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  1. My disco screens are for sale on the bay. Please see link below http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=150244664054 Based in swindon,wilts.
  2. No worries, sorted another driver for it and can split all 5 channels if need be now! A hell of alot better quality than my on board audio!
  3. I have got hold of a 5.1 live soundblaster sound card which I intend to use for pc djing. At the mo I use atomix and I can see I can select either 2 soundcards to each deck. I have heard on here that a few people use 5.1 cards and use say the rear left speaker for one deck, then front right speaker for deck 2. How do I get atomix to use this or what program do I use to sort this? I installed the pci version of of the soundcard so I just have the normal 3.5mm headphone jacks to connect to. Im hopinh to connect one of these channels to channel 1 on my mixer and another channel fro
  4. Hi guys. Been doing the cheesy disco thing for a while now and now have a gig nxt weekend for 300 people and the host has asked for NO cheese just pure RnB and Dance!!! My fav gig! Got a fair idea what to play/mix but thought id put the question to the floor and see what comes up. Been asked to play the gig as im playing a club....so what u think?
  5. Was just gonna say I found it. Its soca girls on mastermix 214 but u beat me 2 it. Cheers guys!
  6. Ive tried a search but cant seem to find an answer. Sorry to bring up about the dreaded dj casper but I went to a wedding a while back and he played a version of cha cha slide. It was the normal cha cha slide at the beginning then sort of mixed in and out of a club/dance tune. Cant seem to find this version anywhere. Does anyone know what version it is? Tried the obvious club mix but that was more mellow than the one I heard.
  7. I try and get this in all my dance sets. Class tune. Also good with the vocal remix vs camisrra show me something special.
  8. I use wallets (about 250 per case). Each cd is just added and numbered. Then entered artist alphabetically into excel on my laptop into each type of genre (party, rap, rock , rocknroll etc). Makes it easier to find the artist/track I need. Just click on the sheet I need (genre) then find the artist. Every time I get a new cd I just add it to the case and then I dont have to rearrange the whole case.
  9. Its "a hard knock life" uk old geezer style
  10. Just a quick question based on this subject....please dont take this the wrong way under 16`s BUT If these new guys are under 16, isnt it illegal to work in an over 18`s pub/club etc? The reason I ask is I dont want to get into bother if I take an under 18 to a gig with me as a roadie etc.
  11. I`ve always used Xtreme for everything including my old band but then I thought it`ll be at the bottom of the list "X" so I suck a "B" In front to get me to the top!!! Simple really :)
  12. Thinking of getting a wireless mic in case I get "caught short"!
  13. Thanks Brock - pm me your details and i`ll let u know.
  14. When ur in the glos or wilts area - give me a buzz - i`ll pm u. Cheers
  15. MANY MANY MANY THANKS!!!!! BTW - Im in Cirencester, Glos, but cover Swindon and surround glos/wilts.
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