeds united supporters club as this is also my day job ( making websites that is ) if you are here is a new website: www.grimsbywhites.com I have a link to this forum: www.grimsbywhites.com/links.html
  13. We are currently looking for a roadie, i have just purchased a new set up and we are now able to fill to gigs a night or 1 in the day ( sometime only kids parties ) and 1 at the night. If you live in the lincolnshire area and you would like to take the position contact me: info@bigbdisco.co.uk i will also require you to go out on your own with the new set up if this post is in the wrong area please put it where it is ment to go. thanks
  14. well for me on friday i am doing local karaoke disco in pub, saturday up early to do a kids disco from 11 - 1 Then go and setup for an evening engagement party 7 - midnight, sunday up early again to go and do a wedding fayre
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