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  1. It depends on what you want to achieve. for about an extra £100 you could get 4 acme dynamo scanners a lighting gantry and a case for the lamps. which with a bit of smoke could achieve a stunning effect! just have a shop around on google or even look on ebay. you'l pick up some fantastic bargains! All the best James
  2. Brilliant. at 300w RMS each they are all i need. i also have a pair of Peavey pro 12's which i find ok. Cheers.
  3. Hi all. I have just bought a pair of these EV SX200's and all i know about them is there spec. Are they a reliable speaker? and they only have a 12" lf driver so i am not sure what bass quality i will get from them. Any comments on them would be great. Cheers James
  4. Hi DannyWhat amp are you using and what power/OHMS are your speakers may be able to help you out with a few ideas as i am only 13 myself.
  5. Hi Danny yes you realy do need some spare speakers i have a set of peaveys as my spares now which do me great. If you need some spares look round second hand shops see what you can find. Hope it helps
  6. Hi . RMS is the wattage of one speaker and programme is the wattage of 2 speakers and so on. well thats what i have found out on my peaveys anyway.
  7. I have the Warrior DA1000 i will check what it can cope with cheers.
  8. Hi I wasa just wondering could i connected a 1000 watt amplifier to 2 4ohm 250 watt speakers and then link them to 2 8ohm 250 watt speakers and not blow them. I am a newbie to all this so go easy.
  9. hi if you are looking for a budget mixer i would recomend the Behringer djx700 they are great and reliable.
  10. This could easily be the problem as my warrior da500 is away for repair i am using a soundlab 175+175w amp but while my amp was away i got my peaveys and thats when they made that sound.
  11. Hi i had a very similar problem about 12 months ago now and i went for 2 of the Acme wildtech orbiters they are brilliant when you turn off your main disco lights i say they would be your best bet being that they are 250w each and have a slow rotating colour mirror with slow fading gobos. hope it helps.
  12. Oh dont get me started they are a terrible lighting effect out of the same familly as my volta and vicosa and not one but both packed in on me during a gig so i am less than happy with the build quality of soundlab at the moment. Plus i had a mini scan to wich didnt even work in the first place.soundlab have one of the worst range's of lighting. you would probably be beter selling them and going for something like the vango swing from maplin electronics. hope it helps.
  13. Hi i have just recently bought a pair of peavey pro 12's for any small gigs i do and i think they are great speakers but when you kick them up to about 200w each i start to get a slight crackling sound which bothers me so much but apart from that they have a great bass great top end and great mid. so if your looking for a small set of speakers/backups then they are just the job. rated at 250w rms into 4ohms they are just the job for any small event.
  14. Hi i would recomend you go to a place called stewart electronics and he has 2 types of 10u/4u cases in one at £64.95 (carpet) and one at £84 (alluminum). visit www.stewartelectronics.co.uk . Hope it helps.
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