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  1. No bussines here it's just my ego to do something to look as proffesional is possible.It's just fun for my familly and my friends.I appreciate your advice and it's not a matter of saving some money here, i'm a disco fan and i want my disco space to look real. Thank you again! Sorry right now i realize you get me wrong.It not goanna be 1 night disco.The all basement will be entertainement area for parties and birthdays.So i'm building it now wet bar and everything, it's not something temporary will stay like disco bar as long as i'm goanna be the owner of the house. Thank you.
  2. I'm doing my basement and it will be a disco area + bar.Disco area 15'x20',7'6" height. What lights to install ?(anyway i want to impress my friends ) maybe dmx for show? You can recommend some dj software to run on laptop? Thank You very much.
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